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    Hello, friend! (Mr. Robot reference) This is a guide to setting up an eGPU with the new 2015 15" Macbook Pro Retina with the AMD Radeon R9 M370x. A few people stated that it was impossible to use an eGPU with the new 2015 Macbook's but, I got it to work after a lot of researching.After chatting with 2 different Apple engineers at a Genius Bar, I was told that no changes were made to the new 2015 line of Macbook's that would effect the application of a eGPU build, and that it's highly possible to do so. With this in mind I decided to continue with my project and was able to install a GTX 970 with my Mac. The hardware remains the same, meaning there's nothing extra you should buy, that you would not have bought if you were building an eGPU for any other Macbook. The software, from what I can see is where it gets tricky but I'll get to that later. First off I purchased these: Power Supply - Used to power parts. Graphics Card/GPU - The thing that's going to play Star Wars Battlefront on ULTRA at 60FPS Akitio Case - Used to make GPU thunderbolt Compatible. (You're connecting your thunderbolt cable to this, as GPU's don't have thunderbolt ports). Barrel Plug - Used to attach Dell DA-2 Power supply to Akitio Case and GPU. Precision Screwdriver - Used to bend the Akitio case to fit the above GPU. GAMEPLAY VIDEOS FOR THOSE CURIOUS HOW IT RUNS: Batman Arkham Knight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ_N9a-1UKc Super HD Drawing of what the Connections look like You set up the Hardware like you would any eGPU build. First things first, if you're using a graphics card that doesn't fit in the Akitio case, like mine, you're going to have to bend the right side of the Akitio case. This is what the Precision Screwdriver is for. This isn't just a simple apply some pressure and bend though, in my opinion this was the hardest part of the whole project. Follow this guide in order to bend and open the right side of the Akitio case: CLICK HERE. My only advice for this part is don't hit the hammer too hard when breaking the weld. You don't want to accidentally damage your PCIe in the Akitio. After you've bent the case, do the following: 1. Connect Graphics Card to Akitio Case. 2. Connect the BARREL PLUG to the DELL-DA 2 POWER SUPPLY. (It will look like it doesn't fit but it does, don't worry. And do not connect the other end of the power supply to the wall yet) 3. Connect the PCIe plugs on the Barrel plug to your graphics card. 4. Connect the cylindrical plug on your Barrel to the Akitio. 5. You have now powered the GPU and the Akitio case. 6. Your hardware is ready. Software guide: (Requirements: Windows 8.1) At first I thought that the software would be just like any other Apple e-GPU project. Meaning, connect eGPU, install drivers etc. However, the new 2015 line of MBPr's that have dedicated GPU's (dGPU), use AMD rather than nVidia. What this means is that you can no longer use nVidia's Optimus technology in order to connect the eGPU to the new Macbooks with dedicated GPU's. What Optimus does is if it detects that there are 2 nVidia cards connected to the device (the one in the Macbook and the eGPU), it switches to the one with the most power, which would be the eGPU, automatically disabling the default dGPU for you. This allows someone with a 2014 Macbook that has a dedicated GPU, to use the internal LCD screen (the Macbook screen). This is not the case with the new MBPr's with AMD dGPU's. So now, we have to figure out a way to disable the default AMD dGPU and enable the Intel iGPU. The problem is that device manager doesn't show the Intel iGPU by default, as that's the way Bootcamp is optimized. It is explained in more detail in the thread below. If you have one of the new 2015 MBPr's with a dGPU and you were to go into device manager on Windows, you would only see the AMD dGPU. You wouldn't see the Intel iGPU. In order to solve this issue I looked at THIS thread. This thread basically solved the whole problem, thanks to users @ah- for providing the file that makes it so device manager shows Intel's iGPU (Intel Iris Pro 5200). The instructions for device manager to show your iGPU are as follows: (Huge thanks to @juniordiscart , wouldn't be able to do this without him) 1. Install reFIND via Windows. 2. Reboot your computer, you should now see a new boot screen. You will see this every time you boot up from now on. Boot back into Windows. 3. Download THIS file and place it on your desktop. 4. Open up Command Prompt, run as administrator. 5. (Thanks to @juniordiscart for the clear and concise instruction) Enter the following commands: mountvol S: /S This will mount the EFI partition in Windows and assign it the drive letter S. You won't be able to see it appear in "My Computer" however, it remains hidden. S: cd EFI dir Check the output after these commands. If you see a directory for refind, then you have refind installed and you can proceed with the next set of commands. Otherwise, make sure you follow the installation instructions for rEFInd for Windows onthis link: The rEFInd Boot Manager: Installing rEFInd xcopy /E C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Desktop\apple_set_os.efi S:\EFI\custom\ This last one copies the efi file to the custom folder of the EFI partition. Make sure you get all of the "\" right and that your path to your apple_set_os.efi file is correct. It should ask you to create any custom directory if you don't have one already. 6. Now that you've done the hard part, when you reboot you should be brought to the reFIND boot screen and there should be a new option called something like "apple_set_os.efi". Open this up. 7. It should flash the screen quickly and bring you back to the reFIND boot screen. (If it opens up and stays on the screen for more then a minute, shut off your computer and try again) 8. Boot to Windows. 