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  1. Ok, That's the last vbios I ran acrossed, and it didnt unlock my core. I tried flashing it multiple time, with no avail. nvflash -i1 -r nvflash -i1 -6 filename.rom Any Ideas at to what I might have been doing wrong? Im going to try to flash again, with the file you linked. Maybe the download was corrupt that I grabbed earlier. I dont have to uninstall my Nvidia drivers and reinstall for it to work or something stupid correct? Also, im using the newest version of nvflash, which is 5.163 and not 5.127, could that be the culprit? If I can't figure it out, I think Im just going to install W8, and reflash the .33 and call it good, I dont think I've ever had this much trouble with this. Thank you immensely for your help by the way. Ok, so I just tried it with nvflash 5.127 like in the guide, and I used the vbios you provided, and I still am locked, I just dont understand. I even tried nvflash --protecton after flashing and that didnt help.
  2. So would it be easier to find it unlock, if its even around, or is it something that I could do myself? Or should I just go back to W8? and if thats the best option, can I get a link to the Vbios?
  3. I can overclock the Onboard 650M just fine, but I cant for the life of me figure out whats going on with the Ultrabay. I have flashed it multiple times with the modded VBIOS, but I still cant get it working. This was working for back with I had W7 installed right when I got it. Recently I've had to switch back to the good ol Y500, but I need the extra boost from getting above +135MHz on the 2nd card. Any help would be awesome, thank you.
  4. Nevermind, I'm just an idiot. Thanks again svl7.
  5. It's an amazing space rouge-like. If you're a fan of the genre, I would defiantly check it out. Anyone have any thoughts on it?
  6. Blasted through the original before I got it, and i'm glad I did. I hadn't touched it since it came out. Such a good game, and Last Light was damn good too. Played great on my Y500, should play even better when I get around to overclocking.
  7. Preordered, I have high hopes, but I'll probably be let down. I just don't want it to be an prettier BF3, Id much rather have BF2143 though.
  8. Being a Halo fan from the beginning, I really liked it. Im interested to see how the new show on XBL will be.
  9. Witcher 2, Borderlands 2 season pass, and CS:GO finally. I wish I would have had a little more money though.
  10. Die Hard 5 was sooo damn bad, thats for sure. Just watched Evil Dead, I have to say that I actually enjoyed it. Nothing like the original though, which was a bummer.
  11. amishhipster


    If you haven't played this game, or even if you have in the earlier builds, It is definitely worth checking out.
  12. Awesome, Thank you for this. About 12fps for going through everything.
  13. Windows 8 is fantastic on my Y500, gaming performance is top notch as well compared to W7. Classic Shell is a must though.
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