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  1. What problems are you having? Does the system boot up normally? Does the SLI option show up in nvidia control panel?
  2. All them use the same chasis. Only difference is the bezel between the 14" and 15" models. The track can be taken off as well. Look at my thread "Mix and match SLI". http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/4860-mix-match-sli-all-y-series-gpus-650m-750m-755m-might-possible.html
  3. Good news folks! The kind people at notebokreview have improved upon the driver solution for using a 650m ultrabay with a 750m system (or any mix-match SLI system), and it's now available for the latest Nvidia drivers. It has now been CONFIRMED to work! Mix and match SLI with ALL Y series GPUs (650m, 750m, 755m) might be possible! - Page 5 SLI with different cards - Page 29 - techPowerUp! Forums Again, you will need to have a modified/unlocked BIOS to get past the whitelist, and it will be helpful to flash a modified BIOS to your 650m ultrabay so you can overclock it to better match the performance of the 750m. Otherwise, a modified BIOS and this driver is all you need to get up and running with SLI without waiting for new ultrabay GPUs to come out!
  4. What fps are you getting, and on what games, when the tearing occurs? It took me a while to tweak the SLi graphics to get them to work well. I was testing it out on bioshock infinite, and immediately found I was getting crazy amounts of screen tearing, especially when rotating the camera in game. Turns out it was pretty much due to the fps being way too high (like 110 fps), which is almost twice the refresh rate of most monitors. Thus, you get screen tearing. Fixed it by fiddling around with the game's framerate limiter (v-sync) option and the nvidia control panel v-sync options to lock it down to 60fps and get rid of the tearing.
  5. What's going on behind the scenes is anybody's guess I suppose. What's for certain is that these ultrabays are currently not available, and haven't been for quite some time. Nobody knows if they're going to liquidate all of their 650m ultrabays, nobody knows if they'll ever start supporting the 14" SLI models again, etc. At least there are alternative means of making use of whatever ultrabays they have available, regardless of the card model inside the laptop,
  6. I am trying to figure out ways to make use of the only ultrabay GPUs that seem to be left on the market, the 650m ones, for people who have later models with the 750m and 755m. To the best of my knowledge, from what some Lenovo techs told me, it seems that the manufacturer they had making the ultrabays went out of business, and that's why we haven't been seeing any 750m or 755m ultrabays for sale. There's no telling if that's completely true, or if that means they'll never produce any more of those for independent sale, however, I think it'd be worthwhile to at least figure out how to make the remaining 650m ultrabays useful for everyone with a Y series Ideapad. I've been running some experiments with my ultrabay card, and have concluded that for SLI to work, the two cards have to be reporting the same device ID. That is determined at the hardware/firmware level of the GPU. It can't be modified with BIOS, even if you flash a 750m BIOS onto a 650m. However, what's more important for SLI functionality may be at the driver level. If the DRIVERS/operating system can see/report both cards as being the same, SLI should work. More specifically, if you can trick the Nvidia drivers into treating a 650m and a 750m as the same card, it should open up the SLI feature. We know this would work on a hardware level because the two cards use the exact same chip, same number of shaders, memory, etc. The only differences are the clocks, but those can be modified any number of different ways quite easily. SLI will physically work with any of the cards in this laptop series, we just need to get around the device ID/SLI check issue. So, in my search for a solution I came across this website: SLI with different cards - techPowerUp! Forums This guy put together modified driver versions that apparently ignore mismatched device IDs and might allow two same-chip cards to work together in SLI! Most cards that are of the same chip but different names seem to work together with this method. Different chips are hit and miss. I think it would be extremely useful if we could get together and test this out. Unfortunately, I have a 650m system and there are no 750m ultrabays I can use to test this out. However, if someone with a 750/755m system could try it with a 650m ultrabay, we might have what we need! ***I should also note, I've heard of people with the 750m putting 650m ultrabays into their laptop, and saying that the laptop wouldnt allow it to boot up the OS, as if the card were subject to a whitelist. I believe that'd easily be avoided with Svl7's modified/unlocked BIOS. Unfortunately, this means a BIOS mod is required to get this working, but I think that's a small risk to take.
  7. If you want SLI in a 14" package, y400 is currently your only option.
  8. But if the system reads the card as a 650m, I doubt it'll allow for the SLI configuration in a 750m system. I know from others that putting a regular 650m into a 750m system without a modified BIOS to remove the whitelist will prevent the system from starting. OTOH, I haven't heard of anyone with a modified BIOS trying it, but I still doubt it'd work off the bat because SLI requires the cards to be "the same". The nvidia drivers read the device ID in the gpu's firmware to determine what card it is and the SLI compatibility.
  9. I was actually trying to flash a 650m ultrabay with a 750m BIOS. It was successful, but the OS still sees it as a 650m. It seems that either the name/device ID will need to be changed in the firmware, or possibly a modification of the nvidia driver .inf files to install as a 750m will be needed to get SLI to work in a 750m system. Even then, the BIOS may need to be unlocked and the whitelist removed if the firmware/hardware device ID isn't changed.
  10. RedLionRisen

    y400 SLI

    https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/489965/cuda-programming-and-performance/gtx480-to-c2050-hack-or-unlocking-tcc-mode-on-geforce/4/ Hopefully svl7 can chime in on this topic. The above link describes using nvflash to change the device id in the gpu's software via softstraps. I've looked at what I believe are the appropriate device IDs for the 650 and 750m cards, and they differ only by the last two digits, which I understand is the limit for possibly being able to change the device ID without hardware modifications to the chip itself. The device ID of the chip must be changed, along with the BIOS, to fully transform a 650m into a 750m, and have it read correctly by the system so that a once 650m ultrabay can be used as a 750m ultrabay in SLI with a y410/510. I believe the straps command described above looks at certain lines in the software and changes those bits to modify the device ID on the software level (as opposed to changing the pins/transistors). It's unknown if this method will work with these newer cards, but it's definitely worth a shot. I could run the commands myself, but I don't have an actual 750m ultrabay to get the info from. I could use someone's help in that...
  11. RedLionRisen

    y400 SLI

    Ok, I was an idiot. I just didn't have the ultrabay all the way in... hence why it was detected at all, and the fan wasn't actually running . So... I've been experimenting, and here's what I've found: Got y500 650m to operate in a y400 650m machine and run SLI no problem. Ultrabay 650m can be force flashed with 750m BIOS, but it appears there may not be a change in the actual device ID. After successfully flashing, it still shows up as a 650m in the system (with 650m drivers installed I guess), and SLI seems like it still functions. I've no idea if the device/board id would present a problem if such a card were put into a 750m system. I don't have a 750m system to test with...
  12. RedLionRisen

    y400 SLI

    I'm trying to get SLI up and running on a 650m y400 with windows 7, and I can't seem to get it working. The ultrabay fan comes on just fine. Only dxdiag shows a hint of there being a 2nd gpu, showing 4GB of display memory instead of 2 when the ultrabay is plugged in. No other program shows the ultrabay card. Not even nvidia control panel shows the SLI option, even after upgrading to the latest drivers. Is there something I have to change in the BIOS or what? *EDIT* This is all for being able to convert 650m cards to working 750m cards for use with 750m systems in SLI.
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