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  1. Just try it. Every graphics card performs on different temperatures depending on the amount of fans etc. I can only tell that a GTX 970 with fully closed Akitio without modifications to the case runs hot. Your card should be able to breath, so I'd say you'll be fine.
  2. Maybe, look up the error messages on the FAQ on the first page.
  3. @goalque So it does work like Nvidia Optimus but with way better performance on the internal display? Which driver? Simply the current AMD driver or a specific driver?
  4. Isn't there a chance it's going to work with an AMD GPU on the internal display due to XConnect? I don't have a AMD GPU to test it but the functionality of XConnect should be the same as Optimus by now, shouldn't it?
  5. Ye I know, I'm just not into believing stuff. There's no proof whatsoever other than your word. No mentioning anywhere of this issue in the world wide web. If there is, please show it to me. Also how'd you know if this wasn't some issue that could be fixed with a firmware or driver update? The Core is out on the market for quite some time.
  6. Did you really actually see the performance issues in person or just read/heard about it? Despite someone on page 1 of this thread claiming this to happen, I can't find any considerable proof for it anywhere on the web. Either no one's testing it or it doesn't have an impact that is noticeable. Or, maybe, it doesn't exist.
  7. There's your problem. VGA is prone to interferences which may cause image problems like yours. Haven't you got any other connection on your display(HDMI,DVI,Displayport)? If you have to use VGA you may get a better cable with thicker isolation.
  8. He's speaking of macOS, where you usually speak of kernel issues, as he mentioned the Mac environment a few seconds before and mentions it as well around minute two. Linux of course has kernel issues as well but regarding Windows the thing people usual see is the bluescreen with the error code that lead to it. Also in the comments of the video he links that -> https://www.akitio.com/blog/articles/akitio-thunderbolt3-devices-macbook-pro As you're using Windows you're fine.
  9. I don't quite get your arguments. Yes, an ITX build might be smaller, more quiet and more powerful. Why did you buy a NUC then in the first place? Did you plan to use an eGPU when you bought it or did it just come up afterwards? You're mentioning portability, in which ways? Moving it at home? Taking it with you to use elsewhere? Even a NUC alone isn't really portable as you still need all the peripherals + monitor, unless you've got two places fully equipped and just want to take the computer itself with you. Taking the Thunder3 you'll have at least an additional external PSU to take with you. Don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you what to do, I'm just curious about the use case. To me an eGPU has it's purpose foremost in combination with notebooks, real portable computer on the go and graphics power at home. I don't see any real benefit for a desktop box + eGPU over a usual desktop system, just as you say yourself. And even if I'd do, I'd still go with the Node just to decrease the amount of external stuff that I have to take with me and might forget. So for all the external stuff you'd need a bag or something to store it anyway, that's why I don't understand why the Node is too big for you.
  10. I don't know if they just changed the information but you're citing the packaging/retail box size(for whichever reason this is important to know and needs to be listed...). The real dimensions: Dimensions (LxWxH) 16.85 inches x 5.71 inches x 8.94 inches 42.8 cm x 14.5 cm x 22.7 cm From the Akitio Node page -> https://www.akitio.com/expansion/node span.com also lists the same.
  11. Why go with the usual Thunder3 for eGPU purposes if you pay the same price(both 299$) but: 1. You're limited in physical GPU size. 2. You're limited by GPU heat emission if you want to close the case, so you'd have to drill holes for air circulation. 3. You're limited by the power plugs that don't allow you too close the case without fiddling(making low profile plugs or just use the cables). 4. You have to fiddle with powering yourself, making a plug for the barrel + getting the cables into the case for the graphics card. You can most probably find a way to attach your NUC to the other side of the Node so you just have to grab the Node and your peripherals, plug it in and play. If you ask me there's absolutely no reason to pick the Thunder3 over the Node for eGPU purposes, except where you just want additional display and put in a GT 730 or whatever small graphics card there is currently.
  12. So to summarize, even if there is as little as only one Thunderbolt 3 port it is not guaranteed that it is delivering the full speed of 40 Gbps? Basically, to the existing confusion about USB-C type connectors(does it deliver DP, TB and/or USB 3.1 Gen2 etc.) for usual customers, there's now an additional confusion about the speed of the Thunderbolt 3 port(s) which simply can't be recognized from the outside before purchase? You'd have to get a look on either the board to check for the chips or have a running system to check for the hardware. This is, at this point, one screwed up hell of a connector.
  13. You always need a PSU, no matter what O.o Where do you think the power would come from if there was no PSU in some way? You can buy a GTX 1050 Ti without additional 6 pin and power it with a Dell DA-2, yes, but the Dell DA-2 is still a PSU. You just wouldn't need additional cables. Plug the DA-2 into the EXP GDC and the card would be powered by the slot.
  14. Don't forget that US prices are without taxes. German prices in retail stores are always with taxes included. Without taxes and with direct conversion of currency it'd be around 349€ for Germany. The price is fair though, regarding the currencies. Taking the 349€ and adding 19% taxes in Germany we're at ~415€, so PowerColor is not really charging an additional amount.
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