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    someone misinformed you both es and oem XM take whatever you set them to since they are unlocked one doesnt use less power and both use whatever you set them to use... Maybe what they misinterpreted is that a certain clas of ES 2920XM can only use 99watt max and 1.3511v... Because full es samples that match their oem brothers draw constant wattage as high as 122watts straight can be close to 130 but it throttles wattage up and down 122 watts can be sustained higher it will fluctuate.... Unclewebb spoke of this and its completely true from testing i have done. The oem and full es can use upto 1.52v unlike certain ES not sure they may be called qualitative samples. Im sorry to say that didnt indicate that your es chip or your oem was better. Perhaps the ES was a better sample and used less voltage than OEM. None of the chips by es or oem are better... each chip handles different and thats all it comes down to. It could be your ES is better than the oem you tried... As for the bsods all you needed to do was turn flex up a little from 0-12flex is most 4.5should need. If one number watts or amps was different in comparison it can bsod at lower speeds just the same it depends on current temp every milisec in a sense, the speed currently watts its pulling , volts its using (vid or turbo flex voltage) and amps running (based on limits). A chip can run 4.5ghz and take 0 flex given less than 99watts and not indefinately as temps rise your cpu requires higher vid to keep it stable for same frequency and load... Some es are equal others wont use above 99watts or cant use over 1.3511v which your es must be same as the oems.... Brian got a sample like that which isnt oem but is same exact thing of the 2920XM. My 2960xm oem has ran as high as 5.160ghz 8thread wprime 32m its not oem issue can you retest that oem? If he was charging a lot dont bother your es is probably same potential... but you never know with using correct voltage that oem might or might not be equal or better... My slowest performing xm was one of the oem 2920xm i used and the lowest one ran atleast 4.9ghz 8thread 32m and pretty much any of these have been running 4.5ghz with either lower watt limit and 0 flex or a higher watt limit and up to 10flex...(the later running 4.5ghz in heavier apps with just slight bit of added heat. Let us know here if you need any help working with your XM Iloveboobs im sorry i hope sometime you find a es and give a go... Like Michael and Brian they can run 4.1ghz 24/7 without a sweat:) and the es is cheaper and faster than a 2860qm
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    yea oem doesn't always mean better oc. jealous of you xm guys
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    Yeah especially 17" -18" laptops for shame, for shame
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    420 arts and craft hahahah
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    30% in hwinfo is not the correct measurement. It doesns't meant it's spinning. I am not in front of hwinfo right now but i think there's a GPU FAN SPEED which is the incorrect reading showing 30%, and GPU FAN which actually shows the RPM. If i were you i'd run furmark and just listen for the fan turn on, then confirm with hwinfo.
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    Mass Effect interactive fan movie (pretty good too!):
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    thanks for the welcome guys, i appreciate it.
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    Yea, all it uses it a .SWF file that it plays. I embedded into the .SWF file a loop after the burn gets fired up. here is the edited flash video: Alien head - FIRE.swf here is the original: Video 3.swf
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    LOL btw huawei 10.1" tablet comes with a 1920x1200 IPS panel... what a shame for laptops to come with 1080p...
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    Check these out: Battlestar Galactica’s Tricia Helfer | OMG Hot Girls
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    Check out the latest trailer for an exciting look at the voiceover cast in Mass Effect 3. Martin Sheen reprises his role as Illusive Man along with other fan favorites like Seth Green, Keith David, and Jennifer Hale. Jessica Chobot makes her in-game debut as Diana Allers, and Freddie Prinze Jr. is Shepard's latest recruit, James Vega.
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