9. Check device manager. Your Intel iGPU should now show up. Congrats you've done the hard part! Now install your Intel Drivers ( https://downloadcenter.intel.com/ ) BUT WAIT------ While installing your Inteldrivers your screen will flash black and most likely freeze up. Let it sit like that for a couple of minutes or so and shut down your computer by holding the power button till it turns off. Turn it back on. One thing you have to keep in mind is that everytime you restart your computer you have to open up the apple_set_os.efi file in refind before launching Windows, otherwise your Intel GPU will not show. However, once we get the GTX 970 set up, we will not have to do this again. Ok now the fun part 1. Now we finally get to plug in our power supply, and start up our graphics card! 2. So just plug in your power supply, and your Akitio should have a green light on the left side indicating it's on. MAKE SURE YOU HAVEN'T PLUGGED IN YOUR THUNDERBOLT YET! Make sure you have the nVidia driver already downloaded and on your desktop . 3. Turn on your Mac, and reFIND should open up. Run the apple_set_efi, NOW you can plug in the thunderbolt to your GPU and to your computer, and boot into Windows. 4. Right click on the Windows button on the bottom left and open up device manager. You should have 3 things listed under display adapter. (R9 M370X, Iris 5200 Graphics, Something else) 5. Now disable the R9 M370X, your computer will switch to the Iris Pro. 6. Install thee nVidia driver. 7. Reboot, however now YOU DO NOT HAVE TO RUN the apple_set efi. Just launch straight into Windows. Go to Device manager. You should now see your graphics card and your Dedicated graphics card. 8. Plug in a separate monitor via the HDMI plug on your GRAPHICS CARD not your computer. And VOILA! This guide is still being updated with pics and fixes/recommendations for clarification. Any troubles please leave in the comments. Things to know: - Whenever you're not using you're eGPU, meaning when you want to unplug it and take your Macbook into another room to lay on the bed and watch Netflix, go into Device Manager, re-enable the Radeon R9 M370X, turn off your Macbook, unplug the eGPU, and reboot your Macbook. It should now go back to using the default dedicated GPU and it should work like normal. - When you want to plug your eGPU back in, disable the R9 M370X, turn off your Macbook. Plug in the eGPU. Turn on your macbook and boot into Windows. And now you're back to your eGPU set up. - Do NOT unplug the eGPU whilst using it. - I'm currently waiting on a better monitor and keyboard to come in so I can upload some game play footage. So far, everything runs as smooth as butter. In 2-3 days I'll upload links to Arkham Knight, Bioshock Infinite, Watch Dogs etc footage. Pictures
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    Alright guys so I got my parts, hooked them up and everything. Installed drivers, rebooted computer, disabled my dGPU and was able to use my GTX 970. However when i restarted my computer and unplugged my gpu to move it to my desk, in device manager I got an error code 35. Edit: Nevermind, IT WORKS! I guess im the first ever to get it working on the 2015 MBPr's! Guide coming soon
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    Tech Inferno Fan July-2015>> Anybody interested in the 12.5" 2570P should also consider a 14" Dell E6430. The E6430 is the superior performance platform due to it's 900P LCD option, NVidia dGPU option, unlockable turbo bins (+400Mhz) on i7-37xxQM/i7-38xxQM CPUs and x2 2.0 eGPU capability. All with a minor size/weight penalty. See http://forum.techinferno.com/dell-la...tml#post118135 for details. Welcome to the 2570P Owner's Lounge! A place to liase with other owners and share useful tips/tricks/mods to get the most satisfying user experience from this exceptional ultraportable notebook. Release date: 22 June 2012, Model name: Inventec SIMBA, Nick name: EXtremeBook for i7-quad upgraded units A 2570P can be had for as little as US$250 on ebay-US , still with remaining 3yr global onsite warranty. A bargain when you consider it's upgraded desktop-replacement performance and durable MIL-spec build in a small 12.5" package. A features set unmatched by any other Ivy Bridge or Haswell notebook that remains undisclosed by all online reviews and even by HP. Grab one before word gets out . 2570P highlights being: socketted CPU allows a easy user upgrade up to a 45W i7-quad, doubling i5/i7 dual-core CPU performance. The result of doing so being the smallest, most powerful systems available that can function as a desktop replacement. Ultraportable competitors like a 12-14" Lenovo X230/X1C/T430s, Dell E6230/E6330, Toshiba R930/R940 or 13" Macbook Pro all have soldered dual-core i5/i7 CPUs making CPU upgrades unfeasible. Need to upsize to a larger 14" Lenovo T430/T440 or (preferrably) a Dell E6440 to get a socketted CPU. rare 5Gbps expresscard slot allows implementing a ~$160 [email protected] DIY eGPU for gaming graphics, CUDA/OpenCL processing or driving more external LCDs. optical drive can be swapped with a second 2.5" 9.5mm SATA-III 6Gbps SSD or HDD in a caddy & in a JBOD, RAID-0 (performance) or RAID-1 (redundancy) configuration. Can have up to 4TB of internal storage (2x2TB 9.5mm). Or RAID-0 2xSSDs for superfast boot-times and > 1GB/s sequential transfers. eSATAp port allows external bootable SSD/HDD to be attached using a single eSATAp cable. Ultra convenient when you consider USB-only systems like Macbooks require complicated software workarounds to get a Win7/8 disk booted off their USB ports. upgradeable wifi : can upgrade to recently-released 802.11AC standard with a Broadcom BCM4352 or Intel 7260 HMW card as explained. internal WWAN/3G capable : install a whitelisted WWAN/3G card, insert a mobile SIM and surf the internet anywhere battery options include a 31Wh 3-cell, 62Wh 6-cell (9hrs) and 100Wh 9-cell battery (15hrs) is listed by laptopmag as a top 5 HP laptop of 2013 (Dec-2013) and top 10 business notebook (Apr-2013) Comparison: http://forum.techinferno.com/what-no...html#post34610 concludes the 2570P is the best one.Comparison: 12.5" HP 820 G1 (Haswell: 4th-gen i-core) versus 2570P (Ivy Bridge: 3rd gen i-core) in spoiler: Comparison: 12.5" HP 2570P (Ivy Bridge: 3rd gen i-core) versus 2560P (Sandy Bridge: 2nd gen i-core) Example user-customized 2570P systems ordered by CPU performance User CPU