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  1. Tazadar

    AMD 7970m - modified VBIOS

    Nice Dave! What bios version does your cards have? =)
  2. Tazadar

    AMD 7970m - modified VBIOS

    Also have a strange problem ^^ I tried to OC with atiflash above 920/1320 but get BSOD everytime i try 3dMark11. But when i use Afterbruner and crank ut up to 950/1450 i works like a charm, exept those DAMN flickerings when not in fullscreen mode :S I tried with 1.100 and still wont work in 3dmark when i use ati flash. Anyone else had this problem and might have a fix for it? ^^ The Bios version i have is (113-C42904A1-117)
  3. Tazadar

    [M17x R4] Bricked BIOS FIX

    This fixed my former M17xR3 when something went wrong with my flash, this is a computer saver ^^
  4. Tazadar

    Repasting jobs

    I use mx-4 for my m18xr2 and lowered my temps with 7-9 celcius... Acceptable ^^

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