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  1. Hi, I modded the bios on my clevo P651SG, however it says that if the Intel ME software is higher than 9.0 on the Haswell (4th gen intel cpu) models then you cannot overclock the BLCK. I have this model and my intel ME firmware is 9.1, is there any possible way to downgrade it to gain the overclocking potential? Thanks in advance, Zeeshan
  2. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but it makes a lot of difference on quite a few games, I got 10-20 fps increases on games like Mirrors Edge Catalyst, Mafia III, Far Cry Primal, this meant that I could put the settings to ultra using my overclocked 7970m without any stuttering or fps loss. It might be an expensive processor but if you get it, it is definitely worth the money. Just make sure your temps stay below 85c otherwise you will not be able to turbo boost (experience from putting in a 2920xm in a GT780DXR).
  3. So I tried the quadro k5100m the laptop turned on but didn't even load windows. Why is that? If there is no mxm in the laptop it will load windows on a black screen Getting alienware 18x now with 7970m crossfire as this MSI is no use to me
  4. Wow, thanks for that doesn't the laptop get hot when there is graphical load? 7970M already reaches 95-100c when gaming what about nvidia 1060, could it work, I know that a 120hz monitor is required though
  5. By the way will the 980m work in my machine (gt780dxr)?
  6. Is my laptop good enough for rendering though? http://imgur.com/a/VoVCz
  7. Is it worth it, I want something that is good for rendering and gaming, like a quadro m5000m card which would destroy the 980m
  8. Wow those benchmarks are very good, unfortunately I don't have that much money, will the laptop I showed you (based on the GT70) work with the quadro K5100M I just don't want the money to go to waste, I bought my GT780DXR for only £250 so I can easily make profit from that
  9. Hi, Thank you for this advice, it seems as this laptop has failed me then, I knew I should of bought an Asus laptop, anyway I was thinking of buying this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/CyberPowerPC-HX7-17-3-Gaming-Laptop-GTX-770M-i7-4700MQ-16GB-like-MSI-GT70-/322356319651?hash=item4b0def15a3:g:hBkAAOSwMVdYFM7T Will this handle the gpu I bought, I have honestly had enough with MSI always overheating and breaking down, they are not reliable but they do have nice features and thats about it (even then the UK versions are restricted from simple things like a backlight keyboard). Never buying MSI again. Please let me know if this laptop that I might buy will support the gpu. Thanks
  10. Hi, Well I think I'm screwed as I bought the graphics card yesterday, please help me make it work. By the way the 680M does work in this laptop I have seen it work so maybe there is a chance?? The k5100m is from dell and I've heard that dell gpus work better in this model. Is there any hope? Also forgot to mention this isn't the barebones version, it is the ms-17612 I think, the one that DOESNT have a backlight keyboard
  11. Hi, Now that I upgraded my processor to a i7-2920xm I need a better graphics card than a 7970m for rendering and gaming. Firstly, will the DELL Nvidia Quadro K5100M graphics card work in the GT780DXR? Secondly, is it better than the 7970M in gaming (obviously in rendering it is far better). I put a DELL 7970M in my laptop a few years back as an upgrade, it worked without any issues, I just need to know if the K5100M is compatible in my laptop (if the VBIOS will need modding or not) and if it will cause driver issues or not. Thanks
  12. Hi, Thanks for replying, yes I tried everything, set the CPU ratio up but that did nothing, I can't even adjust the voltage of the CPU, maybe the laptop doesn't allow overclocking, it detects it and can only clock the CPU up to the stock turbo boost values. I can't even access any options in Intel XTU all the options are grayed out. This is why I was asking for the bios which came with the extreme edition of the notebook. That could be my only shot as it is configured for the CPU. Another option is to manually modify the BIOS to allow multiplier overclocking but I have no experience of that whatsoever, I would also need to enable voltage control. Can anything be done?
  13. Hi, So I bought an extreme edition i7-2920xm cpu a few days ago. After putting it in the notebook it ran fine, but I couldn't overclock it one bit. I have Xonar's unlocked bios for the GT780DXR, I tried changing the CPU core ratio limit but this doesn't seem to have an effect on the processors speed, I even changed the TDP and that did nothing. What can I do about this? Is there anyone out there with the MSI i7 extreme edition of this notebook which overclocks to 4.16GHz? If so can you please give me your BIOS? Please let me know if anything can be done, Thanks.
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