clock TDP x27-TDP Storage: 9.5mm primary + ODD bay Other mods i7 quad-core equipped 2570Ps Aikimox [email protected] 45W 500GB + 1TB HDDs (1.5TB) OC ME FW, 16GB DDR3, cooling Tech Inferno Fan [email protected] 45W 22.1W 256GB S840P.SSD + ODD + 500GB eSATAp GTX770 eGPU, OC ME FW, BCM4352AC wifi, battery life tweaks, cooling Dewos i7-3840QM 2.8 45W 24.8W 128GB+128GB RAID0 SSDs GTX660 eGPU, 16GB DDR3 badbadbad i7-3840QM 2.8 45W 26.2W 500GB S840 EVO SSD + ODD 16GB DDR3L, BCM4352AC wifi invait53 i7-3840QM 2.8 45W 128GB SSD + 2TB ST HDD 16GB DDR3, WLAN-USB, BCM4352AC wifi+BT4.0 paperclip i7-3820QM 2.7 45W 22.4W 240GB Intel 530 SSD + ODD jacobsson i7-3740QM 2.7 45W 256GB+256GB RAID0 SSDs + 500GB eSATAp GTX670 eGPU, 16GB DDR3L, cooling pandaleo i7-3740QM 2.7 45W 24.5W 256GB Toshiba SSD 16GB DDR3L Uftherr i7-3720QM 2.6 45W GTX570 eGPU, 8GB DDR3, cooling hatoblue i7-3630QM 2.4 45W 23.6W GTX560Ti eGPU krazyazy i7-3632QM 2.2 35W 24.5W 256GB S840P.SSD + 500GB HDD GTX660Ti eGPU, 16GB DDR3L phillofoc i7-3632QM 2.2 35W 25.5W 128GB C400 SSD + 500GB HDD GTX650Ti eGPU, 16GB DDR3L, 7260AC wifi, battery life tweaks bjorm i7-3632QM 2.2 35W 25.7W 500GB S840 SSD + ODD GTX560TI eGPU, cooling+quiet_fan+holey_bottom i5 or i7 dual-core equipped 2570Ps rhx123 i7-3520M 2.9 35W 256GB LiteOn LCT-256M3S SSD + ODD GTX780 eGPU jot23 i5-3210M 2.5 35W 128GB C400 SSD + 640GB HDD GTX660 eGPU xuhexiffi806 i7-3689Y 1.5 13W 180GB Intel 530 SSD + weight saver 100Wh 9-cell battery, expresscard-SD reader PURPLE - highest performance AND lowest power consumption in this table RED - highest performance configuration in this table GREEN - lowest power consumption in this table x27-TDP: TDP when running at x27 reflecting overall CPU temps and efficiency as discussed Operating System, Support, Drivers, Disassembly Guide HP's 2570p Drivers Link, Manuals Link, Maintenance And Service Guide, Disassembly Guide, Media Services Link w/ videoWindows 7 OEM HP Source - For Clean Installs : includes additional HP installation contents needed for a Win7 clean install media.2560P schematic : 2570P is similiar but unfortunately no public schematic found for it as yet. This is the next best thing.HP warranty checker : useful to check a ebay secondhand unit's remaining warranty Performance upgrade: i7-quad CPU resulting in 'IVB ZBook 12' or 'EXtremeBook'Can effectively double the CPU performance going from a factory i5/i7 dual core to a i7-quad CPU. Could also be desirable if you wish to lower fan noise and temps. Running a i7-quad with max 99% CPU utilization results in noticably cooler temps than their dual-core counterparts without loss of performance, eg: cool i7-quads by bjorm's i7-3632QM or Aikimox's i7-3840QM. Note: warranty implications of a CPU upgrade - a factory-specced faster dual core up to i7-3520M 2.9 will not void warranty while a i7-quad will void the warranty if HP know about it as it wasn't offered with one. I'd keep the original CPU back and swap it back in if necessary. Upgraded 2570P i7-quad system examples are shown in the table above.NOTE: A 45W CPU can have highest multiplier limited to a 35W CPU level using Throttlestop software. That means a 45W i7-3630QM/i7-3610M (turbo=3.4/3.3Ghz) runs like a 35W i7-3632QM/i7-3612QM (turbo=3.2/3.1Ghz). Best 45W i7-quads being a i7-3630QM (x32) , i7-3720QM (x34) and i7-3740QM/3820QM (x35). There is at max 9% 4-core peformance difference between these with the higher end ones often not being able to maintain their upper multipliers as shown here. Meaning, suggest grab whichever is available and of lowest cost in your area.The 4-core TDP limit means any faster 45W CPUs do not see any gains. If need more performance and have deeper pockets then consider purchasing a 55W i7-3920XM instead. It has an additional 10W heatroom for turbo. Though it will absolutely need cooling mods to be able to accomodate at that level. <- 55W CPU is being limited to 45W on a 2570P as shown.It's possible to get and install cheaper PGA-to-BGA converted i7-quad CPUs as demonstrated by pandaleo.RECOMMENDED reading: How to choose the most efficient 45W i7-quadPerformance upgrade: external graphics (eGPU)DIY eGPU to attach a desktop videocard via the 2570P's 5Gbps expresscard slot. Provides accelerated gaming graphics, CUDA/OpenCL processing and additional HDMI/DVI outputs to drive multiple monitors. To do this most users only need to set System configuration->Device configuration expresscard slot from Generation 1 to Generation 2 as shown below:A NVidia GTX460/560/660/670 is a straight plug-n-play implementation on a 2570P when using Windows 7, though Win8.x is problematic (src: here). Win8.x users may consider doing a UEFI installation instead which resolved error12 and gave hotplug capabilities as noted here.An AMD card, GTX650, GTX750, GTX9xx or older NVidia cards require a DSDT override and (maybe) DIY eGPU Setup 1.x interposer software to eradicate error 12 that prevents their functionality. See the 2570P DSDT override details if using one of these cards.Implemented on a 2570P at x1.2Opt speed (5Gbps + compression) using a NVidia GTX670 (jacobsson), GTX660Ti (Tech Inferno Fan), GTX560Ti (bjorm), GTX660 (dewos), GTX560Ti (hatoblue), GTX650Ti (phillofoc) Above: simplified HP 2570P eGPU installation process instructions courtesy of T|U user badbadbadPerformance upgrade: storageExtra hotswappable 9.5mm (2.5") HDD/SSD added through Optical-Drive Bay (SimoxTav) or newmodeus. US$18 optical drive faceplate replacement part2570P RAID-0 SSD guide (jacobsson) - get superfast bootup and 1GB/s sequential reads by configuring two SATA-III SSDs as a RAID-0 volUS$4 eSATAp cable - connect to your SATA HDD/SSD to the 2570P's eSATAp (combo SATA+ USB 3.0) port for superfast bootable storage.FAQ about optical drive space saver: can it's faceplate be used on other ODDs/caddies? Answer: no/yes.System mod: LCD upgrade The supplied LCD is a 12.5" single-LVDS TN panel, HP P/N 685504-001 which is a AUO B125XW02 V.0 or Samsung LTN125AT02 with relatively narrow viewing angles and around 45% gamut. X220/X230 IPS LCD retrofit with wide viewing angles: failed attempts by bjorm and pandaleo due to insufficient