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  1. I did fresh install win 10 when UEFI was enabled, system has currently one OS, OS partition is GPT. I had OS installed previously in my 2nd ssd which I later formatted, could that be an issue ? when I go to disk management it says two of the drives has MBR ??? I am pulling my hair
  2. This is how it looks, some times it flashes 3 times. If I go to windows straight for bios settings with fast boot on thn it boots normally .
  3. Hi ,Thank you for your response. I tried all the steps you mentioned but unfortunately it didnt work, when I turn off fastboot in bios strangely system boots without flashing or on/off display but the boot time is longer than when I only boot from msata with fast boot on in bios !!!! I really lost now ..........
  4. Hi Everyone !! This is my very 1st post in the forum so please pardon my ignorance. Screen flashes 3 times, turns on and off before it begins to boot when UEFI fast boot is enabled.This has been driving me crazy,when I boot only from msata, boot time is around 10 seconds or when I connect only 1 hd in caddy and 1 in normal bay, laptop boots fine but when all three connected, ssd, msata, 2 hd 7200rpm, the screen keeps on flashing several times before it boots relatively slow. I think it starts going nuts when I connect samsung ssd combined with normal hd. I ran Microsoft assessment and got few error about BIOS initialization I would appreciate any kind of input .... cheers My setup. Aleinware 18 i7 4900mq Nvidia 780m SLI Windows 10 256gb msata ssd (boot drive) 256gb samsung evo 840(hd 1) 1tb 7200rpm hard drive (hd 2) 750gb wd black 7200rpm (hd 3 in Blu-ray slot) Fast boot enabled, uefi enabled Bios(latest) Ahci Things i have done Removed/updated free fall sensor Uninstalled intel RST Updated bios Updated ssd firmware Swap hd bays turned off fast boot in windows Fresh OS installed Driver updates
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