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  1. Thank you for your suggestion. I've tried and it got much better. In addition to that, I used the unlocked bios, and I'm experiencing a whole different world.
  2. Hello, my desktop system in my office comes with Q9550, 3 x 1T HDDs, HD 4870 GPU, and 4 x 2GB DDR2. We've been using this system for almost 7 years. We''ve upgraded only hard drives since we bought this system. As a matter of fact, we haven't had any problem related to the stability of the system except some software carshes. Nowadays, we are somewhat worried about the system going down because we've used it more than 8 hours a day almost everyday since we bought it. If the systme goes wrong, the damage on our business can be huge even though we back up our files in other hard drives periodically. Do you think we can use it for some more years, or start thinking about upgrading our system? What is your recommendation? Thanks in advance, Si Hyoung
  3. Hello, I have been trying to downclock my HD4870 (from XFX with 512mb vram) because its idle temperature is around 155F. I modded my vbios using RBE and set it at 200 for gpu and 500 for vram for 2D, and 500 and 700 for 3D. Fortunately, it cooled down to 144F when Idle, but sometimes it gives me some flickering. Is there anyway that I can troubleshoot this problem? Thanks in advance. Si Hyoung
  4. Hello. I recently bought a used Lenovo Y500 to play some games and do some paper work. It suits just well with my office work, but when playing games (e.g. Diable 3), I experience a mouse lag. I posted my problem in another forum, but in case it is not fixable, I'm going to buy a new one. Since I'm a casual player, I'm not thinking about buying an expensive monster laptop, but I want a big screen laptop since I do not usually carry it around. Thank you in advance. Si Hyoung
  5. Hello, it's my first time writing a thread here. I bought a used Y500 with SLI. I sometimes play Diable 3 with SLI on. Everything works fine including the frame rate. However, the pointer moves a little slower than when I play it on my desktop (Q9550 + HD4870). Is this due to the SLI system, or is there any other problem related to it? Thank you in advance.
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