clearancehigher-resolution panels: not possible as HP has confirmed 2570P has only single-LVDS wired per detailsSystem mods: cooling and fan quieteningRecommended reading - INFO: Tech Inferno Fan findings on improving 2570P cooling systemNotebook FanControl - easier to configure than TPFanControl. Can set 2.5% (2825 rpm)-100% (5120 rpm) manual fan control or temperature-based rules. Nice. Though because there isn't a 2570P configuration item I use a HP 8560P or ZBook 15 instead.troubadix's TPFanControl allows software fan step control though doesn't alter the cut-in RPMs which bjorm says is 3072rpmquiet_fan: 2x1N4004 diode mod (bjorm) & : reduce fan RPMs including cut-in RPMsheatsink mods: by Tech Inferno Fan's (copper-stack), Aikimox, bjorm & jacobsson's 'Anarchist' - improve heat transfer to reduce fan activity or host a 45W i7-quad comfortablybjorm's holey bottom cover mod - improve airflowSystem mod: BIOS inc WLAN/WWAN Unfortunately the 2570P bios is RSA protected. Flashing a modified BIOS that say disables the WWAN whitelist results in system failing to boot. Nobody has successfully created a modified bios. REF: bios-mods.com. WLAN/WWAN/Bluetooth whitelist : IDs of cards that the BIOS will allow boot with.Confirmed Intel 6235 working in 2570P - it's between 0.5W to 1W more efficient than the stock Intel 6205 (M3ph15t)Non-whitelisted Intel/Atheros WLAN works: Intel 1000, 5100, 6235 and Atheros AR5B91 all work as "Test WLAN" cards with BIOS F.41/F.42F.44 bios confirmed by HP to have no WLAN whitelistBIOS dumps at hpfocus.com : extensive Elitebook (inc 2570P) bios dumps. Here's the two files discussed of interest: 68ISB16.F34.rar (F.34 dump - unlock flash descriptor with WIN+[left arrow]+[right arrow] then flash using fptw64.exe utility). NbDmiFit-2.03.zip (DMIFit - initialize the computer information(S/N, P/N, etc.) Emergency recovery: if you have a flash go wronghttp://forum.techinferno.com/general...html#post26529 : Press WIN+[left arrow]+[right arrow] during poweron to unlock the flash descriptor WWANDOS - HP WWAN whitelist writing tool Tweaks: overclocking and extending battery lifeKhenglish's 2570P BCLK overclocking ME FW - allows increasing BCLK by 4.8% using XTU software, eg: i5-3360M 2.8Ghz -> 2.93GhzBattery life tweaks inc 33% longer 2570P battery life by enabling ASPMs and L0s L1 using softwareMISC infoWLAN-USB: Wiring the WLAN USB pins to the docking connector to enable WLAN Bluetooth (BCM94352AC+BT4.0) [invait53]INFO: Retrofitting webcam to non-webcam modelCorrecting Production Information Incorrect bios halt screen (eg: system board, product name, serial, SKU, family)Using a ramdisk for browser cache (phillofoc) : to extend battery lifeWWAN whitelist workaround. As a BIOS mod is not possible, enthusiastic individuals could mask then internally re-route the WWAN USB pins (36,38) to either the expresscard or docking connector USB port. Yes, soldering would be required. REF: 2560P schematic for pinouts.unbridged tracks on 2570P WWAN socket are mSATA but no BIOS support : info on how the mSATA can be enabled on the WWAN socket weight loss : how to lighten the 2570P using a weight saver instead of the optical drive, lighter AC adapter, + more.Hackintosh works on 2570P: Mac OSX Mountain Lion (10.8.5) confirmed working minus wifi on a 2570P.Hackintosh works on 2570P #2 : Newer Mavericks 10.9 working on a 2570P. HP '820 G1' backlit keyboard retrofit : unimplemented experimental howtoObtaining an expresscard blank: how to order a replacement if lost yours, getting a optical bay space saver in the processHP HS2340 WWAN module: using it on a non-HP notebookHS2340 WWAN module: fixes for dropping connections (HP forums)Systemboard photos : closeup photos by pandaleoWin7 fix for brightness hotkeys ceasing to work after sleep-resume cycle (phillofoc)Acknowledgements: a cast of many 2570P and other T|I users contributing to this thread. Thank you. 12.5" HP Elitebook 2570P review from 51nb.comTech Inferno Fan comments: Below is 51nb.com's Chinese-to-English translated 2570P review. notebookcheck have done a extensive review too. There's another English version review of the HP EliteBook 2570p posted that has some great coverage. Almighty business The HP EliteBook 2570p evaluation (source: 51nb.com)Business this traditionally has a the impertinent game video of the mainstream computing power, With the notebook full access IVB era, equipped with the latest the IVB architecture processor of Commerce this performance has been further enhanced. HP recently introduced the ProBook and EliteBook series of new business in this latest IVB platform positioning flagship model EliteBook 2570p continuation of the the HP business of the excellent design, including black TrackPoint, fingerprint reader, 180 degrees opening and closing angle, backplane Free tools demolition, today let us through a detailed evaluation of the article to understand the business of the new features under this all-around. HP EliteBook 2570p hardware configuration: Intel IVB i5 3210M processor, 4GB DDR3 1600 single-channel memory, 500GB 7200 rpm mechanical hard drive, Intel HD 4000 Core graphics, detailed parameter configuration table with reference below. Hewlett-Packard (HP) 2570p (B8Z45PA) Operating system Preloaded with Windows 7 Professional Edition Processor frequency Intel IVB i5 3210M Processor description Dual core four threads, clocked at 2.5GHz, Turbo accelerates to 3.1GHz, TDP 35W Memory descriptor 4GB DDR3 1600 Hard to describe 500GB, 7200 rpm mechanical hard Drive type DVD burner Screen description 12.5 inches, 1366x768, 16:9 dimming wide viewing angle, thin screen Graphics chip Intel GMA HD 4000 (Core Graphics) Wireless LAN 802.11b/g/n (300Mbps) Refers to take keyboard Pointing stick, touchpad (multi-touch), full-size chocolate keyboard Data interface 2 USB3.0, 1 a USB2.0/eSATA dual-use interface, VGA, power, keyhole, DisplayPort, docking station port, RJ-45/RJ-11 interface, Smart Card, ExpressCard, SD card reader. Body Material Magnesium alloy Body weight Bare metal 1.96kg, travel 2.415kg Body size 300mm x 209mm x 27mm Appearance and interface: magnesium alloy body business interface● The appearance and use of materialsHigh strength material to the positioning the flagship of Commerce this will build the fuselage, the HP EliteBook 2570p body adopts high-strength magnesium alloy, with silver surface grinding process, with strong metal texture and also can effectively prevent fingerprint residue . 