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  1. False alarm! Turns out I had to toggle Speedstep in the Bios. Now working fine. Phew!
  2. Hi guys, Apologies for posting on multiple forums. I cant seem to get ThrottleStop to work since reinstalling windows 10. Previously Throttlestop seemed to be the only way to get the Turbo Boost functioning and it was working well. I was running the m15x with an i7920XM and 7970m and all working great (after a minor BIOS blip with the 7970m). However, I hadn't used the laptop for about a year (built a new desktop) and wanted to get it ready to sell (hence the clean Windows install). I've now reinstalled windows and ThrottleStop but now the multiplier doesn't seem to change no matter what settings I tweak. It just stays at a multiplier of 9 which kind of defeats the point of having the i7 Extreme. Has anyone come across this? Maybe i'm just forgetting something (its been a while). Maybe I've installed it wrong? Set Multiplier ticked and set to 16T, Disable Turbo unticked, Power Saver unticked, TRL set to 26, 25, 20, 20. Please help!
  3. I've started a thread asking if anyone with an M18 can spare some time to re-flash for me. I don't know anyone near me with one unfortunately. Tried the autoflash (thank you). No luck i'm afraid. Worth a shot but I don't think the system is booting anything and i suspect the power-up sequence is the problem. I've seen that 7970m bios chips sometimes pop up on eBay (none at the moment). Does anyone know anywhere else i can get one? I do have a broken 6990m knocking about somewhere. I wonder if the vbios chip from that would work? Probably a stupid idea! fatboyslimerr I'll PM you about your offer of your broken 7970m.
  4. Thanks Brian, Unfortunately I don't know anyone near me with an M18. I suppose i could try finding a new bios chip and doing some soldering but it seems pretty risky compared to re-flashing it in an M18. I don't mind paying postage both ways (and some beer money) and sending it abroad if someone is able to spare the time to flash the vbios for me.
  5. Thanks H658tu, Just to clarify, I was booting with ATIFlash from a bootable USB using VBIOS: Dell7970m-uv-1000v by sv17. I backed up the original vbios, checked the checksum was good (5800) and all went fine until i was prompted to reboot. Pressed Ctrl Alt Del and the laptop reboots but i just get a black screen and blining Caps Num and Scroll lights. I'm pretty sure i can do the solder and I've got a multimeter. I just wonder if there is anything else i should try before first (I'm sure the problem is the video card and not the motherboard etc.)
  6. That's very kind of you. I think I've got my old 260M somewhere so I'll see if I can dig that out and test it first though.
  7. Oh I know the psu won't have anything to do with booting up. I'll was just saying I might try it IF I can get the gpu fixed first. I've done some soldering in printed circuit boards before and I'm fairly sure I can make the switch. I'll just need to do some research and be sure I know which is the correct chip to change. Unless there are any other solutions anyone can think of?
  8. Hi Fatboyslimerr, thanks for the reply. I've already got the more powerful psu and I don't use the battery anyway (long dead). I thought that the limitation is with the m15x motherboard not being able to carry enough power to both processors (when the cpu is being greedy) rather than the draw from the psu. I'll definitely try pulling the pin if I can get the gpu up and running again. Tacks for the offer of the broken card. I'm not bad at soldering so I could give it a go. Stupid question: which chip is the bios chip? Thanks again
  9. Hi guys, I've managed to brick my graphics card trying to install an undervolted vbios. I'm running an M15x and so can't slot in an extra card to run the screen in order to flash another vbios. I'd be happy to pay to cover anyone's time. Thanks
  10. Hi, I think i've bricked my 7970m trying to install an undervolted vbios. I'm running an m15x with a i7 920xm and 7970m and reading through threads on here i decided to try undervolting to get around throttling problems with next gen games. On paper my m15x should compete with PS4/Xbox One but the throttling has been really bugging me so i thought i'd give undervolting a go. Obviously somethings gone wrong because after resetting during the installation i now get a blank screen and the CAPS and SCROLL lights are blinking. I've heard it can be fixed with an m18x but i don't know anyone with one. I've also tried sending a PM to svl7 but he cant receive them (i'm guessing mailbox is full). Anyone have any ideas? I'm happy to pay for help This forum rocks by the way. Its kept my old laptop going strong for years!
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