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  1. @theitsage Means an immediate license change to my script: “No one is allowed to modify Apple’s copyrighted binary files.” Plain text file editing sounds okay, but as to reverse engineering and binary modding, I am out of the equation. It would be endless patching and battling against Apple’s security updates, and Intel would be hunting bulls and bisons. DIYing is fun when the method shows signs of continuity. This a dead end. There is a brighter side of the equation.
  2. You're right, there is uncertainty regarding which TB3 enclosures are TB3 Mac compatible. Another aspect is AMD stability. PowerColor's Devil Box has been on the market for some time, is there any info on this?
  3. Yes, https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/10718-2016-macbook-pros-and-egpus/&do=findComment&comment=152495 Metal acceleration does work with the RX 480, OpenCL doesn’t. RX 460 provides full support: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/10845-2015-13-mba-rx46016gbps-tb2-akitio-thunder2-108w-adaptor-osx-102-hedge/ There is a binary hack for uncertified TB3 enclosures on Netkas forum. Hopper Disassembler reveals many things, but I would not publish reverse engineered information that violates Apple’s SLA section [M].
  4. I also ran the Time Spy and 3DMark13, yielding ~94% and ~93% of the external monitor performance. Requires a workaround (hint: it’s one of the @Tech Inferno Fan’s suggested steps). Windows 10 downloads the AMD driver automatically, you can uninstall it in device manager and update the driver software to the latest by selecting a new one from the extracted package. I haven’t seen anyone else reporting “AMD XConnect Lite Technology” on Mac computer. This applies to iGPU only MBP. I suppose the dGPU model needs more configurations. EDIT: it's renamed to "AMD XConnect Technology" with the latest drivers.
  5. Awesome. Internal screen performance is ~96% of the external in 3DMark11. The total score was even better than the external due to physics. http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/11753719 This was through the TB3-TB2 adapter. It says “AMD XConnect Lite Technology” in the system tray.
  6. It’s more meaningful to use an external monitor to achieve maximum performance. Haven’t heard about internal screen performance with an AMD dGPU. One German review sheds some light on this: https://www.computerbase.de/2016-10/powercolor-devil-box-test/2/ XConnect technology may require a specific dGPU. If doesn’t work, there are ready-made headless adapters if you want to try @LukeHero's method: http://www.fit-pc.com/web/products/fit-headless/ http://www.newertech.com/products/hdmi_headless_video_adapter.php
  7. There might be a chance, but I’ve not found a switch yet. However, some hotfix enabled hot-plugging and surprise removal on MBP11,5 via TB2 (tried once, not sure about the current status). "AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition Hotfix drivers are compatible with AMD Discrete graphics products." http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop?os=Windows+10+-+64 AMD also provides BootCamp driver for MacBook Pro (2015+), but it’s rather old (release date 4/5/2016): http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop/bootcamp
  8. If you're going to choose AMD eGPU, you can drag a windowed app to the extended internal screen, and its contents will be accelerated by the eGPU. If someone has forgotten: This functionality is included in the demo. As @Tech Inferno Fan noted, I'm confident that MBP13,3 behaves similarly as the MBP11,5 (M370X dGPU) regarding gmux, and HD530 can be activated manually as well for Nvidia Optimus. Someone just has to try.
  9. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, it’s a limitation of the demo. It seems that people are reporting about an error code 12 issue, especially with Maxwell series cards connected to a MBP13,1. I can confirm that my EFI app resolves this on Windows 10. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm Razer Core’s functionality and everything about this project is confidential. Here’s a couple of public 3DMark11 (still my favourite) benchmarks, with an Apple TB3 (USB-C) to TB2 adapter: RX 480: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/11748177 GTX 980: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/11751133 Stay tuned.
  10. @Miller I start to feel like a 24-hour advisory service. Works with -a mode, the external monitor set as primary. Avoid 750Ti without a 6pin. No more questions please. Please read through the thread. I’ve finished this, other developers can continue.