2570p whole shape design very low-key, nor around the rounded handle the current popular to abandon fashion elements only for the professional business. HP 2570p magnesium alloy body with a high degree of robustness Lithium battery using the HP 2570p randomly equipped the kyphosis design, this is tantamount to increase the width of the fuselage, but large-capacity lithium battery can also bring more endurance. ● Body thickness 2570p rear fuselage thickest approximately 34.25mm, and the front of the fuselage of 30.95mm, thickness or normal the Almighty business this machine who can design more expansion interface.● Extended Interface Almighty business this has a very well-equipped business interface design, the HP 2570p fuselage front end does not design any expansion interface, and most of the area of the rear fuselage, while lithium batteries occupy, but the left and right sides of the battery is still VGA, and dual USB3.0 interface. HP 2570p expansion interface design more concentrated in the fuselage left and right ends of the left side of the fuselage interface follows the power, RJ-45, RJ-11, DVD drive and Smart Card, the right side of the fuselage interface from right left turn for notebook lock the docking connector eSATA/USB2.0, DisplayPort, headphone / microphone, SD card reader and ExpressCard. View 2570p expansion interface is very well equipped, even the old RJ-11 interface has also been retained, two USB3.0 plus a USB2.0 also be able to meet the demand for the use of the most of the time, although 2570p DisplayPort interface , but the lack of a more mainstream HDMI interface looks a little regret.● portability The HP 2570p bare metal weight of 1.96kg, travel weight of 2.41kg, this weight is quite normal for a performance mainstream business of the Almighty metal.Chapter Summary: HP EliteBook 2570p on the body design is very introverted, magnesium-alloy high-strength material can effectively protect the safety of the fuselage, the surface layer of matte treatment has a good anti-fingerprint effect. More normal body thickness and portability. Interface, in addition to 2570p with HDMI outside the flagship business of the proper mainstream interface connected to the docking station can further enhance scalability.12.5-inch matte screen spill-resistant keyboard display and manipulation:● Screen HP EliteBook 2570p with a 12.5-inch LED matte screen resolution is 1366x768, 12.5-inch mainstream is also the business of the frequently used screen size, actual use, and 13-inch screen is not much difference. The matte surface is indispensable for high-end business, which can effectively prevent the glare caused by the interference of the human eye while enhancing the notebook display. The actual use of the process, a good piece of screen display, more accurate color reproduction, viewing angle of approximately 150 degrees left and right direction. HP EliteBook 2570p with alloy hinge sunken shaft the screen high fastness, 2570p screen the maximum opening angle of more than 180 degrees, which is also an important high-end business logo.● camera HP EliteBook 2570p HD Webcam settings on the screen just above the right there with a protective cover keyboard lights when not in use can be turned off the protective cover to prevent dust and moisture from entering.● control experience HP 2570p is equipped with a high-touch black chocolate spill-resistant keyboard, the key processes and key spacing design is very reasonable, prolonged beating also be able to maintain a good feeling. Although this keyboard does not have a backlight function, but by means of the camera to the right of the keyboard lights in low light conditions and accurate identification keys. This as the flagship business, let your hands do not leave the area of the keyboard to move the cursor pointing stick natural essential 2570p black the TrackPoint design in the middle of the keyboard position. 2570p touchpad uses the same metal grinding treatment, feel comfortable, precise positioning on the below the the four shortcuts resistance are very small, the key sound is also very light. Up and down two shortcuts used with the TrackPoint, the bottom two and trackpad for use with two combinations, allowing those different habits. 2570p biometric fingerprint reader design in the lower right corner of the C surface 2570p the upper right corner of the keyboard area wireless network switch, three shortcuts for fast Internet access and volume switch, the top left corner of the keyboard area is only one power switch the C surface design is also very simple.● scalability HP 2570p backplane support tool-free, only need to the bottom of the fuselage on the left of the power / the the backplane combo demolition the switch Wang Zuoce poke can free tool to tear down the backplane, this design is very humane, users either upgrade your hardware or clean-up The dust will become very convenient. HP 2570p disassemble tool-free chassis internal body details HP 2570p memory slots and hard drive slot details, including hard disk slot portion with a unique HP 3D DriveGuard protection technology, the fuselage impact on the effective protection of hard disk data. 2570p also provides mSATA interface, users can increase their own SSD to improve the overall performance. Chapter Summary: HP 2570p with a piece of business of the common 12.5-inch LED matte screen resolution mainstream 1366x768, the screen maximum opening angle of 180 degrees or more, fully meet the demand for business use, in addition with black TrackPoint and keyboard lighting, full-size chocolate spill-resistant keyboard can bring very good handling experience. Scalability using unique backplane Free tools demolition design, 2570p hardware upgrade or clean up the dust are very convenient.Hardware and performance: IVB i5 3210M with HD 4000 nuclear● Processor HP 2570p using an Intel architecture IVB i5 3210M processor, using the X86 field is currently the most advanced 22nm process technology, dual-core four threads, 6MB cache, the default clocked at 2.5GHz, Turbo Boost up to 3.1 GHz, TDP 35W.