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  1. You can overclock without flashing an bios, and it will be stable(not responsible for any damage done to your system though), its limited though.
  2. If some1 upload an R2 bios, or give me a link where to download it, I could take an look at it, but I think some1 already figured out how to fix it coz R2 has been around for a while. But as Brian says be more precize, what bios update when did it shut down, does it do anything when you power it on? Any lights, fans? - - - Updated - - - http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/showthread.php?t=351421 is what I found on google you could give it a try
  3. I am not sure undervolted could support the stock clocks stable, dont nkow if any1 tested yet?
  4. Well as drastic as it was, it worked, and installing windows doesnt take that long tbh .
  5. Still runing an 2920xm or already using the 3920xm?
  6. 1.05v is already a big overvolt tbh, but if we'd go up to 1.075v or 1.1v u greatly increase the risk on destorying your card . - - - Updated - - - Plus the amount of heat will be stupid, no way you ccan play bf3 long on 1.1v.
  7. They are lasercut I think?? So no way to turn an gtx680m chip(670) to an gtx 680mx(680), otherwise people already would have done that with those desktop cards(desktop community is way bigger).
  8. hej 10 I am sorry I should have said I am using an clevo gtx680m, if you clock down to like 1023 its stable in game(skyrim,bf3,witcher played em all 3 houres straight with no problem). update, temperature around 68-72 degrees, sometimes even lower
  9. Well, since my iphone 4 died and I am just a poor student I needed a new phone , will pick up an extreme processor later this year probably an 2920xm/2960xm for the upcomming m18x r1 I am buying (I can buy one extremely cheap , then will sell my R4(with equiping an gtx580m, and use that money to fund the 600 euro costing m18, and with the remaining money buy anohter gtx680m, and buy later this year an r2 motherboard when they get cheaper ))
  10. I think the eurocom card is a way better overclocker then the dell, or that must have changed by now?
  11. Sold my 3920 xm(qs) to get myself an iphone 5, so back on my 3610qm now, got NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M video card benchmark result - Intel Core i7-3610QM Processor,Alienware M17xR4 score: P7984 3DMarks with 1045/2349 my memory cnat go higher, coz it will make it crash - - - Updated - - - using 1.05v bios - - - Updated - - - Could upload the log if interested?from hwinfio
  12. Omega I suggest repasting, you shouldnt get near those temperatures. Wait with modding, and first try the repasting. GL! - - - Updated - - - Omega I suggest repasting, you shouldnt get near those temperatures. Wait with modding, and first try the repasting. GL!
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