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I'm considering changing my laptop.



Hello. I recently bought a used Lenovo Y500 to play some games and do some paper work.

It suits just well with my office work, but when playing games (e.g. Diable 3), I experience a mouse lag.

I posted my problem in another forum, but in case it is not fixable, I'm going to buy a new one.

Since I'm a casual player, I'm not thinking about buying an expensive monster laptop, but I want a big screen laptop since I do not usually carry it around.

Thank you in advance.

Si Hyoung

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Try running ThrottleStop 8.00.

In the Options window set AC Timer Res (1..16) to 1 and then click on OK.

Go back to the main screen and check Set Multiplier and set that to the maximum value. Make sure BD PROCHOT is not checked. After that click on the Turn On button.

These tricks might help your laptop run smoother.

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