● Memory Terms of memory, 2570p using a single 2GB DDR3 1600 high-speed memory, timing 11-11-11-28, read speed 11794MB / s, write speed to 12462MB / s read and write speed or capacity can good deal with day-to-day use demand, can increase a 4GB memory 8GB dual-channel, the whole performance there will be a certain level of improvement.● wPrime wPrime is a notebook processor performance testing software, 2570p using the i5 3210M 32M and 1024M test results were 16.911 seconds and 584.833 seconds, leading the older generation i5 2430M approximately 10%.● CINEBENCH 11.5 Another common CINEBENCH 11.5 test software, the HP 2570p CPU single core performance 1.15pts, multi-core results 2.71pts previous generation i5 2430M approximately 10% ahead of the same.● Graphic Business notebook graphics capabilities are not very high, HP 2570p CPU integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 Core graphics card, core frequency of 650MHz, memory frequency is 800MHz, and meet the business office is not a big problem.● Hard HP 2570p with a 500GB 7200 rpm Hitachi mechanical hard drive, this hard drive in HD Tune Pro test a minimum transfer speed of about 45.4MB / S, the maximum transmission speed is about 103.0MB / S, the average transfer speed of approximately 79.0 MB / S, HD Tune graph when the read test is also very stable. The 2570p Similarly with HP 3D DriveGuard hard disk protection technology, the fuselage by the impact of the big efforts to advance locked hard disk to protect data security.● PCMARK 7 In the the professional machine performance testing software PCMARK7, 2570p total score of 2819 points. Chapter Summary: HP 2570p using the latest IVB i5 3210M processor, the default 2.5GHz, 3.1GHz high frequency has a very mainstream performance Turbo 4GB DDR3 1600 memory also able to meet the complex business-use environment. 500GB 7200 RPM high-capacity mechanical hard drive with HP 3D DriveGuard hard disk protection technology, the data is very safe.Cooling capacity, endurance test, evaluation Full Summary● Heat HP 2570p using the bottom into the wind, the wind out of the right side of the fuselage cooling mode, use should pay attention to the right hand mouse and the distance of the fuselage, so as not to vent hot air right impact. 2570p Here's the specific thermal performance test. The temperature of the surface of the conventional standby fuselage C (left) and D surface (right) To use AIDA64 Let 2570p processor and graphics card to run at full capacity 30 minutes Full load for 30 minutes after the fuselage C surface temperature Surface temperature of the full load for 30 minutes after the body D We can see through the professional thermal imager: conventional standby mode (room temperature about 26 degrees) 2570p body C face maximum temperature was 34.4 degrees, the position appears in the upper left corner of the touchpad, the maximum temperature of the D surface outlet was 38.5 degrees, the position appears on the right side of the fuselage, the whole, fairly good 2570p cooling capacity in standby mode; conventional 2570p fuselage C surface temperature of 36.8 degrees after 30 minutes of full load, D surface The maximum temperature of 59.2 degrees C, the highest temperature of the surface D are located near the main outlet the HP 2570p full load cooling capacity is the same impressive.● Endurance Test HP EliteBook 2570p standard lithium battery capacity 11.1V 62Wh Screen brightness to 50% and turn on WiFi, then turn on the power-saving mode the last HP 2570p estimated 7 hours battery life under Windows 7. Evaluation Summary: HP 2570p has a very high degree of sturdy magnesium alloy body, coupled with a biometric fingerprint reader, spill-resistant keyboard 3D DriveGuard hard disk protection technology, the internal body as well as the hard drive information can be effectively protected . The opening angle of over 180 degrees screen, mainstream and complete business interface design, IVB platform performance, excellent hardware configurations make this machine demonstrated a deep skill, backplane tool-free is a big bright spot, users can easily upgrade hardware or screwdriver to clean the dust. This model priced at about 10,500 yuan, the positioning and the ThinkPad T430 is similar, if you do not intend to into the black, then this HP EliteBook 2570p is also a very good choice.
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    When I'm posting testing version and you decided to use them, then I also expect something in return... Feedback! Else I can't improve these mods, I don't have an M14x. If I don't get feedback and some data I see no need in posting public testing versions but will rather give them to users of whom I know that they will provide me with the information I need.Thanks. EDIT: New way of flashing for versions labelled with [FPT] - Refer to the "Dos flashing" instructions found in this post for the tools and details. If you're going for the A11 mod then I recommend first flashing A11 stock, and then following the instructions in the link above. ******* Current test versions:M14x R2 - BIOS A10 - unlocked BIOS with 650m @ 950MHz core / 1400MHz memory for 3d clocks. Increased overclocking limits. No boost. M14x R2 - BIOS A11 - unlocked BIOS with 650m @ 950MHz core / 1400MHz memory for 3d clocks. Increased overclocking limits. No boost. [FPT][M14x R2] BIOS A11 'unlocked' - 650m 950-1400 - TEST-V2.zip [M14x R2] BIOS A10 'unlocked' - 650m 950-1400 - TEST.zip
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    Guide to opening up the AKiTiO 2 Other reference: http://forum.techinferno.com/enclosures-adapters/7205-us%24189-akitio-thunder2-pcie-box-16gbps-tb2-113.html#post128029 Guide Powering the AKiTiO via the barrel socket with your ATX PSU Other reference: http://forum.techinferno.com/enclosures-adapters/8317-%5Bguide%5D-making-molex-barrel-adapter.html#post113069 I hope these are a useful reference. Happy eGPU-ing!
