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  1. @MattyB just after i made a separate thread in Dell forum for the chassis LED not working on my R2 now the laptop died on me suddenly lol I haven't used the 1070GTX m18x for a bit, i was diagnosing one of my games acting graphically strange/not working and found that my R2 was operating under IGPX which went under the radar for a few days. I pressed the hotkey to switch over to discrete graphics and it booted up to an 8 beep error with a black screen... did i do something i was not supposed to? Can't delete post so *updated this to fixed*
  2. Another successfully done upgrade 970m runs so much cooler than the fermi LOL if anyone reads this what's the best driver for the card?
  3. When I asked the questions about 3D it was for what I thought is the R4 and it isn't now lol the thrift shop on ebay had sent me an R3 with a typo on their part. Found out almost a month later after beating myself why the r4 drivers were not working epic fail! it does have the 120hz screen so I think I should keep it instead but what's the best I can do with it in terms of mods?
  4. I am to believe that the 10 series were cut short of 3D support and the 900 did have driver support at the time? correct me if I'm wrong. I'll take 980 performance over the 780 anyday lol I am looking to upgrade the m17x R4 next. Also does the r4 support both 2nd and 3rd gen intel cpu? That error on my 1070 m18 must be connected with an Unreal Engine problem
  5. @MattyB Thanks for the write up i followed it all the way through and the 1070 now comes alive! tested under 474.11 Something's not right though i ran a game and this message "A D3D11-compatible GPU (Feature Level 11.0, Shader Model 5.0) is required to run the engine" came up and i have updated my DirectX runtimes
  6. @MattyB My H ID is PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_1BA1&SUBSYS_05501028 @Siplast Thanks for the links it saved me some time there! trying to juggle this between fixing up a car right at the moment The guides differ somewhat just a little where it might throw someone new like me off so is it the nvdmi or the dispi.inf I should edit? As for drivers an older one like 425.31 does it matter if its desktop or mobile?
  7. Let me know if I am wasting time trying to get this working with Windows 7 lol I was using this guide provided https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/nvidia-inf-driver-modding-guide.377158/ at step #3 where I copy the string for me there is no section number instead its replaced with "windows10"... what do now?
  8. I'll keep my progress posted in here thanks for the guides! I also just got a m17x R4 in the mail with the 3D screen what's the latest compatible GPU with 3D support?
  9. Mine is an M18x R2 but i did not state that before my bad. There are some users that have the R2 running with 1070 not that many though due to the card price i would think. I did research this modification before buying one otherwise i wouldn't thrown money at it XD
  10. Have a new problem. All was good i flashed A11 and then UA11. Set the bios up to recognize the new video card. Here is where i found myself at a standstill i don't quite understand yet. All was well until I went to install modified driver. I edited the nvdmi.inf for driver 472.12. I followed this guy's video below and i was able to get the new driver through the Device Manager. When it says installing then after a little bit i get "Windows encountered a problem installing driver software for your device" in there says The System cannot find the file specified. My Hardware ID 1BA1&SUBSYS_05501028
  11. Hey @godlikemouse this is some cool stuff. I discovered Windows 9 (Modded 8.1) recently too and i may have to try Atlas if Win7 will not stick with the 1070. Now i am facing an unusual problem, I couldn't find any info on this one. Last night i checked in late with my bios and to my surprise the owner before me flashed A14 can i flash the unlocked A11?
  12. I have a 1070 with some questions about the bios and etc. In order to flash custom bios the stock bios should be same version or lower? I am on Win7 will OS be compatible with 1070 GTX? I accidentally installed the GPU without upgrading Bios first last night and getting 8 beeps/no video this means i need the bios? Just got into the scene. I have an M18x R2.
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