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  1. Disclaimer: Any mod presented in this thread may or may not violate your warranty contract with your manufacturer. Proceed with caution! Bplus seems to have discontinued PE4C v2.1. That means that there is currently no pnp hardware available to achieve the x2.2 link. here Check the newbie guide for all the tweaks on the E6430 by badbadbad... NEWBIE GUIDE TO TWEAKING THE DELL E6430 ...or below for individual guides: Dell References Dell E6430 Setup and features, Manual, Drivers Schematics Discrete Graphics & UMA Performance Boost Guides * Use UEFI variables to change many hidden BIOS options - How to make a permanent boot option to EFI Shell guide here (thanks @kondilac) Set specific multiplier values (for +400MHz i7-37x0/38x0 or up to the cooler ability Extreme CPU i7-39x0 OC). i7-3720QM example over 4GHz. Guide here by Tech Inferno Fan-Khenglish. On some occasions this will only work with an unapproved power brick. Otherwise you will be TDP limited. Enable XMP (eXtreme Memory Profiles) to OC RAM speed and timings here. Performance results here. Everything regarding RAM tweaking variables in this post with explanation (thanks @kondilac) Lower TOLUD value to allow dGPU and eGPU or multiple eGPU solutions without need for compaction. Set iGPU to enabled after booting with eGPU connected here. (thanks @sangemaru for testing) Set your EC port to gen1 to use with older hardware that would work with x1.1 signals only here. Overclock iGPU Intel HD4000 for up to 21% performance gain here RAID0 / striping enabling to achieve up to 1GB/s R/W times here (thanks @R.O.G.) I found this manual that gives explanation, what most of the UEFI variables do. * Battery Life tweaks - idle at 7.2W for dGPU model and (maybe) 5.4W for iGPU model * ME Firmware mod to allow BCLK overclocking (~5%) here * Use PnP memories with JEDEC timings @ 2133MHz to OC RAM. here. Performance results here. * Cooling mods in order to avoid thermally introduced throttling when OCing (Dewos & and timohour). * Overclock dGPU core and memory for up to 35% better performance than stock here. eGPU Guides * Unlocking flash descriptor and setting a x2 2.0 [8Gbps] for eGPU here. Trivia Guides - Tips * Connect 3 external screens on a Dell Latitude E6430 using docking station here * Change the BIOS options within windows using the Dell Command | Configure tool and reboot to apply. (thanks @kondilac) * Reveal hidden BIOS settings! (thanks @xsmile) Settings in this menu display all possible options in a human readable form and you don't have to deal with hexadecimal numbers. E6430 Systems user CPU RAM Storage iGPU/dGPU eGPU other kondilac i7-3840QM@4.2GHz 16GB@2133Mhz CL10 L 250GB SSD iGPU x1.2 GTX 560Ti CPU multiplier unlock, custom RAM timings, Docking Station captnastro i7-3840QM@4.2GHz 16GB@1866MHz CL9 L CPU multiplier unlock, custom RAM timings badbadbad i7-3840QM (QCF1) 16GB@1600MHz L 500GB SSD & 2TB odd caddy dGPU x2.2 GTX 970 900P,odd caddy, BCLK OC, newbie guide sefki21 i7-3840QM 900P, BCLK OC, OSX Tempest i7-3740QM@4,1GHz 16GB@1600MHz CL10 1TB SSD & 750GB odd caddy iGPU GTX 750 2GB 900P, CPU multiplier unlock, odd caddy, custom RAM timings sangemaru i7-3740QM@4,1GHz 16GB@2133Mhz CL12 L iGPU@1450MHz R9-270x CPU multiplier unlock, custom RAM timings, iGPU OC viilutaja i7-3740QM@4,1GHz 16GB@1600MHz dGPU GTX 670 CPU multiplier unlock Dewos i7-3740QM@4,1GHz 16GB dGPU GTX 660 CPU multiplier unlock hairentin i7-3740QM 16GB@2133Mhz CL11 L dGPU miros220 i5-3340M 16GB iGPU GTX 960 damiancho i7-3740QM 8GB dGPU GTX 960 ast i7-3630QM 8GB 240GB SSD & 1TB dGPU GTX 1050Ti 4GB PJ²³ i7-3610QM 8GB@1600MHz 240GB SSD & 1TB odd caddy iGPU GTX 670 οdd caddy carrretero i5-3320M 8GB iGPU@1450MHz timohour i7-3720QM@4,08GHz 8GB@2133MHz CL12 128GB ssd dGPU@882MHz/2092MHz R9-280x 900P, CPU multiplier unlock, BCLK, iGPU/dGPU OC R.O.G. 8GB@1600MHz L 2 x PM830 RAID 0 raid 0/stripping guide theClassicaCat HD7950 x4 2.0 custom project skillz iGPU To be continued...
