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  1. its th same as the 2630qm. just becarfull not to go too high as it can cause issues.
  2. you can turn off the grills and the "alienware" logo. the status bar ie touch controls, HDD indicator (alien head), and touch pad cannot be turned off. unless you go dark.
  3. yea you are right, i removed my post. from here on out lets stay on topic. what did you pay?
  4. i paid $1,280.00 for my r2 via the dell outlet. but it had major issues and i was getting upset. they send me a new R3 and i hustled them for the new parts
  5. Hello guys, well i figured that i would give this a shot. when i first go into alienware i had ZERO idea that i could call in and get a good deal (5-25% off) and on another forum....cough* NBR cough* there is a thread that give new buyer, or returning buyers some great advice on how to get a sweet deal. BUT the thing that i found to be a little annoying is that there were no ball park figures. and for me if i cant see a solid number to somewhat match what another person got then i can only go so far. i feel that this type of thread will help all the newbies understand some of the steals that we have gotten, and of course help them negotiate their prices down to where some of the EPIC members here paid. so without further ado, let me set a guide line. 1st. the model of your system. I.e. M11xr1, r2, m14x, etc. 2nd. your specs. if you have them in your sig, then just leave a "look at sig" please just put Dell options, do not include aftermarket add-ons. 3rd. place the ORIGINAL price of the system, before any discounts. I.e $3,100.00 (as a courtesy to any international viewers please specify your currency I.e USD, Euro, Peso etc.) 4th. please place the price that you paid, including shipping and taxes. 5th place your country/state/providence Etc's tax rate. I.e Florida = 7% tax 6th. sit back and see if you got the EPIC steal that you thought you got >.O
  6. well from my understanding teh GTX 580m is better then the 6990m. ive searched around the interwebs and found that the 580 gets about 5-10 frames more in game then the 6990m. now is that partly due to the drivers that nvidia puts out? perhaps but for me i don't care as dell sent me the 6990m for free lol. but on a serious note as Mw86 stated the price/ performance ration is ridiculous! what does nvidia think they have that commands an additional $300? (2x teh price of teh 6990 on teh alienware site) so for an added 5 frames (~5-10% power increase) i should pay 300 more? no thanks ill just wait un till 2012 and see what else comes around. DISCLAIMER! ive only ever used Nvidia cards… and recently got into AMD so i am not a fanboy. this is just my 0.02. Edit** as of 9/1/11 dell 6990m is oos so i will be getting the 580m for free so this post is now VOID!
  7. Thanks man! i have PS so that not a bigge, the only reason i asked was because i had no idea how to open the .exe (hahaha open the EXE file) and adjust the images. thanks again bro i will adjust teh colors and perhaps upload them on here if tahts ok with you.
  8. R3 WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THNKS BRO THEY LOOK SOOOOOOOOOOOO NICE! also... i know its a bit much... but... can you make a red version? my 17 is red and i keep my lights red and almost 99.99% of my alien is red :/ if you can i would thx u 100,000,000,000,000 more lol
  9. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! make these for teh R3... i love them so much but i can find where to put them on my r3 :C
  10. any tips on how to remove it with out scarring or bending the bezel? i will be doing this tomorrow.
  11. as the title states where is located? does one have to remove the palm rest/ keyboard to get to it??
  12. can someone please explain where i can get the latest divers? ive seen laptopvideo2go but i have no clue what to do :/ perhaps someone here has a moded INF that will work with the 460m. thx in advance.
  13. ok guys, so ive been having issues with my m17xr2. the bluetooth would not read anything over 3 inches away from where the card is located (inside the palm rest) not only that but my CF 5870's would not read that they were in CF, and not to mention that the MOBO would not read the battery. FML dud unit arrived at my home. so today the tech came over and replaced the LCD, MOBO, Bluetooth card, and brought a new battery. so as he starts to open it he noticed a lack of screws… about 7 missing screws total…. not only that but the CF cable was destroyed. as for the bluetooth IT WASNT EVEN CONNECTED! WTF alienware? how can you sell me a certified refurbished product with all of these defects. they tech was in shock and i was getting extremely pissed… now they want me to send it into a depo… what should i do? i paid 1250(with tax and shipping) for a BEAST of a computer (specs in sig) and i don't want to give it up but… i don't want a useless comp (as of now it doesn't boot) i will send it in asap but what should i do? can i get some compensation? ***UPDATE*** dell sent me an m17xr3 with some nice upgrades! plus its thinner and lighter! BETTER BATTERY LIFE FTW! i love teh r2 but the r3 is just as epic :DDDD new specs in sig.
  14. that... is... EPIC..... i wish i had those temps. lol
  15. Ah, but in your opinion, do you think it will be worthwhile? what can i expect in terms of heat to performance?
  16. the 920xm is clocked at 2.0ghz its max multiplier (not counting turbo boost) is 15x (in TS). with a 5% OC in bios the BLCK is 140. so here is my question.... can i use SetFSB to raise the BLCK to 200 with a 15x multiplier to reach 3ghz constant? (with turbo mode disabled)
  17. nope, when i check the battery (with the little button) it has 1 dot of charge. i cannot boot without the AC adapter on.
  18. i have A10 and ive done those steps :C im at a loss. such a sick system with such a sucky problem.
  19. hey guys i got my m17x today and WOW it is a BEAST! its huge and powerful! but alas a new issue has come about. the battery is not detected! ive tried pressing Fn + F2, but that comman does nothing. while Fn+ Fx does work (I.e sound, brightness Etc.) the f2 key does work because if i click a file and tap f2 it will allow me to rename. also my bluetooth is acting funny. my razr orochi connects but it only works while directly ontop of the left plam rest. if i move it to the right of the touch pad it does not move the mouse pointer. help plz :C
  20. @StamatisX i dont have the balls to do the retention mod lol, but i will use some ICD 24. thanks for your input i really appreciate it. @Nospheratu HELL YEAH MAN! i saw your OSD icons and knew thats what i was going to do first! i must say bro… they are EPIC!!!!!!
  21. Hi all, i just got an alienware m17x-R2 off the dell out let for an epic price. i used the refund from my m14x and i saved a cool $100 specs are: Intel i7-920XM 2x 5870's 4gb ram 1333 250Gb HDD ( i have an SSD i will add) W7 HP Intel 6300 (2x2) so to all of those M17x owners what should i do now? what can/should i do to get the most epic performance out of this beast? P.S what are some average OC's? I.e CPU and GPU?
  22. YES! i love the size of the 17x. i just got the 14x because it was new :/ and the size really let me down, im a big guy and the m14x is to me like an m11x is to most people hahaha.
  23. thx dane! i will go with the R2. i will however skip on the 2nd 5870 and go with 2 6970's at a later date. i just feel i get much more bang for my buck with the r2, i hear the RGB screen rapes all others plus its only ~$20 more and with that i get an X edition processor that can OC to 3~3.5GHZ easy now i just need my refund and for my school to buy me my 6970's (im an epic student lol)
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