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    Guide to opening up the AKiTiO 2 Other reference: http://forum.techinferno.com/enclosures-adapters/7205-us%24189-akitio-thunder2-pcie-box-16gbps-tb2-113.html#post128029 Guide Powering the AKiTiO via the barrel socket with your ATX PSU Other reference: http://forum.techinferno.com/enclosures-adapters/8317-%5Bguide%5D-making-molex-barrel-adapter.html#post113069 I hope these are a useful reference. Happy eGPU-ing!
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    Not really, that is the curse of the GTX 970 all my cards had that as well (5x GTX 970s). You can RMA your card until you get a good one, but that might take some time. Better to except it or switch to a 960/980.
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    sir.. what i did a while ago.. i did uninstall the 8970m at the device manager, uninstall the msi afterburner, uninstall amd driver, and made need bootable vbios via instruction of sir svl7.. restart the unit.. ad shutdown the unit.. remove the hdd.. insert the flashdrive with 7970m vbios.. and finish the flashing.. i dont know what i have missed.. i got only 1 7970m.. but still i cant solve the problem..
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    just picked one up from best buy, even though the only nearby microcenter was a guy working out of his house doing computer repair under the microcenter name, but hasn't done business in 2 years. First person I got knew what he was doing and saw that it wasn't for sale in my state and denied. I came back 5 hours later and got someone else who was a bit more lenient.
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    1/2. UEFI variable temporarily give you the opportunity to update your ME FW with one that allows OC. Once you flash the modified ME FW you don't mind if it relocks unless. you want to return to the stock ME FW. (no obvious reason unless you want to return the machine for warranty reasons) 3. You can set the BCLK live with XTU. You don't have to set the BCLK in BIOS. In case you set a BCLK OC too high, it will BSOD and when you restart the watchhog in XTU will return your BCLK to 100MHz. No risks involved more than those involved in every OCing...
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    Configuration->Graphics Device->UMA Only Video Features->Pci Express Graphic->Always Enable PEG: Disabled I think that's it.
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    Assuming something internal of the cable isn't messed up (which would be terrible to replace), check the wires on the adapter itself. I had a very similar issue where two wires were very close together/shorting. And it pretty much did as you described. Get some plastic implement and make sure the wires coming from the HDMI cable aren't touching (or very close). If you see some that are remotely close, separate them a little bit. With mine, two were nearly touching and it was recognized but would hiccup often, separating the wires fixed it. I know it sounds pretty obvious but I kept think it was a software issue, but it wasn't. And no glancing at the wires either, look closely. I have a very similar setup to you: i7-2620M 16GB RAM NVS 4200M GTX 660 Ti Windows 7 Enterprise x64 As for what I did (briefly, I plan to write a full write-up in a new thread): If you can, you should perform a DSDT override, I will have more in my post Disconnect your eGPU Uninstall all Nvidia drivers (keep the Intel graphics driver) Use Driver Sweeper and check all the Nvidia options, run, reboot, turn off computer -- don't install the driver for the NVS 4200M yet Connect eGPU and go to Setup 1.x Set your eGPU port to G2 dGPU off 32-bitA compaction for iGPU eGPU chainload to your OS Windows may yell at you to reboot due to hardware changes, don't quite yet Check device manager, you might (I did) have error 43 Attempt to install the latest Nvidia drivers for you eGPU -- still don't install drivers for your dGPU If your lucky, it will install, if not: shutdown/reboot Setup 1.x do the same as before (dGPU off and such) Attempt to install the Nvidia drivers again for your eGPU After a few hours of fiddling around, you should get them installed (keep your dGPU off this whole time) ONLY AFTER YOU GET YOUR eGPU DRIVERS INSTALLED (and as such, error 12 in device manager) Go to Setup 1.x Set port G2 on your eGPU port 32-bitA compaction for iGPU dGPU eGPU (or choose 36-bit if you performed a DSDT override) chainload You will probably get the reboot due to new devices again, but before you do, check device manager Might have a generic VGA device or something instead of the NVS 4200M Attempt to install the drivers for you dGPU now If now luck, reboot and do the same Setup 1.x as before (with dGPU on) Attempt to install dGPU drivers again Reboot after you get your dGPU drivers installed Keep the same Setup 1.x method If your lucky you should have your iGPU dGPU and eGPU show up fine in device manager. You can go to the Nvidia control panel and dedicate your NVS 4200M as your PhysX processor, it works really well. ^ over 20 hrs of fiddling around well spent ;-; I hope that helped in some way. Lemme know if you have any issues.
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