  11. Did you set the external monitor as primary after login? I wrote a small script for you. Reinstall macOS 10.12.1 (disk name must be "Macintosh HD", SIP disabled, FileVault disabled). Give execute permission "chmod +x", run with sudo, and restart (eGPU monitor disconnected). #!/bin/sh personalities=("ATI\ Support" Controller AMDBaffinGraphicsAccelerator) kexts=(AMDSupport AMD9500Controller AMDRadeonX4100) for (( i=0; i < 3; i++ )) do personality="Add :IOKitPersonalities:"${personalities[$i]}":IOPCITunnelCompatible bool true" plist="/System/Library/Extensions/"${kexts[$i]}".kext/Contents/Info.plist" /usr/libexec/PlistBuddy -c "$personality" "$plist" 2>/dev/null done rm /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/System/Library/PrelinkedKernels/prelinkedkernel 2>/dev/null rm /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/kernelcache 2>/dev/null touch /System/Library/Extensions kextcache -update-volume /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD
  12. If the startup progress bar proceeds slowly, even if the eGPU monitor is unplugged, there is something wrong in the kext cache. If it goes through normally, but the UI on the eGPU screen is sluggish, AMDRadeonX4100.kext is probably not loaded. I am out of this script project, but I believe there are other programmers who can help.
  13. My script doesn’t support RX series cards. RX 460 is fully supported by the macOS 10.12.1+. You only need to add a couple of key-value pairs. Remember to backup (rsync is more reliable than cp with recursive and preserve flags). Finally, you have to update kext caches. This is the critical part. If you choose the manual route, you will probably have to keep the eGPU monitor disconnected during the startup. There are plenty of incorrect guides on the web - one suggesting "sudo touch /Extensions" command, which is literally the same "typo" as in my old implementation guide, two years ago. Nothing interesting in /Extensions folder since it does not exist. I suggest people learn what the commands do. The "man" is a good starting point.
  14. Hmm.. check that Xcode.app exists in /Applications folder and put "sudo" in front of the swiftc command: sudo swiftc -sdk $(xcrun --show-sdk-path) -target x86_64-apple-macosx10.12 -o metaltest metaltest.swift and you will need to type "agree" if it shows Xcode license agreement.
  15. @theitsage I guess you heard the “whoosh” sound The text “Metal: Supported” is misleading - at least in previous builds. The macOS 10.12 supports both v1 and v2 Metal feature sets. To confirm whether RX 470 is supported, follow these steps: 1) Install Xcode + command line tools: xcode-select --install 2) nano ~/Desktop/metaltest.swift 3) Copy-paste: import Metal var supportedDevices: [MTLDevice] = MTLCopyAllDevices() if (supportedDevices.count > 0) { for device in supportedDevices { var isSupported_v1 = device.supportsFeatureSet(MTLFeatureSet.osx_GPUFamily1_v1) var isSupported_v2 = device.supportsFeatureSet(MTLFeatureSet.osx_GPUFamily1_v2) print("\(device.name), supported (v1): \(isSupported_v1), supported (v2): \(isSupported_v2)") } } else { print("No supported devices found") } 4) ctrl+X -> Y 5) cd ~/Desktop 6) swiftc -sdk $(xcrun --show-sdk-path) -target x86_64-apple-macosx10.12 -o metaltest metaltest.swift 7) ./metaltest It’s worth to try IndigoBench when OpenCL works. Remember it’s only a half of the 32 compute units. HD 7970 keeps the lead in OpenCL due to optimized drivers.
