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  1. id assume it would power but display a black screen without the cpu, possibly even beep. As for the gpu i assume the same. You can pick up the i7 720 for super cheap, but i cant say it will solve your problem. My one was worse than yours, i didnt get any power at all, not even the alien light, so i cant say for sure what it would do without those components, but from what i read, sounds similar.
  2. Hi mate not sure what use ill be as mines was a little different to yourself. My dad thankfully has the m15x as well. So i tested all my main parts in his the gpu, cpu, mem hard drive, wifi card and power strip and stuff. Em it could be a number of things man . Is it just the alien head power button thats flashing , no num lock keys or that ? Try the laptop without the battery in it, just the power adapter, do a discharge with the batter out first tho, take battery out leave unplugged and hold the power button for 20 seconds. Wouldt think the same issue with both boards but u could try removing the cmos battery under the back panel and then do a discharge, reset the bios see if thats causing the issue. Were u over clocked at all. Whats the spec of the laptop mate, heard alot of peoples crappy out on the 260m gpu, Also is there any lights at all on your power adapter, still glowing blue ? all i can think off without more info basically the stuff i did with mines
  3. Ok dudes and dudettes (if there is any) Update on the alienware. The motherboard came today finally no help to dhl, the dude was gonna drive away, he took it to the wrong house and i seen the van luckily, not a dhl one tho a rented one and a polish fellow doing the driving, anyhow shouted him over and got it. Nice So to the fun part, i tore it all down and poped in the new mobo And wola on it came, not i had the assumed borked 260m in there, which has no x bracket. So machine works and turns on however i cant hold the card in place. Now the other fun part. I got to test the 2 6970m i have. One boots up fine and windows loads and such, but it is glitchy, like blocks and all pink. I assume on its way out, probably due to how it was stored cause both cards came from a working m17 or m18x i cant mind which. So the second card, when its in and u switch on does....nothin. Black screen, everything sounds like its booting and that but no shabang, does hee haw. So i presume this card is borked also. Thinking of trying to bake them, seen it in a few posts putting them in the oven, I did however hold the back heatsink on, altho they were screwed in it didnt seem to be making much if any contact with the die. Ive seen about grinding the pegs down or using longer screws and sometime even a shim. Anyhow glitchy card on the right and black screen on the right So now i just have to wait for the m6000 to come which should at this rate be tuesday, once that appears ill be able to grab a shim or get screws or whatever and hopefully from what i read just plug and play.
  4. Dont look like much in the way or marks or anything, If i didnt know it it was i would have said it was new
  5. i shall do, not sure if i should buy a new gpu tho, 2 of three worked in my dads laptop 1 with green blocks , 1 which worked fine but no bracket for it, the x bracket, the last one laptop powered but black screen
  6. i think im just gonna replace the board will this one work mobo
  7. the cards defo came from a m17x or m18x. Cant mind which, i was careful when installing the brackets into the motherboard. Anyhow im ok having to buy a new gpu, Or send these ones to be repaired if they need it, i never modded them.. was the mobo bios flash i done first then bricked it ove More concern is the motherboard, pay the 40 quid and risk it not being fixed if the ec is scrambled or just buy a new one and wait. Would rather spend 100 on new parts than 150 anyway to check the bios chip would fix my problem or check the ec chip is corrupt ?
  8. Yeah i read the guide mate had a good look over it. But i listed all the parts i had tried from mines in his and tried all his in mines bar the motherboard obv. Defo a motherboard issue. But i do have a question how come 1 6970 booted but was super glitchy even from alien bios screen al the way to windows and 1 just gave me a black screen. But the machine seemed to be powering up. Completely confused and muddled by the volume of informations, my understanding was that by being a dell part no it should have worked no mods needed unless i wanted to flash teh vbios and drop or increase the voltages. Was an unlocked bios flash that killed my machine i think tbh, but still not convinced. Wondering to just buy the damb board
  9. right update fellas, need some advice on what to do next. my dad bought an m15x (Score, test time) So I take a ride down with mines and my tool kit. Here's My cpu in dads m15x = working My Hard drive in dads m15x = Working My Memory in dads m15x = Working My 260m in dads m15x = Surprisingly working (black screen on mine before buggering it) 1st 6970m In dads m15x = Complete black screen no boot 2nd 6970m In dads m15x = Machine boots but is glitch (green and black bars and flickering, possibly dead gpu) Now everything out of my dads in mines = Nothing lol. No boot or nothing. Sooooo now my dilemma. I presume both 6970s are damaged. And the 260m to be temp working, so I have the chip for the bios for the motherboard but. Local places even far out places for repair are quoting £25 - £40 to change it. And saying it might not fix the problem. I Can order a board from aliexpress for just over £50 but need to wait a month for it , also for £50 I can get a firepro m6000 which I believe is play from what I read. Any thoughts fellas ? Id be happy to send the gpus to anyone in the uk who might be able to test better than I can
  10. Hi guys, im new to the forums. Looking for a little help. Been on so many forums and tried so many things. So basically my 260m in my m15x kicked the bucket. So i was using the onboard gpu but i couldnt game. So i decided i was gonna take one of my 6970s out of my m18x and fire it in the m15x. I read that it was possible, so i got the bios file to make it work in the m15x, got the card prepped and installed, then proceded to flash the new bios for it. Flashed it, machine turned off to restart i presume. And nothing. No power at all. Tried the power button and nothing. No lights at all coming on, not even charging ones. Removed the gpu = nothing removed the cmos and discarge = nothing blind flash = wont come on to do it so kinda crapping myself right now. So i had a look online for a new motherboard and holly god are they dear. So i thought i may be able to salvage it with the correct bios so i have ordered the bios chip to replace the one thats on it, local place gonna do it for £35 quid. Hoping that solves the problem. Question is. Is there anything else i can try to make it work. And if the new bios chip fixes the boot issue how can i get my 6970 working in this machine without having to go buy a new 260m. Quite like the idea of having a powerful card in my college laptop. I used the bios that had the volt mod, so it ran cooler, think there was 3 to pick from. Anyhow, thanks for anyone willing to help me bring this beast back from hell
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