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    In this guide I provide a way to give 100% optimus internal LCD mode on a iGPU-only equipped Macbooks (not GT650M/GT750M/HD6750M MBP) on every boot. No special hardware interaction is necessary! Discovered as part of my implementation at >>
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    Confirmed, my Mac Pro with 980Ti works well!
  8. 1 point
    Sounds normal for what you've got if you play in Full HD. Check if you've got a x1.2 or x1.1 connection in Setup 1.x. If you've already got x1.2 you can't do anything anymore.
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    @TryptoPhan: The GPU doesn't need that much power that is any way to worry. Also is the DA-2 limiting the mac. amount of power so I would say that it is safe to use the 6-Pin y-splitter. Combining 2x12v and 2xground is no problem. Inside the PSUs it is already the same but splitted to separate wires later to spread the load.
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    Awesome! What sort of temps are you seeing running say TS bench at full 4C (unlocked) mode (x38)? Are you being temperature throttled there? Based on temps, is there headroom to consider getting a i7-3740QM (x39 4-core unlocked) or even a i7-3840QM (x40 4-core unlocked). Oh, and can you link the above post in your E6430 thread? I've headlined a E6430 recommendation over the 2570P as the superior performance platform with not much weight/size penalty at http://forum.techinferno.com/hp-business-class-notebooks/2537-12-5-hp-elitebook-2570p-owners-lounge.html#post33901 linking your excellent thread in the process.
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    I would think you'll be fine. I'm running a Zotac GTX 970 with the same setup (though mine has 2x 6pin). Gaming has been working fine so far (granted Batman has been locked at 30 FPS so it's not straining the card that hard). But all has been well for me. And yes to the soldering. I think that is fine as well.
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    I never figured out how to undervolt. The best you can do is use BCLK as high as possible, since BCLK overclocking does not cause an automatic voltage increase, which multiplier increases do.
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    Unlocking i7-37x0QM/38x0QM extra 4 multipliers on a Dell Latitude E6430For a full guide on how to do this check the first post.It works!!Just used the NVRAM tool to set my core limits x40 (1C), x39(2C), x38(3-4C) and my 3720QM and it works!!!Only problem is that I have to set my long time TDP a little higher cause after around 40 sec anything above x35 (x36,x37,x38) would throttle down to x34,x35.(Not because of thermal limitatiofns. I could see that my 3630QM would throttle due to thermal reasons when it reached 105C.)UPDATE: Regarding my long power limit I set [ Long duration power limit 0xB40], [Short duration power limit 0xB41] at 100W (0x64) and my [ Long duration maintained Variable 0xB42] at 128sec (0xff) (not sure if the last is necessary). But I can tell that there is no more TDP throttling now. TDP throttling kicks in after ~ 6 minutes OF 100% CPU Utilisation! Only solution as mentioned by Khenglish here is to use an invalid adapter and use Throttle stop to overcome the invalid adapter throttle. Also seems like max VID for this is CPU is limited to 1,2109V starting @ x37.(check the table on the previous post). This means that there is plenty of room for undervolting here. Any ideas?Setting single core @ x40 did significally lower my headroom for BCLK OC. It would BSOD if I set anything over 102.4 in XTU. Highest single core OC 4.09GHz!!!So I decided to limit the CPU up to x39 using XTU for both 1C & 2C, and set my BCLK @ 104.7.This way I can have a 1C/2C Turbo @ 4.08GHz vs 3.98GHz and a 4C Turbo @ 3.98GHz vs 3.88GHz + I can take advantage of raised BCLK and OC my RAM @2234MHz + I would run similar clocks with lower voltage (BCLK OC does not cause an automatic voltage increase)3DMark06 CPU score had a great improvement of almost 1100 points compared to the stock chip or an OCed 3630QM and almost 1500 points compared to my 3630QM @ stock. i7-3720QM stock i7-3720QM OCed I would definetely love an XM CPU but its pricetag for an OEM product is very high and I am sure that it won't provide much better performance until it reaches its thermal limits (especially in my E6430 which is a small 14" laptop).A high binned 3740QM or a 38x0QM that i hope it would have a little more headroom in the highest multipliers' voltages meaning that it could do 4C @ 4,07GHz for i7-3740QM/3820QM and 4C @ 4,18GHz for the i7-3840QM + lower temps provided that it could go over 1.21V, would be much appreciated but won't bring huge improvement.UPDATE: Seems like the highest voltage for all i7-3XX0QMs is limited to 1.2109V. So Practically no actual gain if you go to a 3740QM or an 38x0QM unless it is a superior chip regarding thermal performance. It is possible that every 4C i7 won't be able to do more than 4,1GHz due to insufficient voltage but this needs more testing...I am very happy with the upgrade. These Latitudes are rare laptops and they provide gaming machine rate capabilities for their pricetag.I don't think that I have to envy my brothers Haswell Y50-70 and his 4720HQ that he got for 1000€...I didn't spend more than 400€ (including 3720QM, 8GB 2133MHz, and used laptop) and I got better performance and portability...There is a guide here on how to overclock your BCLK using XTU.
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    Hope I done this right - ASIC 72.4%: Edit: +nVidia 353.49 driver Firestrike: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/7712933? *nVidia 353.06 driver Firestrike with the same settings: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/7711849?
