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  1. Hello guys, Got an P670 RS With the Mainboard(as CPU-Z says): Model p65_67RSRP Chipset: Intel Skylake-H Rev.07 Southbridge: Intel Skyline-H PCH Rev.31 Bios version 1.05.03 from 08/24/2016 And i d like to update my Bios if there is any new update The reason i want to do that si because my Nvidia 1070 keeps giving me blue screen errors since the new driver updates Could not find any reason why So im thinking it must be the Bios When running only on battery i get no blue screen errors while playing video games, but after i plug in the charger i get a blue screen after a while If i start any game while pluged in the blue screen error comes almost imediatly! Any advice wold be helpful! Thanks!
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