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  1. I just followed this guide: Converting Windows BIOS installation to UEFI - TechNet Articles - United States (English) - TechNet Wiki on how to convert my legacy boot back to UEFI. I was having weird boot hang ups (usually after a cold boot) that would last indefinitely or at least 20 seconds and it was driving me nuts. Anyways, after booting via UEFI, the hangups are gone. Just a FYI for those facing the same issue. (BTW I have a y510p)
  2. neosoul

    Lenovo Y510p wireless card

    I'm getting about 25MB/s sustained with the laptop with the N6250 @ 5ghz AC. I know this router can do more as I've done close to 65MB/s using a Netgear A6200 USB AC adapter from further away. I'm happy with that speed (the 25MB/s on the laptop) - it's much faster than the crap that came with the y510p and on top of that, I have yet to see a wireless drop.
  3. I just ran through some BF3 last night and noticed that though the base frame rate seemed higher than previously, I think I am noticing thermal-based throttling as well. This could just be the map I was playing on (I havent gone through all of the maps yet) but I did notice running through the same area would be smooth one time and noticeably more skippy the next time. Is anyone else experiencing this after the VBIOS mod (I've done it to both cards). I guess I am able to de-tune some of the performance to avoid throttling, but is there a tool you guys recommend? Thanks!
  4. Huge thanks to svl7. The wireless was driving me nuts with this new y510p and the mod is awesome and extremely easy to do! Thanks!!!
  5. Seeing as how you don't get to pick a different OS at purchase and are 'forced' with Windows 8, I'd say give it the good 'ol college try. Seriously though - the core OS is better. The only issue people can pick at is the lack of the start button. But you honestly do not need it. The search is much better (but still is lacking versus Apple's find) so you literally press the Start key on your keyboard and type in what you want. This is much different from Windows Vista where the core itself was bad (too much indexing, horrible performance etc). Windows 8 is actually better core-wise and the UI isn't that much harder to get used to. It's designed for people to touch-and-go and just have 'relevant' things around you. For pro users there are a ton of short cut keys added and old ones that can be used: Keyboard shortcuts - Microsoft Windows Help All of this will just get better with Windows 8.1 btw.
  6. neosoul

    Lenovo Y510p wireless card

    I'm on the same boat as you guys! The y510p laptop is absolutely stellar except for the wireless. Curious though - which routers / AP's are you using? I have a Netgear N6250 AC which has been excellent. First router in a while that I didn't even bother trying dd-wrt.
  7. I had to enable legacy boot instead of UEFI to get the y510p to install on my new SSD. I'm using a Samsung PM840 series 256GB SSD. Boot time with Windows 8 is about 7 seconds. I'm not sure if it is going to be much faster with UEFI though - this is my desktop equivalent speed so I'm very happy. BTW - my desktop is a Z77 chipset motherboard with Windows 8 and an SSD. Both systems have hibernate disabled so it is a 'true' boot speed (instead of waking from deep sleep).
  8. neosoul

    Frustrtating flickering in SLI with v-sync enabled

    I'm fine with disabling v-sync and a bit of screen tearing but I'm glad to know that the older version of the drivers didn't have this issue at all.

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