  2. Your laptop is based on a different motherboard, with no removable CPU, etc. Most mods should work but you should investigate further.
  3. Using my Dell Latitude E6430 with an OCed 3720QM for video/photo editing is good enough for work on the go but the E6430 is a pretty heavy machine. I saw some great deals on the newer Latitude E5470. Would a newer E5470 with an i5 or i7-6XXXHQ processor be a worthy upgrade? Or will it be a downgrade regarding CPU performance? Thanks EDIT: 3DMark06 CPU score for the i7-6820HQ is 6866. I could see a maximum of 7847 with my i7-3720QM. Of course the 6820HQ will run cooler/less power hungry. But performance wise?
  4. yes but that way it is easier. How did you enable this menu? Maybe there is a way to enable other menus like the core ratio one.
  5. Nicely done with iGPU. How far did you go with the iGPU OC? Unfortunately, fully unlocked multipliers come only with extreme chips (39X0XM) and partially unlocked with the upper 4C cpus (37X0QM, 38X0QM). Everything else can only take advantage of the ~5% you can achieve with the BCLK OC
  6. It would be a good idea to include your system setup in your signature. On our laptop TOLUD is set automatically if it detects an eGPU prior to boot. You could try and set it manually lower using UEFI variables to check if the problem persists. @Khenglish should quote on this, since he does have more experience in modding and reflashing BIOS parts. Personally I don't think it is a good idea. If anything goes wrong you may brick your laptop.
  7. It is variable 0x40. Disable fast boot in BIOS. Try to boot with the eGPU connected and powered prior to boot.
  8. A12 is supposed to have upgraded the Intel ME firmware management version to as stated here. Could you check if you can take a backup of your full BIOS using fpt? Check this thread on how to do this. Try to backup and report if it completes or if Error 26 occurs.
  9. Could you post your ME Firmware version reported in your BIOS?
  10. x2.2 would have better performance. It depends on your app/games for the loss. USB 3.0 depends on the laptop. E6430 according to the schematics supports USB 3.0 (never tried myself). Offcourse an USB 2.0 only dock won't have 3.0 support. Why would you like to upgrade your BIOS? It is possible that someone flashed a different ME version than the version that came with the A11. That's what when this happened to me. The only way to solve this is to unlock your flash descriptor and reflash the original ME version that came with the BIOS. This way it will probably upgrade. Is there a specific reason you want to upgrade to A18? Do you have any other problems with your current BIOS? No msata SSD slot available. You could maybe use an mini pci-e to m.2 port and use an m.2 pcie ssd but it won't be bootable unless you use a bootloader (eg GRUB). You could add an SSD with an ODD caddy and use your ODD externally.
  11. Build a $20 Expresscard to PCIe adapter (x1 2.0?) Parts needed [URL="http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_sacat=0&_nkw=riser+usb+3.0&_sop=15"] USB 3.0 to PCIe adapter [/URL]starting from $8 or more Expresscard to anything starting from $7 or more. You can even use an old or not working adapter. I used my old PE3A. Flat USB 3.0 cable M-M starting from $5. (optional)(there are cheaper cables but I decided to buy a male-male in case I ruin it. I can also use the other end for a mini pcie adapter :). My PE3A died a few months back and I have been looking for something to replace it. I didn't want to spent money on more adapters cause my main gaming/video editing machine is an x79 build. That's why I decided to fix my PE3A-riser setup. But it seems like corrosion took its toll... It wouldn't work and it would also cause my laptop to hang. Since I had a USB 3.0 to PCIe riser laying around from another project I thought that I could solder a USB 3.0 flat cable directly on the ExpressCard pins and then to the adapter. Wiring was one issue. USB 3.0 to PCIe riser uses 8 signals (& GND). TX+ TX- RX+ RX- REFCLK+ REFCLK- PERST# WAKE#. Detecting which is which was a little bit hard cause the cable that I purchased used a little different colours than the default layout. The following table shows the default colour layout for PCIe TX and RX signals based on the USB 3.0 signal wiring 1 RXn 2 RXp 3 GND 4 TXn 5 TXp and the default colour layout for REFCLK PERST# & WAKE based on the USB 2.0 signal wiring. 1 PERST# 2 REFCLK+ 3 REFCLK- 4 WAKE# All you have to do is solder every cable of the above to the correct pin on the EC from the EC standard pg.23. Don't forget to pull both CPPE# and CLKRUN# to low. Can this achieve x1 2.0 signal? As far as AMD card is concerned, yes. I haven't tested with an Nvidia card but I can be positive that it will work without issues. It seems like with this setup I get better results with my R9-280x than with PE3A + riser setup which seems to had a toll on the signal integrity. 3DMark06 score using an R9-280x and a Dell E6430 along with the custom adapter: i7-3630QM OC @ 3,56GHz 6GB @ 1675MHz XMP (seems like my 2GB @1333 CL9 ADATA chip doesn't like 1952MHz CL10 :)) R9-280X 3GB STOCK
  12. Could you share with us when was your laptop manufactured? Maybe it is a specific motherboard batch that had issues.
  13. any set of ram would be plug and play. If it says 1600 it will @ 1600 etc. what's your CPU?
