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  1. This is very important to ANYONE who is currently using a modified system. I installed the 1803 update an hour ago and while i was setting up to edit the drivers windows update INSTALLED the nvidia drivers without any need for modification. I then restarted and tried installing the latest nvidia drivers..... they INSTALLED WITHOUT ANY NEED FOR MODIFICATION. As of 1803 the M18Xr2 is OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED WITH SIGNED DRIVERS FROM NVIDIA/MICROSOFT guys!
  2. I used the earlier 382.05 modified inf file on the newest drivers to come out an it installed without issue. Seems to run fine as well. Just couldnt figure out what to edit exactly for my M18Xr2 so used the old one for the hell of it and it installed for me. Makes me wonder why we need a new version every time then if the old ones work....
  3. 376.19 driver just released there if anyone can make mods for it. :D
  4. Just check the fan settings and make sure its set to 4500/5000 once temps get above 70'C that should kick the fans up to max power and stabilise your temps at the upper 70s.
  5. The Prema vbios maxes the voltage thats the primary reason for the increased tempretures. The other thing I noticed as well is that when pushing the cards under load it looks like the fans aint kicking up to max power theyre at a setting a little lower. If your concerned about the temps just install HWINFO64. When I saw my temps hitting the mid 80's I used that to manually increase the fans to max speed and the temps levelled out at 77ish instead. Cards wont hit that high a temp anyways unless your really pushing the GPU load anyways but having HWINFO64 installed is also no harm.
  6. I've a backup image of my win10 64bit uefi install to restore once Ive finished patching up my windows 7 installation and safely backed it up with the latest driver installed. I can retest later on when im free.
  7. Yeah I'm using legacy windows 7 as well. Might be worth trying a legacy windows 10 install as well at some point to see if its actually a UEFI issue thats been the throttling bane of our lives.
  8. Clevo version 2. Not using HWinfo at all 2nd fan works fine on my system. With no throttling and maxing the game settings I was topping out at about 80 to 81C.
  9. Well I'm using a GTX980M SLI setup...... and can confirm that on my M18X-R2 with swicks bios, premas v2 vbios, win7 64bit and the 365.10 drivers and using the pharos sirius dungeon in FFXIV where I get alot of throttling that I can confirm that with 365.10 drivers and the setup above there is zero I repeat ZERO throttling whatsoever. GPU-Z doesnt detect even a hint of perfcap issues and im maxing out on max settings and no FPS cap a 96% average load and 80~81'C temps on the 2 cards. This config works with nothing more than the modded drivers themselves installed!
  10. There no inf mod for the 364.96 hotfix drivers? https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/930978/geforce-drivers/announcing-geforce-hot-fix-driver-364-96/
  11. Thanks for that I found the 2012 v8.1.65 ME thing and installed it fine. Dunno what it does lol but if its updated software wont complain expecially since theres no longer any official support for the M18Xr2 bar the drivers on the dell site.
  12. Ive windows 10 on my m18x with dual 980m and the latest drivers. It works well for the most part tho its been a bit twitchy with 10. Suffered OS failures a lil while back but eventually it stopped with the latest drivers. Only occasionally burps on startup tho a simple restart gets it back to normal.
  13. Got the bios installed last night. Its fully working on it now. Legacy mode confirmed working as well I even see premas bios text and the atheros display immediately on the screen on legacy boot as well. Really nice work and enjoy the case of beer i sent u money for! Definately deserve it for such dedicated work making a critical fix come to life. On a side note where and how do u update the ME thing? Ive only flashed the bios itself.
  14. Only problem is it wont flash for me. :C Error 72 Unable to find fparts.txt and I even downgraded to the official A10 Bios.
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