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  1. nice

    Overwatch Open Beta - Available Now!

    Awesome! Definitely gonna try it out when I get time to download it. How balanced do you feel the game is at this state of the game?
  2. The laptop costs much more than 500 dollars(about +1000 dollars). Its only the graphic attachment/eGPU box which will cost 500 dollars(without a graphic card I believe?). If you ever looked into the ultrabook marked, you would be surprised what the price of these small machines because they are indeed overpriced(both producers of windows and Apple). But you are not paying for the graphics card and strong performence but rather a energy efficient processor with decent performance, small portable laptop design and a long battery life. All what this razor laptop is aimed to reach like a MacBook Pro. The target group of ultrabooks are not gamers but rather for people who use their laptop for working and school, and need something light and portable with good battery time. 7-11 hours per charge is a little more useful than 3-4 hours for the normal cheap laptops. But Razor changes everything with its Razor Core which brings features of the Ultrabook together with gaming, which nobody as I know have done before.
  3. This new razor laptop looks like a serious competitor to a macbook pro, and it also almost shares the same design. Until now Apple's Macbook pro and Air series have been superior when you look at ultrabooks for the past years with their design, battery time and performance. But maybe it is just because the other producers of windows ultrabooks have been sloppy with their development of ultrabooks?
  4. nice

    Y500 audio problem

    Sound like a problem with the sound card since it still bugs you without the drivers. Have you tried to format your windows to see if that helps? If that not work and your warrenty is expired, so my recommendation is to buy an external sound card.
  5. My experience is that Macs are better suited to stay turned on opposed to windows. Ive had a macbook pro I did not turn off for about 2 years without any major prolems and I simply just closed the laptop after use because I had too many tasks running that I did not wanna lose or reopen again. With my new Dell latitude e7450 there will often be some bugs if I dont turn it off after a while. I experenced problems like programs that wont respond, glitches in the task bar or wifi which wont connect as I never experience with my MAC. But always solved by a reboot. I experinced almost the same with my pc so I think its a problem with windows in general. But now I have SSD, so its not a big deal compared to when I had a MAC which could take several minute for a reboot. The only problem with letting your Mac staying turned on all the time is that it can be a little bit slow at times.
  6. nice

    CS:GO FPS problems

    Could be a problem with dust. I had a similar problem in the past and the solution was to remove all the dust and dirt that have ended inside my pc through the years.
  7. nice

    Check this video out !

    The block phone looks very interesting but the current design and the thickness kills it for me. If they could develop a more broad apealing design without compromising the features it could definitely be a game changer!
  8. I have a nivida 780 in my desktop pc atm. and it still runs most games with decent Graphics. Right now most of my gaming is spend playing LoL, Guild Wars 2 and CS:GO so its not like I need a big upgrade. But I might consider an upgrade to Nvidia 980 if they fall enough price with the release of the pascal so I can be a little more future proof with release of new games.
  9. Not right now because of too busy with school. But if I had to choose i would probably go with Lenovo because of the price compared to the other brands if you look at specs. My Lenevo y500 have held up 3 years and still going strong. Ive had no problems with it so far.

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