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  1. Haven't seen you in awhile.

  2. Thanks and here is a slightly better picture if it helps any!
  3. haha yep it seems no one can answer why windows 7 is doing this ive asked around on 5 different fourms and they are like ummm......uh.... OH....no!
  4. Hello i just received my alienware m17x r3 today it has a i7 2630QM and a nvidia 460m. I only have two issues with the laptop the 2630QM says it can turbo boost up to 2.9 GHz but when i ran a stress test it never got above 2.6 via cpuz?second issue is that when ever i full screen anything on my desktop (besides games) on the very top of the screen it seems like it is not showing the top of the program im running like its cut off and all you can see it the wallpaper? you can see it in the pic i addedany ideas any will do?
  5. *geek orgasm* sorry i looked at this much longer then any self respecting person should
  6. actually no they did not! see one thing that people never seem to understand is that most Huge corporations have even bigger security flaws but usually with enough IT personal they find things faster but never the less they dident and they thought they could fire and rehire to make there consumers think they are doing something about it i mean come on the PSU sign up forum is still down
  7. They would have to be I worked with Sony as a tester for many years and i can say one thing for sure Sony dose not just up and fire a handful of security specialists!
  8. Oh I agree and since I did my research before I called to get a exchange for my R2 I found out that Alienware still has one independent location (still owned by dell just run by alienware) in Costa Rica and that is were the quality is at the manager asked me if i would not mind waiting one extra week for quality control *because of all my past issues* and i told him i would wait a month as long as this is the last one i need to send back!
  9. Yea I can understand that completely it all comes down to the facts these days companies can do or say things to make there product more marketable but what makes me angry is dell bought alienware which i believe was a good thing, but when a company does not test there product that we all pay so much for its a little disappointing! I think the AMD hassle i went though is probably a very rare one, but never the less it is something i will have to get over because Nvidia is slowing losing its advantage in the mobile field not just in performance but in price as well and i am a die hard Nvidia fan so!
  10. From what I am hearing most people would take the 6990m umm maybe I should rethink my opinion about AMD?
  11. Yea i meant the 580m sorry about that!
  12. Haha yea my bad spelling error but the issues i had were they were getting way to hot and cause my R2 to shut off i think it was the thermal paste but never the less when you deal with one issue for 3 weeks before dell will admit its there fault you have to blame someone right?
  13. Oh i know the look on your face when you saw the title your thinking not another whos better! I was thinking about changing the question! Say its a perfect world and both of the video cards were free which would you choice and why? Me personally I would pick Nvidia because I have had very bad experiences with AMD/ATI what about you? Edit: I am referring to the 580m sorry for any confusion!
  14. Yea I would recommend anyone to have a specific manager to follow your case (well if you like the manager that is)
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