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AW 18 - 970m SLI OC help.

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Greatings, I am new to the high performance laptop scene, I've had multiple gaming towers previously which I ran with OCed GPU, however I'm unsure how to proceed for laptops.

I have the new Alienware 18 with the factory OCed i7-4910MQ to 4.5ghz with the dual 970M.

Running 3dmarks I'm scoring around 15600-15750 with gpu temps maxing @ 65deg.

I would like to bring my GPU performance closer to the 980s, while keeping my temps in the mid 70s. I do not want to play around with the bios timings, voltages and such, I'm just looking for a mild 10-15% OC.

I am quite familiar with MSI afterburner, the only thing I am unsure of, beeing that its a laptop, is how much power to give, if any, before playing with the clocks? On my desktop I just set the slider to max.

Thank you for any help.

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what ever you do, try to stay away from precision X as an overclocking tool, it didn't end well for anyone that i know off that used it on a aw 18. 

as for basic low level OC, you can use MSI afterburner, 

it free and easy to use. 
and aw18 heat sinks should be able to handle the slight over clock with ease, and it would not require any bios modifications over voting etc, 
i dont know much about the procedure on the 18 as you dont have an unlocked bios available, however on the m18x r2 and r1, there is an endless supply articles, tutorials and instruction as for the procedure for heavy overclocking, benchmarks and mods. 

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