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  1. wow usually everone is miserable on a flight
  2. i like it but i have a hard timr getting into mmo's i dont play enough to make 15/month payments if only there was a pay as u play option id get into it for sure but this isnt gonna make u get into an mmo if u dont alrdy play them
  3. no problem hopefully will help others decide on what laptop to get this holiday season for tor i think thats a question a lot of gamers are asking about now
  4. heres a video of it running on asus g73sw
  5. just got nightngale armor and chillrend sword i play this game way too much for my own good
  6. thanks alot guys im thinkin of doin a review of the laptop in general but wont be doin it for like a month
  7. so yeah here it is for people curious about how it runs on asus g73sw-bst6 thanks for takin the time i72630qm 8gb of ram nvidia geforce 460gtx 750gb 7200rpm hd
  8. thats really cool id like to see you put the ticker from fraps so it can display fps for people an play multiplayer like caspian border or op firestorm huge maps I want a SSD thanks for the upload!!
  9. try to one of them hangsout in the fleshlight forums lol
  10. i dont got any both my friends have hp's an my other friend has a dell but they'll be needed new pc's soon so as soon as i get one ill direct him to this forum for you guys love this site
  11. thats what im hoping for i looked all over youtube for vids like these when purchasing but there was mostly alienware laptops
  12. Hi my previous thread was for rage but with battlefield 3 just released I thought maybe someone would want to see it on this laptop, so here's the specs g73sw-bst6 750gb 7200rpm hdd, nvidia geforce 460gtx, intel core i7 2630qm, 8gbs of ram, 16x9 resolution heres a link to the video keep in mind this is stock I'm not showing you an overclocked cpu laptop i just use intels turbo boost an see how it runs and thanks for your suggestions in the previous thread guys an if you have anymore let me know if you want to follow me on twitter i put links to the videos right away on there or just talk about gaming laptops an computers my twitter is twitter.com/ericnrmrf
  13. i noted them in the one recorded with the external camera here they are for someone curious, 750gb 7200rpm hdd, nvidia geforce 460gtx, intel core i7 2630qm, 8gbs of ram, 16x9 resolution
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