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  1. You are mistaken. I have a single GPU -> 675m (wished I had SLI) I have tried lots and lots of drivers and all failed, giving me a black screen eventually. (I always mod the driver - by saying mod I am adding my SUBSYS_048F to make the driver recognize my GPU for an installation.) Most people on a conversation I read in the Alienware Club @ Dell Forums said they eventually after trying everything with Nvdia Inspector and other fixes they decided to buy a new card as GTX 675m proved to be a faulty GPU. One thing I can tell you since I am not a tech , as a single user my computer Never Gets a Black Screen while not plugged. I do own a 330watt official Dell Adapter. Thanks for your time. If you want to help these 2 links will prove so useful because I posted so much info there. (BSOD nvlddmkm.sys Bugcheck code: 0x116 - Windows 7 Help Forums) mostly this one since its the latest use nvidia as the second source of info.
  2. Hello and sorry for posting this here. Since I cant open a new thread. I am not an advanced Pc Tech , I am just a simple user with a huge issue. Which means I cant provide any useful tips to help so I can never reach 5 posts with the current policy and my lack of knowledge. About my issue. I own an Alienware m18x R1 and I too want to upgrade to a GTX 780m. but first I want to ask everyone who knows and has the time to help to view these links, understand my issue and help me if its possible providing a solution. Black Screens , Insufficient Voltage Resets and all that stuff! | NotebookReview That link above has the 2 links that sum up my problem. Thanks for understanding and for your time.
  3. BSOD nvlddmkm.sys Bugcheck code: 0x116 - Windows 7 Help Forums https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/830653/pc-components/alienware-m18x-tdr_errors-/1/ These 2 links describe my issue. On Seven Forums you can find my PC Spec. I am looking for someone who can help after reading these conversations or suggest about an upgrade or anything useful. Thanks In Advance. The Issue with the black screens occurs till today.
  4. I suggest you stay with what ever Windows version you have 7 or 8. Windows 10 are still in progress no wonder why they dont support your GPU. Dont be rash to update to 10.
  5. Hello everyone, I am new here, I have been reffered to this site from Nvidia Geforce Forums. I own an Alienware m18x (R1) I use ( ) because it has been modded a lot and not from me so it hasnt any similarity to a true R1. The sad part is that after one year of mid-use my computer started black screens and stuff. We (me and my tech) believe that its a burned GPU / Problematic One. (I have currently Nvidia Geforce GTX 675m installed). I want everyone who knows and can help me to tell me which card can my machine support, for an upgrade. I am currently aware of that video so no I am not looking for that upgrade.I am currently looking forward to change my card to Nvidia Geforce 880m and I want to know if my system can support that upgrade. My Mobile PCI Express Module is MXM 3 I have a 330 watt power supply for my Laptop. My Processor is ARK | Intel® Core I also have 2x 4GB DDR3 Memory Sticks and 2x2 2GB DDR3 currently 12 GM RAM installed. Here are some photos of my card. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img909/6463/gqpOAb.jpg http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img661/6049/EvRN04.jpg and motherboard. http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img537/5376/LFdJp9.jpg http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img540/6320/nPg4gB.jpg http://imagizer.imageshack.us/a/img538/1529/8x95fw.jpg I am expecting for answers that can have a huge posibility of success 95%, I dont want to burn my machine,niether buy a card that cant be used. I am willing to give more info about everything that is needed, BIOS version details about each part watt-volt usage etc. Suggestions are also welcome. Thanks for your time.
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