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    *Stock vBIOS* UEFI NVFLASH_WIN_5.218_x64 (password premamod.com) [MENTION=1756]twin snakes[/MENTION], @tony7755333, @haXBOXpro please disable SLI and run each card at a time...or secondary GPU. [MENTION=119]Mr. Fox[/MENTION] Due to voltage throttling VDDC/3D readings weren't accurate, please repeat the GPU-Z render test, both cards. Like above run each card at a time. Thx - - - Updated - - - INF MOD v353.49 Win10/8.1 Win10/8.1 'F8' Boot options 'Safe Mode' & 'Disable driver Signing' cmd (Admin) bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy -> reboot -> F8 -> select 'Disable Driver Signature Enforcement' -> Install drivers. Extract driver using 7-Zip Display.Driver folder -> copy/overwrite the proper .inf file Extracted driver package -> run setup.exe GeForce 353.49 Hotfix Sony Vegas Pro crashes Windows 10 installation issue introduced with previous 353.45 driver In addition, this driver also includes the same fixes which were part of our previous 353.38 hotfix driver release: Chrome Crashes/Freezes/TDRs Delays when starting or switching apps & games with GSYNC enabled nv_dispi.inf: PEG/Dedicated All Models (including Optimus/M17xR4) excluding AW 2015 - GTX 980M , 970M , 965M , 880M , 870M , 860M , 780M , 770M , 765M , 680M , 675MX , 670MX nvcvi.inf: Optimus Alienware 17 / 05AA (only) GTX 980M - 970M - 965M GeForce 353.49 HF Win7/8.1 GeForce 353.49 HF Win10 nv_dispi.inf_v353.49_Win7_8.1_PEG_Dedicated.zip nvcvi.inf_v353.49_Win7_8.1_Optimus_Alienware_17.zip nv_dispi.inf_v353.49_Win10_PEG_Dedicated.zip nvcvi.inf_v353.49_Win10_Optimus_Alienware_17.zip
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    This is linked inside your link: I got this working if I have a real external monitor: I started a benchmark and used the right click to run on my internal monitor. My problem right now,(after I go out and get some resistors to create the dummy DVI) would be to automate this. The quoted text seems to try to explain how to do this but I'm not really understanding this. The link doesn't work sometimes and I think the page might be missing, not sure because it's in some odd language What is this smart taskbar? Ok, what do I put in this bat file? I guess the hotkey is to easily run it, right? What is native mode? Laptop monitor as primary monitor? Is "My Desktop of Explorer" just opening the folder using Explorer? Then that means moving that window to the other monitor? Ok so then I enable the fake monitor as primary. And then I need to use the taskbar to switch the game to the internal montior. Currently I don't have this option, I guess this is that smart taskbar thing? This looks very promising! Thank you very much! EDIT: I played around with concepts here and I got it all to work. I'm gonna try a few different monitor mangers see which one is best for me. After that I guess I might make a guide or something. Thanks a million!!!
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    [WIP/Guide] 2013 15" Macbook Pro Iris + GTX970 @ 16Gbps-TB2 (AKiTiO Thunder2) + Win8.1 - OSX 10.10 System Specs MacBook Pro Retina 15” (Late 2013) i7-4750HQ 2.0Ghz i7 quad-core CPU 8GB Ram 512GB SSD Integrated Iris Pro Graphics 5200 ​ Components AKiTiO Thunder2 PCI Enclosure Powered x16 to x16 Riser/Extender Cable with Molex Corsair RM650 Gold PSU 3m OWC Thunderbolt Cable EVGA Geforce GTX970 FTW 4GB Silverstone SG05-Lite ATX Case Windows 8.1 Setup (Requires EXT Display for initial Driver install.) All Hardware/Components Connected Together (PSU - GPU Installed - TB Cable Connected - Ext Display Connected etc...) Power ON PSU Power on MacBook (Windows Default Boot Selection) - Windows will Boot to External Display Install Nvidia Latest Drivers and Restart when prompted after driver install. Windows will now boot with External Display on every boot/reboot with the eGPU (Integrated Graphics will be Disabled on Boot automatically. Windows 8.1 Optimus + Internal Display Procedure - See http://forum.techinferno.com/implementation-guides/8558-%5Bguide%5D-macbook-enabling-optimus-internal-lcd-mode.html#post110757 Optional Recommended Steps/Fixes Physx Settings. Open NVidia Control Panel Configure Surround / Physx Tick the Box to Dedicate the "eGPU" to Physx Processing and Apply Settings. Core Parking Settings. REGEDIT HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Power\PowerSettings\54533251-82be-4824-96c1-47b60b740d00\0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583 Set 0 in ValueMax Set 0 in Attributes Open the Power Plan "Advanced" Options > Under Section "Processor Power Management" >Processor Performance Core Parking min Cores Set Battery/Plugged to 100% Network/Wifi Issues [SIZE=3][FONT=arial]1. Right click start icon > Open Command Prompt Admin[/FONT][/SIZE] [SIZE=3][FONT=arial]2. Type "chkdsk /F C:" without the quotes (or change C: to the windows partition letter)[/FONT][/SIZE] [SIZE=3][FONT=arial]3. Select 'yes' (y) if it asks to check on next startup.[/FONT][/SIZE] [SIZE=3][FONT=arial]4. Restart[/FONT][/SIZE] ThrottleStop I Managed to reduce my Temperature down to 60 Degrees Celcius whilst playing my games at peak perfmance by adjusting settings in Throttlestop. Healthy Balance of Max Turbo State and Reducing the Voltage Offset whilst keeping peak performance in my Games. Windows 10 Experience. Windows 10 is a huge step up for Gaming from my viewpoint. the difference from 8.1 to 10 in FPS in FFXIV is Win8.1 (50FPS) vs Win10 (60FPS) the Game feels very fluidly and more responsive. I was able to Install Windows 10 the same way natively using OS X Boot Camp Assistant and the Default stock Bootcamp drivers for 8.1 (Just run the Boot Camp Assistant to create a USB Install using the Windows 10 iso.)
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