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  1. Ok so I got It to start installing on one after modifying. At first it wouldn't install and couldn't find a device and now it is and I pressed agree and download, But as soon as it starts installing the installation failed? could this be because I typed something wrong? or is my card doa? Also thank you I hope I can solve this prob.. I'm not sure what to do other than update the bios in one guide it says make sure you have a09 that is why I think it could be that but idk why my divice manager is picking it up as unknown but it still has hardware ids.. my device manager is also doing that with my built in webcam after windows 10 I reset my windows 10 and now my card is showing up as a default Microsoft card under display adapters. as soon as I run the NVidia install it removes it from display adapters and puts it under, unknown. and the NVidia installer fails. if I tell Microsoft to find updates automatically it puts it back under display adapters as default again.. somebody help me :\.
  2. I need to know what driver and inf file I need for a m15x with windows 10, a08 bios, and a gtx 660m from an alienware m17x its not recognized and the one eurocam setup the install fails
  3. I tried there isn't a very clear guide. When I goto install the eurocam version it gets all the way to downloading the drivers and than the install fails in the middle of downloading them. Does my bios being a08 matter?
  4. Hello I have a gtx 660m. I Put it in my m15x with a 1.5mm coper shim. It fit good, also added paste. I have windows 10 and have tried every driver none are working. the eurocam driver I got off from their site for the 660m upgrade starts downloading and 2 minutes into the install, it fails, and an error pops up, "install failed" and that's it. please help :\ NOTE: The 660m is showing up as unknown in the device manager but I can still manage to get the hardware ids.. Also I believe my bois is a08 I downloaded a09 from dell and it just gave me a folder with some files in it no download setup THANKS!!
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