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    I have designed an adapter for the ultrabay slot to plug desktop graphic cards into a Y510p. The BIOS starts with "Unauthorized Slave vga ...". Need help for a new BIOS without PCIe check on Ultrabay.
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    [revised by svl7, 01/22/12] Here are some unlocked versions of the M18x BIOS, this means all the hidden BIOS menus are now available. This allows you to further tweak and overclock your machine, but some settings are very advanced and not meant to be touched by the average user, so use it with care and common sense. Unfortunately quite some of the links which were previously posted here are now invalid due to what happened with megaupload. I will try to recollect all the files and get fresh links, so I can provide the complete collection. Here's what's available for now: [unlocked] M18x BIOS A03 [unlocked] M18x BIOS A04 both modified and provided by Ahmed from BIOS-Mods, a big thanks to his amazing work! Consider buying him a drink for all the effort! [unlocked] M18x BIOS A05 modified by @svl7 After flashing, go to the BIOS menu and load the default settings to prevent possible issues. As always with such mods, you are responsible for what you do to your system, use at your own risk. M18x - A05 unlocked.zip
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    I make this thread for people who have bricked their bios on their r4(not the vbios), since the release of the A05 I have seen multiple people bricking their bios. The solution to this problem is really easy. Go to Drivers en downloads | Dell [Nederland] and download the .exe file. Use winrar to extract this file, you will have a file named like this QBR00EC.fd, rename it to M17R4.hdr. Now format an USB stick to fat/fat 32, and ONLY put this file on it. We are almost done!!! Unplug the battery from your laptop and be sure the power adapter is not plugged in, and put the USB in the eSate(NOT USB SLOT). Now hold the end button and plug in the adapter, your alienware should come back to live now!!!! It will beep some times and restart few times. Note: Leave CMOS battery in, or it wont work Thanks to SVL7/Brian, clearing things up for me, just go back into bios flashing
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    Hey Everyone, I'm looking for some testers to see if we can get LEGACY SUPPORT for the m17xR4. Furthermore, I've also done MANY updates on this bios, too... I updated RAID (EFI & LEGACY) to v12.9.0.2006 (This may need to be downgraded as the chipset you have may NOT support this raid version, but this is the latest version that will work IF youre running RAID. It also supports TRIM in RAID0. If you are not running raid, I can update to v13 if you want, but we need to test one at a time!) Updated GOP Drivers & GOP Policy Updated vbios from 2098 to 2171 Updated Microcode for all cpu's Added M.2 Support Added NvMe support Updated Atheros Lan Firmware & PXE Boot Firmware Updated To Possibly Give Legacy Support, BUT....... I NEED TESTERS!!! Please contact me if you want to try. Understand, HOWEVER, that am NOT responsible for ANYTHING that happens to your system if it goes wrong. (Just a SMALL disclaimer, heh) Thanks, Swick
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    Answer: If you click each of the download links it states what is for. GTX980M-G_8GB_MXM_DM_OC_PM <<< This vBIOS is designed for (CLEVO) MXM DM-systems with G-Sync >>> GTX980M-G_8GB_MXM_ZM_OC_PM <<< This vBIOS is designed for (CLEVO) MXM ZM-systems with G-Sync >>>
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    Would be nice to see temps with CPU OC, I need more fins for increased "virtual" cooling capacity
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    @Proph The problem is your multi-slot enclosure and script’s [-a] mode is especially designed to resolve boot issues with them but doesn’t take into account new iMacs. Would you open Terminal, type “sudo ./automate-eGPU.sh -a” without eGPU, and provide the output of these commands: (1) sw_vers -productVersion (2) sw_vers -buildVersion (3) ioreg -c IOPlatformExpertDevice -d 2 | grep board-id | sed "s/.*<\"\(.*\)\">.*/\1/" (4) sudo su root -c 'launchctl list | grep automate-egpu-daemon' If (4) says nothing, it’s very likely that automate-eGPU-dameon.plist doesn’t exist in the folder /Library/LaunchDaemons/ It’s also good news because I know how to fix it. The script takes backup of kexts into /Library/Application Support/Automate-eGPU/backup so please don’t do anything manually. Since you already did, boot into recovery (Command+R) and choose “Reinstall OS X”.
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    Yes. What was the problem? x4 is normal, because TB2 is limiting it. Cuda driver, yes install!
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    @Swick1981 did some crazy good BIOS mods for the M18xR2 and added Legacy BIOS support for Maxwell. He may want more help with testing with the M17xR4 mods. @J95 and @Solo wing are helping with the testing. Both of them have 120Hz screens, so a tester with 60Hz could be valuable. They are working on getting Legacy BIOS support for the M17xR4 so you don't have to worry about the 8-beep nonsense and can use Windows 7 if you want to. I asked him to reach out to @Brian about starting a new thread here @ T|I like this one: Alienware M18xR2 New/Updated BIOS Mods - NOW WITH MAXWELL LEGACY SUPPORT - Testers Needed
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    Well, to see CRISPR Cas9 in this website is ... surprising? Kudos to the article though, I think people (even non-biologist) should aware of these technologies as they are revolutionising biotechnology and healthcare.
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    This fixed my former M17xR3 when something went wrong with my flash, this is a computer saver ^^
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