  16. I've ceased development of this script in favor of my EFI app. However, others are invited to continue its development on GitHub, for personal and non-commercial use only. https://github.com/goalque/automate-eGPU/blob/master/SCRIPT-LICENSE.txt If the copyright name list grows too long, you can reform its appearance by listing all the copyright holders in separate lines, for example: * *** automate-eGPU.sh v1.0.0 *** * * Copyright 2016 by My Name <[email protected]> * Copyright 2015, 2016 by Goalque <[email protected]> * I recommend encryption. It doesn’t prevent rip off, but makes it a bit more difficult. The encrypt/decrypt mechanism is pretty trivial. I am sure that there are programmers out there who know how pipelines and I/O redirections work. You should be able to generate new encrypted copyright notices easily in the Terminal. Please do not release anything under the MIT (v0.9.8), it would be VOID under the Apple’s SLA: http://images.apple.com/legal/sla/docs/macOS1012.pdf
  17. Akitio is a brand of inXtron, they are basically the same company. Looks like Bizon uses their TB3 board. Intel's certification requires complete TB products. Akitio Node is already listed at: http://www.span.com/product/AKiTiO-Thunderbolt-PCIe-Thunder3-Node-NODE-T3IA-AKTU-1x-TB3-USB-C-1x-PCI-Express-v3-0-x16-FHHL-x4-speed-75W-~60061
  18. This HDK is not for resale and is not intended for the retail market. I am sure that the internals are the same. They use my script. Looks good though. +$350 extra price for the shiny enclosure without thermal certification or electrical safety label. They don’t care about hardware certification or software licenses, unstoppable unless Apple/Intel lawyers come tapping on their shoulders.
  19. There are too many factors to make final conclusions from CUDA-Z. Razer Core needs a firmware update in order to be Late 2016 13” MBP compatible on macOS/OS X. This cannot be fixed by software. Akitio claims only 6-8% difference compared to the motherboard: https://www.akitio.com/faq/305-node-is-the-performance-identical-for-internal-and-external-gpus And 2-6% drop compared to a 20Gbps cable: https://www.akitio.com/faq/306-node-can-i-use-a-20-gbps-thunderbolt-3-cable Sounds a contradiction. I guess the test was not CPU intensive. A quad core CPU is still needed in CPU intensive gaming. A dual core i5-6200U (XPS 13) drops the frame rate by nearly 15fps compared to the i7-6700HQ in Tomb Raider benchmark: https://www.computerbase.de/2016-10/powercolor-devil-box-test/4/
  20. And says “Unsupported”? Then it’s a firmware issue. Akitio Node is compatible: https://www.akitio.com/blog/articles/akitio-thunderbolt3-devices-macbook-pro
  21. Not alarming if the speed activates to 20Gb/s x2 with a Belkin 40Gb/s cable and TB3 chassis. This should lead you on the right track: https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/10057-automate-egpu-efi-mac-bootscreen-on-egpu/&do=findComment&comment=151531 However, I suppose that you’ve already done so. Hopefully the problem is due to the bidirectional TB3-TB2-adapter. How did you check Metal acceleration? If OpenCL works, the -clpeak option may give us clues about transfer bandwidth in GBps (enqueueWriteBuffer/enqueueReadBuffer).
  22. https://m.reddit.com/r/apple/comments/5a6z8s/my_experience_with_the_new_13_mbp_and_the_razer/?utm_source=mweb_redirect&compact=true https://thunderbolttechnology.net/sites/default/files/Thunderbolt3_TechBrief_FINAL.pdf It confirmed my suspicions.
  23. There is something really wrong in Thunderbolt firmware handshake. Passive TB3 cables provide transfer data up to 20Gb/s. Would be intriguing to see if the speed is shown as 20Gb/s x2 with the Belkin 40Gb/s cable, when the TB3 device is correctly detected. It should work: http://forums.macrumors.com/threads/base-13-macbook-pro-benchmarks-and-egpu.2010461/#post-23825958 My script is discontinued and may provide only a partial support with newer AMD cards.
  24. Open up Terminal, and provide the output of the following command: system_profiler SPThunderboltDataType | sed -e '/Port (Upstream)/,/Cable/!d' No 40 Gb/s string, right?
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