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  1. Good Evening boys, just passing by. Im owning a rather old MSi GE60 w/ i5-3210M & Geforce 650M and hope to bring out more fps w/ some tweaking and modifications.
  2. techinforno

    DIY eGPU Macbook experiences

    does an eGPU work with every macbook? macbookpro too?
  3. techinforno

    Guide: How to control fan for g-series laptops

    thank you will give it a try!
  4. chromebook is a very nice choice!
  5. techinforno

    I'm considering changing my laptop.

    how you considered buying a desktop pc rather than a another laptop?
  6. techinforno

    What movies have you seen lately?

    Deadpool was pretty funny! An interesting film is Selfless!
  7. techinforno

    YOUR life.

  8. techinforno

    Prema Mod BIOS GPU OC Edition for MSI GE-Series

    hello boys&girls, ADMIN NOTE: Warning issued for attempting to circumvent forum rules.

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