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  1. @Splitframe: actually inside the link you can find the graphics score if you click on "Show result details", then Detailed Scores section . I also did some other tweaks (updated the driver, overclocked further, used a separate fan to cool down CPU, ...) and the latest result is http://www.3dmark.com/fs/10878039 with graphics score at 11574 Time Spy graphics score: 4000
  2. @Tech Inferno Fan: I tried to use high performance profile. However, it didn't make any difference. I tried Throttlestop as well, but it doesn't support my processor. By the way, I just bought 3DMark to check my graphics card (I overclocked it a bit) and here is the result: Fire Strike External Display: 6859 Fire Strike Internal Display: 5712 For my tablet specs, it's really a disappointing result. I also notice the card never gets over 70C :(
  3. @Tech Inferno Fan: I also feel that my system underpeforms given recent benchmarks and gameplay experience. However, my cable is from Akitio and it's exactly 0.5m(1.65ft) long. That's not a long passive cable and thunderbolt 3 cables on Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=thunderbolt+3+cable) that claim to transfer up to 40Gbps are exactly the same length. Doesn't seem that Akitio would provide a low performance cable. I think something else must factor into this
  4. @Tech Inferno Fan: My cable comes with Akitio box and it's 50 cm. Here is my CUDA-Z result [gallery800x600] [photo=https://ypacow-sn3302.files.1drv.com/y3pTmqW7wQD2i0hmcHHIqWKLtxNTGvli34Z-AXa6ele8eBZTXJDlIPTASxgFwE0O7hka7Kp0sd-2f53XzeTRs4UPTfnAPV9ucIE7-PVrTIFzgB07Fp5eLhhyB3LQ7NZWIOW_PTp-cmAf__DKBvs-klg5gKjo4lkqEeHE25RlvVB48k/CUDA-Z.PNG?psid=1][/photo] [/gallery] The information changes over time. But as I observed, Host to Device Bandwidth stays at 1500+ MiB/s, so it is totally below the NGFF.M2-32Gbps and not much higher than TB2 -16Gbps (x4 2.0) from your link https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/10581-6th-gen-i-core-has-gen3-8gbps-southbridge-pcie-ports/ . What can you conclude from this?
  5. @Tech Inferno Fan: I am still new to mobile gaming with eGPU. Even the external screen is from my friend as I normally use laptop. I will consider buying it since now I am not quite happy with the result so far. Even the 3dmark I also don't own so benchmarking is limited. I will let you know the result of my CUDA-Z and TB cable length soon once I have time
  6. Hello guys, I am just a newbie who likes the concept of eGPU. The guide here https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/7947-the-basic-egpu-hardware-guide-for-macs/ really helped me a lot about eGPU fundamentals and how to do it properly. After reading it and other guides, I was able to set up my own with the new Akitio Thunder3 PCIe box. Here are the details: System: Transformer 3 Pro CPU Intel Core i5 6200U 8GB RAM 256GB SSD The card I use is ZOTAC GTX 1060 6GB Mini. I chose this because it fits nicely into the box and I am not really a serious gamer My method to provide enough power is to use a PSU with paper clip trick and I cut the wires from CPU connector 2x4pin to connect to a barrel plug To avoid soldering, i bought a barrel plug with screws. However, this one doesn't fit into Akitio's socket, so I had to buy a barrel adapter to make it work. See the pictures below [gallery800x600] [photo=https://q1ofrg-sn3302.files.1drv.com/y3mlcEuBpMLNo68Pi6byS3YdaVc17QH2xfCzhG9TrMKIP7XZrbCj6mDhU2QfG9fhEju32JQweG795lbYeaPMu7ezll3_UAW8xUYD7rUh3POHMKRsacGkmHcEDVCDMvUIdPwCSJ4bFQCeUc-yzsgVhr8MxL0EwW8fpN1p_7LoGyxJYM/WIN_20161115_08_57_09_Pro.jpg?psid=1][/photo] [photo=https://bfvomq-sn3302.files.1drv.com/y3prHzGjlBvu7uPqi_9bh_YoXG4HYjJSOANM5sFE0KUWty2ioaGjRUsdpYlPNc8EO_nbK-lMuMw3HfCx1kKZmr5tonRHL2iPH3txMWh81hJaSHIEDQgX0l1Om5e2QSxLpE_9maECsn6DGz7XODk77mp2m-A5PwAZzUQ0MJDeNa29TA/IMG_20161110_082830.jpg?psid=1][/photo] [/gallery] Afterwards, driver installation is flawless. The box will power the card only when thunderbolt cable is connected to my tablet. I can reconnect at any time (hot plug) and system is able to recognize the card almost instantly. For benchmarking purpose, I used the existing game Batman Arkham Origins that my tablet struggles to play. Details are as follows: All other graphics settings are at highest values 1920x1080, internal display: 50FPS 1920x1080, external display: 55FPS 1920x1440, internal display: 45FPS 2560x1440, external display: 40-45FPS (cannot remember the exact value) To compare thunderbolt performance with the desktop one, I plugged the card into my friend's desktop computer (Intel Core i7 6700K, 16GB RAM). Under 1920x1080, the difference is huge with the card being able to perform at 80FPS To my suprise, there is not much difference between internal and external display (5FPS) at 1920x1080. I don't know if the game itselt factor into this, as I don't have other AAA games to test That's what I have tried so far. Thanks for reading
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