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  1. I have read Clevo cards work fine. Most likely a bad card If you are positive the card Is in the primary slot. It is possible your Primary socket is bad but If working when you pulled the original card I would not think this likely. I would still reinsert the original GTX 675 to test it out and see if the older card is seen in the bios. Wish I had better advice, but if its not seen by the motherboard It should be a problem with the card not working or a problem in the motherboard. One last thing is if the 980m is a g-sync card from clevo then you would have issues. You seem to be able to boot to your operating system fine in both legacy and UEFI ,and you have not experienced 8 beeps. I would clear the cmos making sure all has reset to the original settings and manufacture date in the bios and run DDU through your OS, reboot again and hope for the best. You might pm Mr.Fox and see If he might have any further thoughts. Let me know If you have any luck or what the problem might be after you reinstall the original card.
  2. If you are using a single gtx 980m, which socket did you place it in? Are you sure it was placed in the primary socket? If placed in secondary socket the card will not register or be seen in the bios. Please give me the specs for your M18X R2 ( what you have in it now) along with what operating system and which graphics card you were using prior to the update and If you still have it.
  3. Until the bios recognizes the gtx card or cards, drivers will be of no use. Are you using one or two 980's? As a preliminary step you could try clearing the cmos and boot to bios and select peg again reboot to bios and see if gtx is listed on the main page. At this point I would want to test the card on another laptop or at the least make sure of a good connection to the motherboard. Perhaps it was not fully seated or has jarred out of good connection with the socket. Until the card can be seen as gtx in the bios you can not move forward. If you tear the unit down again it would also be good to test the socket with an older card If you still have one available. If you put a card in that you have had working in the past and you are able to see it in the bios that would mean the 980 you have is probably not functioning correctly.
  4. You have still not stated whether or not you have the bios set to peg. To do this reboot to bios go to the 2nd advanced tab and then to graphics. This will open the option to set to peg igfx etc. set to peg save and reboot. It sounds like you have no issue booting to operating system. you should see GTX in the bios now, if you don't let me know.
  5. Are you using MSI 980gtx? and If so please refer to page 6 of this string and follow my posts.
  6. You could build a dual power supply and the info is on this site. Not sure that pascal can utilize it properly though.
  7. Go to the first page of the thread and follow to the end of description. Click on bottom header and this takes you to download. Right hand side has download file header
  8. 5 quality posts or buy a TI membership Nevermind, I see you are a member. Downloads at the top of the page then look for m18x r2
  9. I think that you are correct in your assessment of the issue being the gsync which was my first thought as well. This is the first gsync card that I recall in this thread. I will pm Swick and see if he might be willing to help. Unfortunately not many who have used his work have helped him so I am not sure If he is interested In further work on this bios. Lets see what he says
  10. Did you try running ddu to get rid of the old drivers ? Are you getting 8 beeps at start up when you run windows 7 ? Please describe what happens when you start up with bios set to peg running windows 7 Would you post a screenshot of main bios page when running windows 10 please ?
  11. I have only had time to give this a cursory look but I will look into this further tonight and through the weekend. Are you running 32 bit windows 7 or 64 bit?
  12. I will help you as I can and usually others here will as well. If Mr. Fox takes and interest he is always a great help. Please list your specs: cpu, ram, etc. Are you running a newly formatted windows 7 and is it 32bit or 64bit. If it is newly formatted was it done in UEFI ? Have you actually read through all of this thread as most of the problems have been discussed? What power supply are you using? You stated all is working well with windows 10 ? Any additional information would be great In trying to assist you. Hope you do not find my response random I just followed the suggestions In this thread and I have not experienced any issues running windows 7 pro 64 bit in legacy mode UEFI. Screen shots of your bios settings would be helpful as well as it cuts down on the amount of questions that need to be asked.
  13. I am running two gtx 980 sli. I have no issues running windows 7 legacy enabled UEFI. On the other drive I run windows 8.1. No issues on either drive. Peg enabled

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