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  1. So altasos installs the gpu driver without me having to edit the nvdmi(somethinglikdat) file for the gpu driver?
  2. I just bought the clevo p870tm1-g but I'm trying to find an unlocked bios so when so I can up grade my gpu when I'm ready or do I need a modded vbios as well also does anyone know if this laptop can support rtx30s know
  3. The gpu might have shifted when you removed the heat sink I wouldn't trust putting thermal paste any were but the gpu and cpu chips
  4. You sure you had them properly connect the first time because when was doing some testing on my laptops I would has the open with the heatsink off and the gpu on
  5. Yea i do must of had a corrupted file some were because I reset my laptop and now everything is work fine
  6. Does anyone use epic games and has anyone run into this problem were it does a blue screen restart when ever you try to click on it but it work when you disable intel graphics 4000
  7. yea i turned off the sig driver im going to start over and redo the modded drive i probably misses something
  8. Iwas able to get the modded bios on my laptop but when i try to modify the nvidia driver for the 1060 tell me it's not compatible does anyone have a modded 1060 driver download
  9. I got the black version and I really like the upgradability of this laptop i swapped out the cpu for i7 3940xm 32 gb of ram 3 1tb ssd and I'm waiting on my wifi 6 card to be delivered also going upgrade gpu once I get bios installed
  10. i dont blame you i was able to get it after alll matty its just the donate 6 threw me off i had to get the 6dollar tier to unlock the download
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