  14. Yes you can... you just have to use your internal mPCIe ports. You can't use EC for x 2.2 link. If you do have a mPCIe adapter for the PE4C v3.0 I can guide you how to solder the 2nd lanes signals. BTW, your cooling mod rocks.
  15. Yes you can... you just have to use your internal mPCIe ports. You can't use EC for x 2.2 link. If you do have a mPCIe adapter for the PE4C v3.0 I can guide you how to solder the 2nd lanes signals. Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  16. In 2012 along with the notorious 2570p HP announced an IvyBridge Probook 6470b a 14" Probook as a successor to the 6460b. It was discontinued in 2013 when the Haswell Probook 640 G1 came in the market. Since I coundn't find any other place to share experiences on this laptop I decided to start a thread here. I recently decided to buy a 6470b (i5-3320m 4GB@1600MHz 250GB), to replace the 4530s that I gave to my sister. I was thinking to buy a newer haswell machine but I couldn't find something with a socketted CPU and an EC slot ~300€ and I wouldn't spend more. I saw the 2570p and what it offers, but for my needs the 12,5" screen is not enough (I do a lot of image and video editing). About the laptop. It starts from 350$ on eBay and you can even get a better offer if you are patient enough to wait for auctions. Main features: HP 6470b Maintenance and Service Guide, Manual, Drivers Schematics Discrete Graphics & UMA (these were the only available freely) P.S. Sorry for my English not my native language.
  17. OK... that's your issue This a QM77 chipset that has only 2 SATA III ports (hdd slot and odd). Any other port you connect will be SATA II only... You can connect the Toshiba internally and check that it will utilise full SATA III speeds... e-sata ports on both the laptop and the dock are SATA II
  18. I suppose that any of these keyboard will work. I think that I have seen the blue buttoned E6440 keyboard (not the E6430u) to work great on the E6430, but haven't tested my self. I am sure though that the other one with the pointer will work on ANY E6430 even if your original laptop won't have a pointer. No it is not... You are supposed to see full sata III speeds... Could you elaborate on the SSD (model etc.)? There is probably no way to go higher than 4x40 with that chip... Did you test on another laptop and you got higher than that? What PSU you are using? It is possible that you need an 90W or even better an 130W PSU. This is an ES chip and I don't know its limits. My stock 3720QM is locked and won't go over 1C x40 2C x39 3C/4C x38... If you have a powerful enough PSU your problem is probably that there is not enough voltage, but on the E6x30 there is no way (that I have found) other than hardware mod to overvolt or undervolt the CPU. Also, Intel XTU multiplier slider will only activate if you set the UEFI variables. On any other occasion they will be stuck to the stock multipliers. Suggestions to push further: - enable BCLK OCing. This will probably push the 4C 4GHz limit a little further and will also slightly OC RAM frequency etc. - set a more flexible 1C x42 2C x41 3C/4C x40 for better single/dual core performance.
  19. Could you share with us your build to add it on the first page? Yes you can. Also if you could share your build when you complete it.
  20. You can't OC Turbo values through XTU. You have to use the UEFI variables as described here.
  21. First of all I am positive that you don't have to pay a fortune a for an 2C i7 just to be able to run the iGPU @ 1.3GHz. I think that you can easily OC your iGPU using UEFI variables with a $15 2C i5. No need to tweak anything in the OS so it doesn't matter if you have OSX or Windows. The same goes for i7 QC OC if you buy any of the i7-37X0QM or i7-38X0QM. Check the results here. - Your laptop was designed for 35W 2C cpus but as you can see on the 1st page there are users that upgraded their iGPU E6430 with QC i7. The performance gain is stuggering compared to a 2C i7. - Yeap, stock keyboard and backlit keyboard are interchangeable. You can also use the E6440 keyboard with blue fn buttons if you like. - No, there is no 14" Full HD LVDS screen. Highest resolution is 1600x900. Keep in mind that if your laptop came with an 768p screen you will probably have to switch the screen cable too.
  22. If iGPU is enabled you should see it under Display adapters as Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000
  23. never done it before but you can check that disassemble video for the 6560b. It is pretty much the same. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzwT21jcCLY After 10:00 you can fast forward to 14:00 to check how to disassable the screen compartment.

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