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  1. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Listed on eBay here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/AKiTiO-Thunder2-PCIe-Box-Thunderbolt-to-PCIe-e-g-Mac-eGPU-/201808361125 For sale is one boxed AKiTiO Thunder2 PCIe Box. This has been modified - as per various tutorials available online - to open up the back panel which otherwise restricts the length of PCIe card it can hold. This - plus a suitable power supply - enables this device to support full size/length GPUs. (The supplied power unit is sufficient to power the Thunder2 box itself plus any PCIe card with standard power draw, such as Ethernet Adaptors, Fire Channel cards, SAS/SAT, Firewire/USB, Storage, etc. Some lower-power GPUs do not require any additional power but most do, which is why the suggested solution for an external GPU is to use a PC PSU. For that reason, this auction includes the molex-to-barrel connector that I used to power my eGPU, though lots of other solutions are available. Enjoy experimenting!) If you're reading this listing then you probably already know what you're doing but if not - or if you get stuck - the Tech|Inferno Forums (among others) are a fantastic source of information and that's where I learnt how to set mine up: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/forum/83-diy-e-gpu-projects/ I had great success with this, using it to add an NVIDIA GTX 970 GPU to my 2011 Mac mini which made it a gaming powerhouse. I'm selling this now because I've finally sold my beloved Mac mini for something newer. An eGPU can be used in macOS and Windows. If you have any questions about this particular unit please get in touch before buying or making an offer. I will be very happy to respond! Please note: No GPU is included in this auction. You can use any PCIe card. The photos here including a GPU are for illustrative purposes only. The external case, fan and power supply are all included. The case and power supply have never been used, since my large graphics card would not fit inside the closed case as it arrived and I used an external power supply. But if you want to use this with a smaller card, you can certainly fold the side back in and use the outer case, fan and power supply as designed if you wish - it's all included. NB: I didn't keep the little power LED at the back of the case but be assured it's not needed and there is an LED on the board anyway that shows when it's powered. The box says the product is not compatible with Apple's Boot Camp and does not support graphics cards. There is nothing technically stopping it (and it works great) but due to a clause in the licensing of Thunderbolt technology they are not officially allowed to market it as such. This sale is aimed at gamers/enthusiasts. It definitely works brilliantly but is neither supported by me nor by the manufacturers so I can't accept a return on the basis you couldn't get your eGPU to work right. There is a lot of information online and some fantastically helpful people in various forums. Also, it's not at all difficult and extremely satisfying - so have a go! If you want to use this device as per its original intention, the official product page is here: https://www.akitio.com/expansion/thunder2-pcie-box

    310.00 USD

  2. I'm just going to mention, once again, that my GTX 970 + AKiTiO + 2011 Mac Mini + Windows works absolutely beautifully *BUT* only works at all if I switch the eGPU on at exactly the right moment. I have to power on the Mac, then the eGPU about 1 second later. If it's too early or too late then I get a black screen instead of Windows booting. Waiting for the Mac startup chime is far too late in my case.
  3. Here's my visual guide to opening the ATiKiO case.
  4. I feel bad for saying this because I can see you have put some effort in, but actually I think your guide could confuse people. It doesn't go into enough detail (e.g. step 1 says to drag PackageMaker into your Applications folder; that requires more explanation). Then "copy one line of kext file click desktop to reviel finder in top left corner" doesn't really make much sense at all. By all means have a go at putting together a guide for newbies, but as a downloadable PDF it's very hard for you to revise it to correct mistakes without leaving erroneous versions scattered around. How about you just start a thread instead? Please don't take my criticism too harshly.
  5. I realise this thread is all about AMD cards but I just want to say that this sounds similar the same baffling issue I have with my NVIDIA setup. (Mac mini 2011, GTX 970 in an ATiKiO). In other words, if I don't modify IONDRVSUPPORT kext then it boots but shows only as "NVIDIA chip model" in system information. Whereas if I correctly modify IONDRVSUPPORT then Yosemite kernel pancs at the point it tries to start the login screen / desktop. (And it works great in Windows.) None of us has come up with the answer to this but the only key difference with my system to other Mac minis is that it has a Radeon dGPU.
  6. Guide to opening up the AKiTiO 2 Other reference: http://forum.techinferno.com/enclosures-adapters/7205-us%24189-akitio-thunder2-pcie-box-16gbps-tb2-113.html#post128029 Guide Powering the AKiTiO via the barrel socket with your ATX PSU Other reference: http://forum.techinferno.com/enclosures-adapters/8317-%5Bguide%5D-making-molex-barrel-adapter.html#post113069 I hope these are a useful reference. Happy eGPU-ing!
  7. @notrodash I wrote some comments about that issue here.
  8. Not as far as I can find. Only different cards, different minis and different OSes. But never mind - I don't mean to threadjack.
  9. I really meant a Wikipedia-style wiki that anyone can edit. But maybe that would be a disaster with some of the... um.. characters around here
  10. @MVC I know it's still a mystery why my GTX970 eGPU kernel panics Yosemite booting on my Radeon dGPU 2011 mini (despite working great in Windows) - but do you think it's worth trying to flash it as a solution?
  11. I've just read the last few days' worth of posts and I'll repeat what I've said before: a wiki would help at this point. There is information being repeated (wasting time) and misinformation being repeated (wasting money). Plus some useful hints and links which only exist in this Mac-oriented thread which our PC-only friends are likely to miss. Let's get the best advice, best photos and best links in one place?
  12. I noticed the same discrepancy. MaximumBurrito's, symptoms, as described, don't make sense to me unless there is some sort of hardware issue. MaximumBurrito, perhaps you should double-check the two boards of your AKiTiO are connected properly. Is the short black/yellow power cable dislodged? (Although I wouldn't expect the GPU fans to turn if the GPU can't see the PCIe bus.) If I were you, I would think about getting a simple PCIe card (ethernet adaptor / USB ports or similar) to see if those work. They are cheap and if you value your time/sanity then it's a worthwhile troubleshooting step.
  13. When you did that, did you then get the complaints in the log/ colsole about IOPCITunnelCompatible being required? Have you ever seen them? Because if not, nothing you’ve said suggests the ATiKiO thunderbolt board can talk to the PCIe board. I think your symptoms are what you’d get if it were supplying power to the GPU and nothing else.
  14. Yeah… right back in my first post about this problem (different install of Yosemite and the previous NVIDIA driver), that same console output was right there at the end. MVC, do you still think it's wrong that it says this in the console? Does yours say something different for "loaded and registered"?
  15. - - - Updated - - - There's no kext called NVDAGM100HAL in my Extensions folder: And looking at the plist file for NVDAGM100HalWeb.kext it has an IOClass value of "NVDAGM100HAL": …could it be that the correct kext loaded but it reports as NVDAGM100HAL? In which case, why doesn't your console do the same? This is the new driver that came out today.
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