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On 7/14/2023 at 1:18 AM, GreenHouse said:

i want to install a gtx 1060 on my m18x r2 but i have windows 11 installed, would i need to enable legacy boot mode for the gpu to work or can i use uefi boot, also is there a way to customize the splash screen so that it doesnt say 'swick' everytime i turn it on, i find it very annoying. thx


You can run the 1060/1070 in Legacy or UEFI. Like Wolf said, you just need to have the system set to SG mode which is an option in the second Advanced tab in the unlocked BIOS. 


On 7/14/2023 at 3:27 PM, xapachewolfx said:

How did you get windows 11 on your laptop because mines says it's not compatible also to install the 1060 you need to go to your boot menu and set it to switchable graphics (SG mode) 


There are workarounds for running Win11 on non-compatible systems. A quick Google search should point you in the right direction. Honestly, while Win10 is still being supported there isn't much use for running Win11, unless there are certain programs that you want to use that require Win11 for some reason. 

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@MattyB  just after i made a separate thread in Dell forum for the chassis LED not working on my R2 now the laptop died on me suddenly lol


I haven't used the 1070GTX m18x for a bit, i was diagnosing one of my games acting graphically strange/not working and found that my R2 was operating under IGPX which went under the radar for a few days. I pressed the hotkey to switch over to discrete graphics and it booted up to an 8 beep error with a black screen... did i do something i was not supposed to?


Can't delete post so *updated this to fixed*

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  • Klem changed the title to [Bios Mod] M18xR2 - Legacy Support now Available

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