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Well if it comes down to price some will say better performance for less money is best, but those enthusiast that by XM edition processors and max their ram out... will probably see that the 580M is on top performance wise. If I can get a good deal on a set I'd add them too.

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well from my understanding teh GTX 580m is better then the 6990m. ive searched around the interwebs and found that the 580 gets about 5-10 frames more in game then the 6990m. now is that partly due to the drivers that nvidia puts out? perhaps but for me i don't care as dell sent me the 6990m for free lol.

but on a serious note as Mw86 stated the price/ performance ration is ridiculous!

what does nvidia think they have that commands an additional $300? (2x teh price of teh 6990 on teh alienware site)

so for an added 5 frames (~5-10% power increase) i should pay 300 more? no thanks ill just wait un till 2012 and see what else comes around.


ive only ever used Nvidia cards… and recently got into AMD so i am not a fanboy. this is just my 0.02.


as of 9/1/11 dell 6990m is oos

so i will be getting the 580m for free :D so this post is now VOID!

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    • By zaxx7
      This is my first post and I'd appreciate any help you guys can offer. 
      I've been using my AW M18x r1 since I bought it new. 
      I7 2760qm sandybridge
      Bios A5
      16 gb ram
      Radeon 6990m 2gb 
      I used to run 2 6990m's, but the primary died 3 yrs ago and I replaced it with the secondary card. Been working great until this week. 
      I'm using hwinfo64 for fan monitoring. 
      I started having lock-ups to black screen, grey screen or black with white vertical lines. I noticed my shader temp on my GPU was running out of control whenever I start  game or even run a video. The other temps seem to be in the normal range. The shader will jump from 39 C to 70 C almost immediately and then upwards from there. Over 100 C when I 1st caught it. I assume it's thermal shutdown. 
      I'm using the legacy driver for my card 15.7.1. 
      I'm willing to buy a new card, I'm looking at a 780m, but I want to figure out if it's just an issue with the card. 
      Any suggestions on testing for other issues? Why would it be the shader only, or is that just an issue with Hwinfo64? 
      Thanks in advance. 
    • By upsidedown
      Hi guys
      So i think im going to run into an issue and may need some help
      I currently have a M17xr3-3D with a 580m.. Which died its the 3rd one, which is in need of an upgrade anyway.
      So i'm planning on buying a 780m which i will need an unlocked bios for.
      Only problem is i believe i need to access the bios to get the new card working
      As i've seen this in the sellers info 
      installing their card in a M17x R2 R3
                         1. Flash bios with (R2) A10  or (R3) A12 , unlocked Bios
                                           2. a)  Disable onboard HD audio   (/R3 Disable onboard grahpic card <- this don't apply to me as i have the 120hz 3d)
      Disable IDT GPU in advanced settings    //R3 change display model from SG to PDG                                                                   3. Install Card
                                                                        4. Install this driver with the .ini mod (easy):    Is there anyway i can get my hand on a bios with those settings preconfigured so i have blind flash? otherwise im just going to keep getting beeps?    
    • By sytrus2007
      Hi Friends,
      I am new and I have Clevo P170HM and my GTX 580M ist damage.
      I bought GTX 580M from MSi Laptop but I have Black Screen, Laptop startet to Windows.
      I need Vbios GTX 580M from working Clevo P170HM
      Please Help me !!!
    • By MitjaStachowiak
      I bought a GTX 580M for a P150HM, that I sold to a friend. Now I'm testing it with my P150EM. The 580M came with Alienware VBIOS. I modified the nvdmi, to install the driver and yes, it works, but: I think, I don't have the full power. Windows Experience Index only shows 6.6; if I run Assassin's Creed IV, I have verry low FPS, Nvidia Inspecor says the temperature is just 48°C and the system's power consumption is only 110W. And Nvidia's system panel crashes...
      I flashed a clevo VBIOS (VGA Bios Collection: Clevo GTX 580M 2048 MB | techPowerUp) on the card, but same results.
      Have anyone here ever used a 580M in a P150EM?
      Do you think, this problems will be solved in P150HM?
      What is your Windows Experience Index with GTX 580M?
    • By mav
      Hey guys,
      I had a looooooong drive to my first Alienware - the M17x R2.
      I upgraded it from CPU to GPU to even better Memory.. and I sold it, what I deeply regret.
      I'm now at my desktop with i3 and gtx 660.. buyed it just an half year ago but I hate it.
      It also takes a lot of Space at my desk.. the dust not to mention. ^^
      So I'll gotta go for an used Alienware Laptop, but which one?
      I would have enough place for an M18x, but dont know whetherthepower, guess It's overpowered for me.
      I even dont know which Revision I should take :/
      These new M17/ M18 are pretty awsome, but way too pricey.
      So, I'm comingfrom an i7 920xm (oc to 3.6ghz) to an i3 3220 with 2 cores @ 3.3ghz.
      Should I take the Sandy Bridge or the Ivy?

      'Cause I dont know if for example you can overclock an i7-2670QM that high as you can overclock an extreme Series processor, I definately would upgrade to an extreme processor.

      So then, the graphic: I dont play the newest Shooters, I'll play an very exotic FPS called Shootmania Storm, which can handle my gtx 660 easily at 90fps. Just sometimes I'll play games like Assassins Creed Brotherhood (best evaaar), Relevations, Mafia 2, Bioshock Infinite and Grid 2.
      As I wrote in the beginning, I upgraded my r2 with an 7970m. It was pretty awsome, but I wanted to get an nvidia card for the 2D Lightboost.
      So a little question here:

      Is it possible to activate the Lightboost on the integrated Display?

      For what would you guys prefer for my have?
      Two gtx 580 in an M18x, one 7970m in an R3/ R4 or an 680m?
      I'm not really interested to upgrade my graphic card an half year later.
      So some more questions which really could help me consider which Model I'll get.
      Are the M17x R3 or 4 made of anodized aluminium or does they have some kind of rubber on top and the sides?
      I know the M18x R1 does have anodized aluminium, like the M17x R2.
      And how is the heatabsorbation compared in the R3/ R4 and the M18x R1 ?
      When you're arrived here, I wanted to say thanks for reading this shit whats now out of my mind to make it more clear
      Eh, last but not least:
      What would be an fair price for an M17x R3 with normal i7 quadcore, 580m, 8gb ram, 500gb hdd?
      And what with 680m?
      Thanks for the read Iamcurious about your answers.
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