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2014 15” MBP Iris + 2X R9_280X@16Gbps-TB2 (Netstor NA211TB) + Win8.1/OSX [goalque]

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7 hours ago, davidexD said:

@goalque hi, can you use the amd xconnect driver?

There is a system check, but you should be able to install any driver version by using AMD’s boot camp installer. You only need to replace the packages folder. This workaround doesn’t update included software/catalyst, so the XConnect functionality may be inoperative. I have not tested yet.


The driver itself won’t make eGPU hot pluggable. You need a new Mac released after the mid-2014.

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On 13 March 2016 at 0:58 AM, davidexD said:

@goalque yeah hi, is amd driver more stable? Maybe with the new xconnect driver it will, give it a try

Go and grab a R9 Nano (Asus). It’s a perfect match with the AKiTiO on Windows 10. No sign of crash at full load or idle. I have completely removed the 4-pin cable and soldered a wire on the back side and cannot revert back to original factory circuit but I guess it should work just as well.



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35 minutes ago, Dschijn said:

@goalque Awesome, how is the Nano powered?

Through a self-made 8-pin-to-barrel adapter from ST45SF-G. It didn’t help with the R9 390 but this energy efficient Nano stayed stable. Mostly under 200W, max 206W peaks in 3DMark13. So small and light that it sits upside down on my desk :D I wish I had a Dell DA-2.


Somehow I got an automatic Crimson software update within Windows.




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It’s pricey. I found these in the UK,





Confirm that it’s the 300W version. I would wait for TB3 products and compare prices.

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Hi, i'm trying to run AKITIO 2 with R9 280x on a macbook pro retina and i followed the guide till this point


"Press Enter in Nano and add the following lines before "/dict""

There are too many "/dict", before which one i have to put IOPCITUNNELCOMPATIBLE string?

Besides i've tried same config with win10 (external hd) but no signal it could work: what i am doing wrong?

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