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    so yeah here it is for people curious about how it runs on asus g73sw-bst6 thanks for takin the time i72630qm 8gb of ram nvidia geforce 460gtx 750gb 7200rpm hd
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    Hi, This news concerns all our m14x! Nvidia Geforce 600M series comes on December 2011, But not Kepler - Lenzfire It seems that they are just renaming the 555m, to 630m (the 128-bit version) and 635m (the 192 bit version) This tells us that the follow-up of the 555m will only be a rebranded 635m in our case.. The 630:635 is also based on the gf106 chip as found in the 555m
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    Hey guys, so some people have been experiencing poor performance in towns and dungeons, And this is due to a poorly made shadow system. Anywho, I modded the SkyrimPrefs.ini file to be more friendly in these enviroments with medium/high quality. Heres all the changes: fInteriorShadowDistance=1750.0000 fShadowDistance=3500.0000 iShadowMapResolutionSecondary=1024 iShadowMapResolutionPrimary=1536 fShadowLODStartFade=250.0000 iShadowMapResolution=1536 I find the following 2 settings to remedy shadow shimmering, however some people have had severe shadowing problems with the following changes: fShadowBiasScale=1.0000 iShadowMaskQuarter=0 What this does is reduce the range of the shadows and the resolution, in most systems this would reduce the quality drastically but Skyrims system makes the shadow 'pixels/jaggies' bigger with a higher. So i scaled down the distance and resolution about 25% from 'high' settings (not ultra). There shouldn't be much visual difference but i'm getting much better performance in elaborate dungeons and cities. Of course back up the ini, you might notice some visual blemishes that my eyes didnt catch.
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    Welcome to TI Gamba glad you like it here.
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