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  1. ram speed can affect game performance but it will depend on the titles that actually benefit from it. also overall performance is improves especially if you are running a newer amd cpu A prime example is tomb raider just going from 2133 to 2400 is a major jump then again at 3000 though at 4266mhz that would depend on your system and what you are upgrading from, i dont know any games that heavily gain performance like this does
  2. yeah mainly you will get recommendations for MX4 from most users, its a solid paste that has worked well for everyone. You could use liquid metal like mentioned but that requires good contact due to how fine it is and also protecting your parts just in case. Grizzly kryonaught also mentioned is really good but its up to personal preference and can vary to system. But yeah dont use aliexpress thermal paste due to how many resellers and trust. also thermal paste to an extent does have expiry depending on may factors just because its good initiailly in tests doesnt mean it will last
  3. Hey longtime lurker, I general just browse and give advice whenever. Im a p670rsg user, use to have a nice 4700m w370st with bugged overclocking was good stuff
  4. I would recommend the Coolermaster U3 even without the fans the design is great for airflow and its pretty robust, most people I know that use cooling pads recommend it The point of the cooling pad is having a better open access to airflow. usually having it on a desk or lap limits how much air the system can draw in with good fans. Just having the breathing room can make a major difference because of limitations drawing in air . Also how can he get better fans if he is using a laptop its kinda limited to the ones it was built with unless you do some hard modding
  5. Yeah I dont know how integer scaling is a turing feature when the hardware demand is going to be minimal considering the exact content its going to be used for. it should(theoretically) be easily implemented in maxwell/pascal cards
  6. are you using an unmodded clevo control center the blue screens with synaptics on the clevos are related to that, can confirm because i had them also but they are gone this isnt the fix i used but was the latest fix i found http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/clevo-p7xxtm1-syntp-sys-bsod.813584/#post-10921457
  7. glad this thread still exists makes it easier for me to locate the P670RS bios which im assuming is the same as the p650 bios file here okay it is latest and even a newer ec than i had thought it was weird that my bios was version 1.08 when latest everywhere else is 1.07 can anyone care to confirm this for me please. also is it the latest base since it only says vesion 1.0 in downloads with no changelogs new question is there anyway to change the logo, the style note EFI logo is bad lol I would prefer the baked logo at least but that only shows when not in EFI mode
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