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  1. The reason I had to wipe my whole drive first is because I had an EFI installation of Windows on my system and you cannot install bootcamp unless OSX is the only partition on the drive. If you only have OSX on your drive you don't need to wipe anything. When I installed Windows 10 via bootcamp I just went with the latest bootcamp drivers this time. I get this sometimes also, performing a reset also fixes it for me, no big deal really.
  2. You can check out my guide right here: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/8088-2012-15-mbpr-gt650m-gtx97010gbps-tb1-akitio-thunder2-win10-lukehero/ Just scroll down to the 'Update #3' section once you have your hardware set up. Note that you may need a different version of eGPU Setup to me if you're on a different model Macbook.
  3. Did the installation today successfully. I am using an Akitio box and my Macbook is TB1.
  4. If you're using Bootcamp to install Windows 10 isn't that BIOS install rather than UEFI? If you install in EFI mode then you don't need eGPU setup. I was unable to get Windows 10 functioning correctly with EFI though which is why I just purchased eGPU setup as I want to go from 8.1 to 10.
  5. Hey, I'm gonna go through it all tomorrow (it's 1am here right now). I currently have EFI Win8.1 on my Mac so to do this I need to wipe my entire hard drive then restore my OSX from a Time Machine backup which is gonna take hours to do so I'll let it do that overnight then tomorrow I can make Windows 10 on a Bootcamp install instead of the EFI I currently have. I'm not sure if I should be using 1.2 or 1.3 or not, if no one responds by tomorrow maybe I'll just try 1.3 first and if it fails use 1.2. I'll update here and on my implementation guide when I do it.
  6. How do I know if I need 1.2 or 1.3? Others with my Macbook used 1.2 because 1.3 wasn't out since the last implementation guide was posted. Mid 2012 15" Macbook Pro Retina HD4000 + GT650M
  7. I get 'not supported' when trying to load OSX or Windows, is this normal in the demo version or am I doing something wrong? My eGPU is detected. I'm on a 2012 MBP.
  8. Are you guys installing Windows 10 via the bootcamp method or EFI method?
  9. Hey sorry for such a late reply. Did you get everything working in Windows okay? When the Windows boot screen freezes, this is good, this means that the eGPU has loaded in to Windows. You should see Windows appear on the monitor connected to your eGPU after about 10 seconds. If you don't have an external monitor connected then you need to use a dummy like me and figure out the keyboard strokes required to deactivate your 650M like I have to. In regards to your hairpin, just find something that fits well, I got a hairpin jammed right inside and it's pretty stable. Just find something that fits well.
  10. I will have my eGPU powered on before I turn on my system. Sorry it's such a late reply but did you get it to work? Did you try with Windows 8?
  11. I haven't upgraded to Windows 10. I'm gonna stick with 8.1 for now, it does the job just fine. I have EFI Windows and I am able to wipe and reinstall that Windows without issues each time. Never tried to use Bootcamp Windows with my eGPU so no experience on that. Also in terms of future proof, this setup totally is. I could go and upgrade my graphics card, install the drivers for it and that's it. I've upgraded my OSX and it still works, as soon as I upgraded the OSX the Nvidia web driver thing that you need to make your eGPU work just gives you the update for that and it continues to work.
  12. Yep that's right. Also today I managed to run the Dolphin emulator in full-screen on my internal display while the eGPU was powering it. Worked flawlessly.
  13. From what I can tell, that's how I've got it running right now. No noticeable performance hit. My 650M is just displaying the game that's being powered by the eGPU. Right now I haven't got a game in full screen. I've only had time to play around with it once for an hour to see if my dummy even worked and what software I needed. I'll have another poke around with it tomorrow and see if I can get anything in full screen. Will report back on any progress.
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