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Do you plan to buy a gaming notebook in the next few months?


Do you plan to purchase a gaming notebook in the next few months?   

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  1. 1. Pick which brands you are considering.

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Do you plan to purchase a new gaming notebook in the next few months? If so, which brands are you considering and why? Additionally, with the release of Thunderbolt 3 and external enclosures like Razer Core coming to market, is this a contender for you vs a dedicated gaming notebook that is thicker and weighs more?  

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It's awesome to see Clevo leading the pack with about 30% of the market interest. They are the only brand left that offers any models I am interested in. Having to tether a jokebook to an eGPU to have face-melting performance is a sucky option in my opinion.


For those that haven't seen it yet, there is a new poll available. This is for everyone, not just Eurocom customers. Let your voices be heard. Such intelligence can be used by Eurocom as leverage to influence other major players in the industry and may even help turn the tide on the overwhelming prevalence of crippled BGA turdbooks that are such a huge impediment to awesome performance. It would certainly be nice if there was less pathetic garbage littering the landscape and more excellent high performance options to choose from. 



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Clevo definetely is on my list of considerations for sure. Got my beloved M18XR2 a pair of 980m's last year to extend its performance life another 2 years. Pity nvidia and windows 10 arent the greatest tho Ive got it going for the most part bar some issues that I cant figure the cause of. Hopefully that guy over on nbr can make a reliable bios from the m18s bios for it and extend its life some more.


If only they could make this laptop in a 18 or 20 inch variety.... would definetly buy one of those! 

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Not right now because of too busy with school. But if I had to choose i would probably go with Lenovo because of the price compared to the other brands if you look at specs. My Lenevo y500 have held up 3 years and still going strong. Ive had no problems with it so far.

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