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M18x r1 6990m shader overheating


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This is my first post and I'd appreciate any help you guys can offer. 


I've been using my AW M18x r1 since I bought it new. 



I7 2760qm sandybridge

Bios A5

16 gb ram

Radeon 6990m 2gb 


I used to run 2 6990m's, but the primary died 3 yrs ago and I replaced it with the secondary card. Been working great until this week. 


I'm using hwinfo64 for fan monitoring. 


I started having lock-ups to black screen, grey screen or black with white vertical lines. I noticed my shader temp on my GPU was running out of control whenever I start  game or even run a video. The other temps seem to be in the normal range. The shader will jump from 39 C to 70 C almost immediately and then upwards from there. Over 100 C when I 1st caught it. I assume it's thermal shutdown. 


I'm using the legacy driver for my card 15.7.1. 


I'm willing to buy a new card, I'm looking at a 780m, but I want to figure out if it's just an issue with the card. 


Any suggestions on testing for other issues? Why would it be the shader only, or is that just an issue with Hwinfo64? 


Thanks in advance. 



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So I did a teardown cleaned the old thermal paste off and reapplied with artic silver 5. Thanks to Mrfoxrox and eurocom for their helpful videos. Incredible improvement in performance! No more shutdowns and temps are under control. Hwinfo seems to hang and force a restart occasionally. But the built in fan controls don't seem to do anything. 

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