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  1. Theese are just modded display drivers AFAIK. Like The detonators back in the days. They wont do wonders like change the GPU but meybe add one frame here and there and thats it, eventually lower input lag, but this is also dependant on the actual driver settings you are using.
  2. About the temps. 8 of 10 gaming Notebooks do not have really good temps. I swear to use Liquid metal. Search for some YT Videos by iUnlock. He speaks out some design flaws about nowadays gaming notebooks. GL
  3. Instead of Throttlestop you also can the minimum processor state to 40% or something in windows power settings. This is basically what it does.
  4. Id second that. Also id suggest using liquid metal. Find a shop that will do that for you if you cant do it by yoself. Reduces temps by 15-25°C, crazy.
  5. meni

    MSI G-Series Unlocked BIOS

    There are news about running MSI GTX1070 in AW 17xM4.. Ill might just forget about MSI and get AW, regret buyin it.
  6. Kaytranada Boiler Room Los Angeles DJ Set
  7. Ex Machina, browse for it. Very good movie about creating artificial life.
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