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  1. I would recommend Synology - currently still using my old DS215J and it's still going strong after 3 years. WD Red drivers inside are fine, although had one DOA Red, which was replaced straight away. User interface is great, mobile phone apps are awesome - you can control the NAS while being on holiday in another country etc. I like the fact that they are near silent, have decent performance and low wattage too, which were my main requirements at the time.
  2. Yes, both files should be copied before starting the installation.
  3. Are you sure you are getting the correct version of vbios: https://biosmods.wordpress.com/gtx9/ (They are NOT compatible with models with soldered GPUs) 8GB MXM GTX980M: GTX980M_8GB_MXM_OC_PM_v2 MD5: 3ba3bcb8f35362ce3f9a8cd32b6c1d01
  4. Not the most accurate, but there is a way to enable live wattage display using HWinfo64 and RTSS: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/how-to-monitoring-cpu-and-gpu-temperatures-in-game-in-benchmark-with-on-screen-display.655138/ Please do not use MSI afterburner or EVGA Precision X as they kill the screens. Mr. Fox created a great guide on how to setup HWinfo and RTSS for OSD, checked the last edit for a link. There is also hardware like kill a watt, which measures the power draw of the appliance connected.
  5. Thanks, J95. These drivers seem fine to me. Maximum temp during the test was 71C (with 22 ambient). http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/15661011? http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/15661094? I did not do any benches for a while, so I am not sure if this is 3D mark update or driver update: these drivers no longer crash on 3D mark if there is not enough voltage. The test simply gets cancelled, while with the older 3D mark and older drivers the driver would crash. So this is great news. @szumial, RS1 stands for Readstone 1, which is a codename for Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
  6. This should be a solid choice if you can get it cheap. I am using AC56U, which is similar lower end product from Asus and could not fault it. You can use Merlin firmware on this router.
  7. The drivers seem good to me: http://www.3dmark.com/3dm/12258594? Does not seem to have any hiccups in Project Cars. I don't play a lot in general though. 3D Mark was updated automatically, not sure if it still scores the same.
  8. Please note msata port in R4 is only SATA 2 (3Gb/s). It will not be able to use full 500+MB/s msata SSDs speeds due to the port limitation.
  9. Could you upload a screenshot of your device manager here please? Could you have 'imaging devices' and 'universal serial bus controllers's tabs expanded? If you have any missing drivers, update the chipset driver first, then Intel Management engine and the rest can be found by their hardware id.
  10. When you plug 3d screen into eDP port, Intel GPU is automatically disabled. No need to change anything in BIOS.
  11. 3D screen needs to be connected to the different port (60Hz uses LVDS, while 120Hz uses EDP). When you opened the laptop up to replace the screen, you might have noticed there are 2 very similar looking ports. 3D screen needs to be connected to EDP port and screwed in (there should be 2 screws on LCD cable). 3D functionality will only work with GTX 680M and other 6xxM series cards, however 120Hz can be utilized with 980m and most other cards. 980m will need UEFI only Windows installation otherwise, it will give you 8 beeps with 3D screen. You might need to update your BIOS to A12 stock (or slightly older unlocked version if you want, but not necessary) if uefi is missing. I upgraded from 680m, so can not comment on the heatsink. You will need modiffied inf files every time you update the driver, they can be found on this forum.
  12. Webcam does not need drivers in Windows 10, since it's a usb device. Let us know if Fn+F9 does not resolve the issue.
  13. No, the screen will still work at 120Hz, however 3D functionality will be gone. Only 680M and the rest of the 6xxM cards will be able to use 3D in R4 because of the licensing. There is no way around it as far as I know.
  14. Thanks. I tried going a step further and removing the battery+PSU: GPU started to throttle. The weird thing is, this can be fixed by enabling hibernation (Win+x, a for cmd powercfg /h on), sending the laptop to hibernation for a few seconds and waking it back up. This was discovered by Schurke at notebookreview forum/ @Naberius here. I just confirmed it still works on Windows 10 with 364.51 drivers, card holds the clocks even after restart or power off/on.
  15. Yes, got the 120Hz screen now (the last upgrade this time). The 364.51 seems to work ok with no throttling for me too. I am running svl7 vbios though, not Prema version. First screen is for 361.91, second one - 364.51. No throttle on both versions after restarts, power off/on as long as the battery is not removed, however I did not try cmos reset or PSU disconnect/battery removal yet.
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