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  1. Laurensius which Guide did you use, also did you use the same version of w8 that was factory installed? Did you use the recovery dvd/usb that you can make?
  2. Rplacd, the y500 has a standard 16 gb msata for caching. Anyway just received my new plextor going to install it soon as i can!
  3. Just decided to buy a plextor m5m msata ssd.
  4. Been reading on some forums, think im going to buy a crucial m500 msata 128gb. On most of the forums they recommend this
  5. Like the title says, what do you guys prefer, was planning to buy a ssd tomorrow but now i cant figure out wich one is best to buy msata or sata. Also wich brand is the best/fastest?? I now have stock hdd and msata caching ssd. My option is to replace the msata, or the hdd for ssd and hdd in the ultrabay.
  6. Had to install the mod because otherwise the system doesnt boot. However its easy to install witch good instructions. If you ever cant figure out what to do you can always ask
  7. Pektus, i am also wanting to buy either a sata ssd or msata ssd.. What kind do you prefer?
  8. I also had your problem, awaiting my first post. I also had the atheros card, wow that thing is messed up. So i ordered the 6235 for 20 euro (budget??), now my signal is much improved. Also speeds are very high, much higher then the atheros. Its very much worth the upgrade!
  9. Hey guys, just flashed my bios, everything worked great with the help etc. now i place an intel advanced-n 6235 but im still wondering if i can improve my signal? Anyone know something?
  10. few months ago, bought a laptop with glossy screen, and have to say im surprised by how much reflections you see in the screen. Thought of buying a matte screen protector, but dont know where to find one.
  11. Rik Pierlo

    Gaming Headset

    Honestly, i just bought a headset from aliexpress.com and found out it was a very good one. 7.1 headset somic g927 for around 30 euro so very cheap and very good quality
  12. Rik Pierlo

    Gaming Mouse

    i also use the g700, bit more cheap then the g700 but same specs. Very good mouse, and software is fine also
  13. If anyone is interested here is a short guide on how to remove the face plate of your original dvd drive and putting it on the aftermarket hdd caddy:
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