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  1. Yea, all it uses it a .SWF file that it plays. I embedded into the .SWF file a loop after the burn gets fired up. here is the edited flash video: Alien head - FIRE.swf here is the original: Video 3.swf
  2. not sure, but if you would like to you can just use a screedsaver edit program to open up the .swf file, and extract the flash video file from within the screensaver, and use that. also, since megaupload is down is rehosted the screensaver here: Alienware Fire.scr
  3. Hey I edited an old Alienware screen-saver "demo" file i found called "Eyes of fire" that was on the Allpowerful.com site. It's this really awesome Alienware screen-saver where the Alienware head has flaming eyes that start up and burn. the problem was, that after 17 seconds, it would do a fake glitch out, then show the Alienware text, like a commercial. Then it would loop. Well i wanted the screen-saver without the BS commercial in it, so i ripped apart the .SCR file, and pulled out a .SWF flash file that had the video on it... edited it, looped it, and recombined it back into an .SCR. So here you are, a pretty awesome Alienware screen-saver for anyone who is interested. Here's a link to a youtube video that shows what the old screen-saver looked like: Here's the download link to my new fixed screen-saver file: MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
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