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  1. hello, i just did download that bios for my GTX 980m (in a msi gt60 2od) ... but there is no way overlocking it ... my driver (newest for windows 10) would always crash .. (TDP error detected ) No matter what voltage or Mhz. Always this problem.' anyone knows why? with the perma and stock bios i never saw this error.
  2. i did try a lot of gaming mouses ... and i must say razer is very bad in terms of quality. i did break 2 deathadder. I had then a Steelseries which is press good but now i stick with the best i have tried to far : Corsair M65 with 8100 dpi and sniper button. About magic. But of course it depends on what games u play. for BF Series a must have mouse
  3. hello, i am working since quite a while (did search a lot in google etc) to find the best settings for my 4800QE. Seems to be pretty tricky as i found out. I use Unlocked Bios (most things i have simply no idea of) and i use UTX where i got more knowledge . First dose it help to give the intel GPU which i anyway don't use for gaming less voltage (undervolt) and then well of course my question what is ur guys experience in overlocking 4700,4800,4900? I guess they are all pretty similar . What voltage should i set? what watt, under or over volt? amp? my goal is to keep all 4 cores up during gaming . thanks in advanced . And sorry if u did miss a "solution" posted already here. regards martin
  4. hello, first of all thank you very much for the awesome custom bios for the gtx980m. But sadly i got one issue with it. Hard to explain but ill try. First i noticed was that the voltage at ur bios is higher then stock 1.061 vs stock 1.050 (why is this ? and why i can't down volt?) When i play battlefield 4 with stock bios and core +135 i have no issues. When i play battlefield 4 with your bios stock settings no problems but now When i play Battlefield 4 with your bios core +135 i have specific hardcore frame drops (low as 8-15 fps) when i look into flames and effect stuff. I did try then to turn effects from ultra to high. and this issue completely disaapered. so i don't understand why this happen with ur bios only. What could be the reason? I did log my GPU usage during the incidents and as i thought when the FPS drops accrue the GPU MHZ and VOLT usage is lowest possible for the time i look into the flames/smoke see the file please. Thank you so much
  5. btw.. is this bios like prema with a higher voltage (this one did mess my temps way too much) ... is this with standart 1.050 v? prema is 1.062
  6. anyone got a suggestion? money dose not matter. it must be only very much cooling. Noise dose not matter too. thanks
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