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  1. windows 8 memory leak is bad. windows 8 removes many tools power users/techs use. windows 8 removes the great start menu that was introduced in Vista > win 7 disabling UAC is a PITA and certain programs will not work with it off (metro apps) so...... Win 7 for me and this is all first hand info not something read on a blog I actually have win8 on my desktop as my daily since b4 it came out.
  2. I want to try this bad boy out. [h=1]Intel® Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260[/h]
  3. Microsoft Sidewinder X5. 2000DPI HABU 2000DPI
  4. scrizz

    Gaming Mouse

    I love the sidewinder mice. I have a Sidewinder and two sidewinder X5s. I like the weight system on the sidewinder non-x. before that I had a deathadder, copperhead, and Habu.
  5. I was finally able to install it looks and works great.!!
  6. ON my dvd drive. the two back screws do not budge. I've tried heating it a bit to see if that would loosen glue or something. that's the only thing I need in order to finish my hdd dvd swap.
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