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GTX960M +135Mhz OC - any way to go further?


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I see GTX960M is just rebranding of GTX860M with small factory OC.

It is shame, that standard GT860M can run faster with OC than "new" 960M. OC is limited to +135Mhz.

Is there any way to go further? Or I'm stuck with my new G551JW...:choler:

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  • Bios Modder

Standard GT860M also OC is limited to +135Mhz. It is standard NVIDIA limit for GPU core. About unlock i sent you email.

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On 20/12/2015 at 2:53 PM, free_feather said:

You need to dump your bios with afowin 5 extract line 6d for vbios then open it in waxwell bios tweaker go ti boost states tab and you see 135 mh limit edit top one

thanks for the info will try

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I'm facing the same problem. I have an Asus UX501VW with GTX960M. And because it throttles so hard (already at 80C), then I'm looking to up the thermal limit and also maybe overclock it so the games are playable and it won't throttle so hard in them.


Unfortunately BIOS reading is not supported: biosnotsupported.jpg


I tried to follow these steps: http://www.overclock.net/t/1493245/how-to-unlock-the-system-bios-on-an-asus-g75vx-nvidia-gtx-670mx-custom-vbios-overclock-tutorial But some why I can't extract the vBIOS with MMTools because it says "Invalid VendorID & DeviceID": invalidid.jpg The BIOS is downloaded straight from the ASUS Support page: https://www.asus.com/Notebooks/ASUS-ZenBook-Pro-UX501VW/HelpDesk_Download/


Any ideas?

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