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  1. I actually followed step by step but when I rebooted I went in to the BIOS changed it back to RAID from AHCI (Which it reset to), then when booting one of the drives had switched to non member disk and I couldn't rejoin it to the RAID so I had lost my data including my backup :<, it's all good now though I just flashed over the mod using winflash with -nodate.
  2. I flashed your modified BIOS but I'm having issues and need to revert and RMA the laptop. I lost my backup that I had when I flashed to your modified BIOS because it killed the raid I had. Nevermind I was able to downgrade to v223 no problem and that fixed my issue, just a note with your mod Ubuntu Live cd and Gparted live cd will not boot at all, it gets to grub but once you select your option the screen goes black.
  3. I looked at google for the drive that this person is buying but I'm really skeptic to buy without knowing for sure that it will fit and work. I'm also in the US.
  4. Recently I noticed that when using my touch pad I will move over something and pick my finger up and it will move back a small amount, when using the touch pad button or lifting your finger to tap this can cause me to miss where I'm trying to click... Has anyone else had this issue and if you fixed it, how?
  5. Recently I noticed if I leave my laptop for about 5 minutes without playing sound the subwoofer will turn off then when a sound is played it will take about a second to turn back on and play the sound from the begining, is this normal?
  6. Know of any place not on ebay that you can buy this?
  7. So I followed instructions to the dot, go in to bios nothing has changed, tried to boot can't boot check bios settings it set it back to ahci, set it to raid and one of my disks is not a member disk, can't recover raid or re add the other disk to the raid. svl I am reinstalling windows as we speak, any reason why the flash didn't take? Edit: I spoke too soon, the BIOS did take however I am still missing UEFI options, is this normal or should I have gotten then back when installing your bios mod?
  8. So I've posted on a couple of other forums and have gotten a generic "If you don't know what you are doing, don't install a new OS". However I am an IT technician and since this whole secureboot thing is brand freaking new, trying to research it is a pain. So I come here hoping for better answers. My question: I have a G75VW laptop, I have installed Windows 8 however when checking if its secure boot via powershell I get: Get-SecureBootPolicy : Secure Boot policy is not enabled on this machine. This laptop came preinstalled with Windows 7, and used to have a UEFI option in the BIOS but was removed in a BIOS update. Does the G75VW support secure boot, if so how do I enable it in my current install of Windows 8, if that is impossible how would I go about reinstalling and enabling secureboot?
  9. Yes, it is impossible via the bios because it rejects the datecode saying it is too early, and winflash throws you in to a loop where it keeps trying to verify the bios but cannot so it reflashed then tries to verify which it can't so it reflashes and so on, that is about timing because if you don't catch it while its trying to verify, and catch it while its erasing you will screw yourself and HAVE to RMA.
  10. Have you tried memtest to see if the memory is actually any good? If its not I would call the place you bought it from and tell them they sold you defective RAM.
  11. Would totally send you a dump had my G75 not died just a couple of days ago, this will be my fourth RMA to ASUS for the same "not powering on" issue... Thankfully they are paying for shipping on my refurb since this is a repeat issue.
  12. Yes it is but I think our question is, do you have a plan to unlock/modify 223 like you did with 221? If it's already modified I don't see it in the OP and am curious where you have it saved...
  13. No I'm not saying its bad that it verifies I'm saying its bad that it gets stuck in a look like it does if it can't verify, it would be nice if it flashed it, failed verification tried again and at that point if it failed it would fall back to the bios that was originally written. Also, svl7 that is part of the problem I'm having, the ezflash is saying the datecode is too old and not letting me flash, which is why I'm trying to get it to force flash an older BIOS.
  14. Any chance of you bringing out 222 or 223 modified or are you just working on BIOS's with larger changes?
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