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  1. Hi everybody, I plain to upgrade my laptop to 32GB DDR4 memory module. Could you please post me some feedbacks about brand recommandtions ? I would like to get some good quality module, and don't really need performance module, i'm not interested about cpu overclocking. Thanks in advance. NB: My choice would be 2*16GB module if possible.
  2. Hi from Belgium, I'm here to get and offer help about tweaking and optimizing I currently own an asus G752VT
  3. Thank you very much, i'll also give a try with this VBIOS MOD, i also own a G752VT with the same gpu. Actually, my 3D MARK basic score is 6902
  4. In the past, i tried alienware, and msi. Now, i'm running an asus rog g752vt and it's amazingly quietter and cooler than msi or alienware laptops. If i had to change to a new one, it'll be sure an asus rog 17".
  5. Do you mean an adapter like this ? http://www.materiel.net/cable-et-adaptateur-video/startech-com-adaptateur-video-usb-3-0-vers-displayport-4k-m-f-116377.html
  6. Hi, Did you try to clean the GPU fans, clean the GPU and re-apply thermal paste on it instead of the CPU ?
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